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Color therapy

Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is the method of treating ailments through the use of color. Color therapy can be done by shining an appropriate color on an area of the body. It can also be done through the eyes by looking at a particular color, though this should be done with the utmost care to avoid any strain on the eyes. It is a complementary therapy, and should not be used as an alternative to professional medical care. Its results vary and cannot be guaranteed – its efficacy will in large part be dependent on the individual.

The following text on color therapy provides an introduction to the subject and gives examples of the qualities and applications of certain colors. It has been adapted from an article by Dr. King published in 1961 in Cosmic Voice, Issue No. 24.

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In answer to numerous requests, here is some basic information about color therapy, which is simple and yet effectively enhances all Spiritual Healing treatments. There are several potent colors, of these the most important are green, yellow, orange, red, blue and violet. I will now explain a little about the use of each color vibration so that readers may use this information for the promotion of better well-being and harmony within themselves.

Always apply color vibrations on the bare skin after you have received any other treatments necessary.

Important colors for use in color therapy


This is the most basic color of all in healing. It is the color which you always use first and last. No matter what you are ailing, start off and finish with an application of green. It is the safest color of all to use. It is a color which can be applied all over yourself or it can be concentrated on to any one part of the body. The green should be taken from the middle of the color spectrum, neither too blue nor too yellow. You should have some type of a color lamp which will spread out the light so that it can be played all over the front and the back for ten minutes. This green is the great color of balance, which harmonizes the flow of prana or universal life force, throughout the psychic centres. It operates, as do all other colors, firstly on the aura, the reflection of which reacts upon the physical body.

To apply you must be relaxed while the green light bathes the whole front of the body for five minutes and the back for five minutes. Then you can start using other colors.


Yellow is the color which signifies wisdom. Any mental deficiency, no matter how it shows itself, will be relieved by the use of yellow if concentrated on to small areas of the body. A concentrated beam of yellow light about the size of a tennis ball applied at the base and at the front of the neck, has been found very valuable for all cases of nervous conditions and for all cases where some mental blockage or other shows itself. The mental blockage may be brought on by bad circulation which caused the brain cells to be starved of lymph and blood. It may be caused by incorrect breathing, which brings about mental deterioration more quickly than anything else or it may be the result of a nervous breakdown or severe mental strain. In the latter case it could no longer be considered a mental blockage, but rather – mental tiredness.

Yellow is the color which will relieve this type of condition. The normal time of application is twelve minutes altogether, therefore if it is applied over the front and back of the head, and the front and back of the neck in concentrated form, it should last for three minutes on each place on the bare skin. Ladies should remove their make-up before color healing as the pigments are liable to reflect the color rays which are extremely subtle in nature.


This is a stimulating color which can be given to the spleen, liver, kidneys, heart and indeed to any organ which helps to promote good circulation. The total time for application is 10 minutes. Apply a bright orange vibration in concentrated form to the spleen if you are suffering with low circulatory trouble, but not if you suffer with high blood pressure. All the internal organs such as liver, kidneys, bowels can be stimulated by this color. The more concentrated it is the more effective it will be. Your color apparatus should be good enough to concentrate a beam of light down to about the size of a tennis ball. Such a concentrated beam of orange vibration played for four minutes on the spleen twice per week will help those with low circulatory trouble. This color will help to stimulate the heart if concentrated over this place or indeed any other organ which needs stimulation. Orange is the great vitaliser and if given in conjunction with Spiritual Healing and other forms of natural treatments it can often supplement them and act as a trigger.

Do not give orange on the forehead of anyone who is highly nervous. If you or your patient suffers from brain fatigue however, orange can be given on the back of the neck, but not longer than four minutes.


Bright crimson red is even a more potent stimulator than orange. This should not be given to anyone on the head. But if really concentrated on to rheumatic joints it will be beneficial. You can apply the red to the legs, knees or ankles for ten or fifteen minutes. If the rheumatic conditions are high up in the shoulders, I would suggest an application for only five minutes at a time. Place your lamp in such a way that the beam will be projected on to the back or front of the shoulder and not come across the shoulder on to the head. Even if it does shine on the head it is not harmful in any way, but it is best to avoid this.

As the light frequencies of red are slow and very long, they have high penetrating properties, therefore can be used to stimulate the aura (and physical body) to such an extent that circulatory blockages can be cleared.

Regarding infra-red this too can be used very successfully. An infra-red lamp is based on the same principle as an ordinary red color lamp except that the very potent infra-red rays act directly upon the physical by causing great heat. Infra-red is far more dangerous to use than the color red and should not be given for longer than fifteen minutes on any part of the body. Infra-red rays should not be given over the reproductive organs of a man or a woman, neither should they be given for more than two minutes over the liver, kidneys or bladder, because they can cause some damage. Do not under any account give infra-red rays to the head, certainly not the eyes. If you are using infra-red then strictly obey your doctor’s recommendations. The color red can be given over the liver, kidneys or bladder for three minutes without any harm whatever.

Keep the color red away from the head of the patient who has had a nervous breakdown or who is highly strung in any way.


