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Healing yourself

What is self-healing?

When the natural balance of energy in our bodies is upset in some way, we experience disease, discomfort or illness of one kind or another.

This can be the result of either:

  • damage to our physical body, including our nervous system, 
  • damage to, or inhibition of, our chakras or subtle nervous system, or
  • our own wrong thought. 

When you bring harmony and balance to your aura again through your chakras, this balance is reflected in your physical body. This means that when you help to heal the illness in your aura, you will help to heal your physical body too. 

What can you do to heal yourself?

Whether you are suffering from physical, mental/emotional pain, and whether you are ill or simply drained, there are definite steps you can take to restore this energetic balance and give yourself more strength to overcome the difficulties you are faced with in life. 

These include:

  • Personal prayer
  • Positive affirmation
  • The self-healing technique taught by Master of Yoga Dr. George King
  • Deepening your spiritual life
  • Yoga breathing and certain other spiritual practices, including mantra and visualization
  • Giving service to other people, including spiritual healing and selfless prayer
  • Practical, positive physical changes that you can make to your life

Whatever it is that you are suffering with, it is important that you seek the appropriate medical attention. These other steps, as listed above, can be used in a complementary way to aid the healing process; they are not alternatives to conventional medical treatment.

Personal prayer for self-healing

Most of the time when we talk about prayer in The Aetherius Society, we are talking about unselfish prayer for the world as a whole or a situation in crisis, or spiritual healing for someone else in need. 

But it isn’t wrong to pray for yourself as well, providing you do it with the right motive.

In fact, it is extremely important and can bring about lasting positive change in your own life. 

One aspect of this prayer is to pray for your own healing, inspiration and strength to overcome the challenges you may be faced with. 

In a short talk entitled The Secret of Personal Prayer,’ Dr. King outlines a very specific formula that you can use to achieve this, and says that if you follow this formula:

You will have confidence, you will have determination, you will have courage, you will have fortitude, you will have better health, be it mental or physical health–which we all need… In seven days the change could be very definite. In 30 days you would not be able to recognize yourself if you applied this most holy formula.

Positive affirmations to help heal yourself 

When you repeat an affirmation with a positive message, you feed your subconscious mind with positive suggestion and can help to enhance your overall well-being. 

As an example, Dr. King recommended that you repeat the following affirmation, used by the French psychologist Émile Coué (1857-1926), for a few minutes every night before bed:

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

It is something very simple that you can try tonight!

The self-healing technique

Dr. King devised an easy-to-learn self-healing technique based on similar principles to his method of contact healing. 

This technique involves visualization, yoga breathing exercises, charging your chakras and sending energy into specific areas of discomfort – in a similar way you would do for someone else. You can find the full technique on p. 77 in the revolutionary spiritual healing book You Too Can Heal.

One thing to bear in mind is that while self-healing will definitely help, the benefits of this procedure may not be as marked as if you were to receive healing from another person. The most obvious reason for this is that if you are in a position in which you need healing, then you are not in the best of health yourself, an important attribute for anyone giving healing.

Dr. King said:

I’m a great believer in people giving themselves healing, as well—and you can do, and you can do it quite successfully. Not as successfully as having healing from someone else, but, nevertheless, you can give yourself healing quite successfully. Read the book, study it, learn the technique and apply it. And you can heal yourself as well, with this very, very simple business of bringing a balance—taking away an excess of energy from one position and balancing it through the aura. 

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Deepen your spiritual life

Dr. King said: 

…it is the Spiritual approach which will eventually put this world right, not the political one, not the materialistic one. It is the materialistic approach adopted by mankind which has brought on the conditions that we are now facing – all of us; and I think we should never ever forget this.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Simple ways of deepening your spiritual life could be:

Yoga breathing 

Dr. King recommended yoga breathing as a mainstay of daily spiritual practice, and celebrated its many benefits. Reported benefits include greater mental clarity, physical vitality and emotional balance, for example.

The real purpose of these breathing exercises, however, is enlightenment.

This enlightenment helps to save us from our own lower aspects, and the senseless suffering we may cause to ourselves and others. It will help us to create positive karma and transmute negative karma. 

Other important spiritual exercises include mantra and visualization.

Selfless service to others will help you too

How does helping others help you? 

Dr. King made the point that people who may be unwell or injured can help to heal themselves more quickly by healing others. He also described this process in more general terms, i.e. that giving spiritual healing to others helps to improve the energy flow within our own chakras, aura and subtle nervous system: 

…If you want to develop yourself psychically, spiritually… giving healing—the physical act of giving healing over and over and over again to numerous people—is one sure way to do this. It’s not as quick as some of the other advanced yoga methods, no—but it is a safe way. And you will never over-activate a psychic center, because every time you do give healing, and when you’re concentrating on giving healing, all your psychic centers gradually begin to take on a different balance. And the energy begins to flow through your aura and not, shall we say, collect in static pools which causes psychosomatic tensions which results in dis-ease—because your energies flow. So while you are healing others too, you tend to heal yourself. Certainly mentally. Certainly spiritually. And very, very often physically as well. Such are the glories of healing. 

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

We talked earlier about personal prayer. Selfless prayer is another simple way, like healing, that you can help others. And because action and reaction are opposite and equal, when you radiate love, strength and inspiration to others, you receive the same in return. While this isn’t your motive of course, this will help you in your own journey too and could be what helps you to overcome whatever condition you are suffering with. 

Make practical, positive physical changes in your life to help in the healing process

Naturally, getting the basics right is important too. Make whatever changes are necessary to your diet, your exercise routine, sleeping habits, working habits, the quality of rest that you take, etc. to help ensure your mind and body are able to function at their best. And not least because these things will put you in a much better position to help other people too.

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