The Six Adepts

The term “adept” means different things to different people. Adepts Altar center - space2
In a spiritual context it refers to someone with a degree of attainment – in terms of initiatory status, psychic powers and wisdom. In Dr. King’s commentary published in The Nine Freedoms, he describes an Adept as someone who can fully raise the kundalini to the throat chakra – a feat as rare as it is demanding.

In Aetherius Society literature, the term “The Three Adepts” is used rather differently. This refers to three specific Cosmic Avatars – advanced intelligences from other planets who each chose to be born on Earth, in an Earth physical body, to help humankind in certain ways.

The identities of The Three Adepts, born probably in different parts of the world some time around the early part of 20th century, has not been revealed. Each had a different mission to perform, but they also worked together – projecting from their ordinary physical bodies, to other planes of existence on Earth, and also other planets. These other planes of existence on Earth are those to which we all go to after death prior to reincarnating on this plane. The plane an individual goes to is determined by his or her level of spiritual advancement. This is a natural process which does not in any way involve anyone else judging who should go where.

The lowest of these planes is where the very worst of humanity ends up – evil dictators, mass murderers and so forth. Even after death some of these intelligences are quite powerful, and may even become more powerful in this more subtle state. The highest planes are inhabited by great humanitarians and spiritual masters.

During “The Alien Mission” The Three Adepts projected on numerous occasions to the lower planes – known as the “lower astral realms” in order to evict an alien intelligence which posed a threat to all life on Earth. During “Operation Karmalight” they went to these realms in order to combat the intelligence known as “Satan” – a terrestrial master of the dark arts with phenomenal powers, but in no way even remotely comparable to God, as is believed in some religious circles. In other words Satan was not and is not the opposite of God, but merely an evil intelligence within God’s creation.

Both of these Missions were successful. If they had not been, then life as we know it on Earth would not now exist.

The Three Adepts also worked with two other great Masters from other worlds, known as Adept Number 4 and Adept Number 5. But unlike The Three Adepts, these Masters were not born on Earth with ordinary Earth physical bodies – residing instead on other planes of existence. These five – “The Five Adepts” – also worked at times with The Lord Babaji – comprising “The Six Adepts.”

In addition to The Six Adepts, we also know of three other Cosmic Adepts active on the subtle planes – “Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team” (also known as the “Masters from Gotha”) who invoke the energy used in Operation Sunbeam, and three more known as “Adept Nixies Zero Zero Nine and Team.”