The effective shade is a deep full-bodied primary blue and this can be applied from the top of the head to the feet of most sufferers. If the complaint is high blood pressure, any kind of nervous breakdown, nervous tension in any one of its forms, blue applied for ten minutes can be beneficial. On the other hand, if you suffer from a cold or flu, use orange color in preference to blue because you will discover, especially if you are sensitive that you are liable to get physically cold under the application of a blue light. This is caused because the high vibrations are short and quick and they manifest as cold rather than heat. From this you can see that orange and red produce heat and are therefore necessary in cases of low temperature; blue produces coldness and is therefore necessary in cases of high temperature. Blue causes most people to relax. An application of blue color vibrations will also help people to sleep who suffer with mild insomnia. For more severe cases a low wattage dark blue light in the bedroom has, before now, proved beneficial.


Violet can be used all over the body, but to apply it lower than the hips would be a waste of these wonderful vibrations, which are of high spiritual content. So therefore I suggest that violet light is confined mainly to the forehead, the back and front of the head, the back and front of the neck and in concentrated form over the heart and between the shoulder blades for a total time of fifteen minutes. Violet tends to bring great relaxation and also like blue, can often be felt as waves of coldness. It does not stimulate basic circulation, but it does stimulate the flow of the more subtle energies throughout the psychic centres and the nervous system. Because of this it is especially beneficial when used on the forehead and neck.


All color treatments should start and end with green for ten minutes each time. Bathe yourself or patient with a green light front and back for five minutes each side. Now this will tend to balance any imbalance which may have been brought about through the stimulation of red or the more subtle stimulations of the blues. As green is the great balancer and harmonizer it causes many people to become very relaxed. It tends to counteract subtle energies which have built up in one nerve ganglia and causing starvation of another nerve ganglia. Start your treatment with an application of green and always finish with an application of green.

Color therapy through the eyes

Now there is another aspect of color therapy, which has to be done very carefully but which is nevertheless effective, that is the introduction of color through the eyes. We all know that what we see affects us. What most people do not realize is that every color seen has some effect upon the cells of the body. If you put someone prone to idiocy in a red room, you will precipitate this condition, if you put the same person in a blue room, you might alleviate the condition.

Color can be introduced through the eyes but it has to be done very carefully. Green of course can safely be introduced through the eyes. When you start your color treatment with green, look at the green light for a couple of minutes. When you use violet, blue or yellow do the same with these colors and you will find that they will have a great inspirational effect upon you.

I do not suggest that you look at orange or red light because of its basic vibrational properties.

Naturally if your color lamp is too bright to look at without any eye strain whatever then some kind of a diffusing screen should be put in front of it while you look at it. If this is not possible then project the color on a movie screen if you have one or even a white sheet while you look at the color for two minutes.

During some meetings we had at The Aetherius Society Headquarters in England, we projected a violet light on to a screen in front of people who were performing the Violet Flame practice. Every one of them remarked how much easier it was to do this practice when they could actually see this color. At least a dozen of these people remarked how relaxed and harmonious they felt afterwards. You could probably use this yourself before your practice of The Twelve Blessings. After the end of your practice throw a green light on the same screen for a couple of minutes and this will even enhance the procedure.

Color therapy equipment

Now the success of color vibrations does, to some extent, depend on the purity of the color and the power of the lamp behind it. Plastic color material can be obtained from any theatrical equipment depot which can easily be cut to any size you require. Of these we found in England the best type was fireproof “Cinemoid”. This stuff is heat resistant and very tough. There must be many such similar commodities on the market.

What about color healing lamps? Well, in Britain there are excellent color healing lamps for sale, some of which are expensive because they are hand built of the finest materials available. But it is not necessary to pay a lot of money for a piece of apparatus. Any slide projector can be used as an excellent color vibration lamp. It can be focused, does not give out undue heat, colored plastic can be mounted in the slide carriers between glass and most of these projectors have an effective cooling system. Some of the more recent ones even have remote control to enable you to set up your colors first and then push the button when you want to change the color… a luxury, which though not necessary, is very helpful.

You should use a lamp between 230 and 500 watts… but never over 500 watts. If your apparatus is a powerful slide projector you will not be able to look at this to take the color through the eyes, but in this case, of course, you can project the color most effectively on to a screen, which is probably the best way of doing it anyway.

How to enhance color therapy

There is a very deep occult significance behind all colors. Some astrologers have worked out the color combinations which correspond to birth signs. As these colors undoubtedly are essential it would be as well to find this information from some reliable source and incorporate this combination in your treatment.

If you follow the basic advice given here, you will discover that color vibrational treatment can supplement all other forms of spiritual healing and indeed can supplement orthodox methods of healing. Of course the right spiritual approach coupled with a correctly balanced diet, exercise and deep breathing is also necessary. So if you combine all these things together you could derive much benefit.

A last word of advice. In certain cases color healing has been found to act quickly, but not in all cases. As a general rule the more spiritually attuned the user is, the more effect color vibrations will have, but even an ordinary, relatively insensitive person, will eventually react to this treatment. So go on with it even though it appears, as it will in some cases, to be slow in its reaction.

In some countries there are strict laws prohibiting the use of color healing professionally except by qualified medical practitioners. It was not my intention in this article to give the layman information so as to enable him to do this professionally; but rather to impart in easily understandable fashion, a basic knowledge about color vibrations that readers might give themselves a treatment should they feel inclined to do so.

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