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You Too Can Heal one day workshop



  • Want to help others.
  • Are busy and want to learn how to give spiritual healing to others and yourself in one highly interactive, practical day and not weeks or months of tuition like many similar workshops or courses.
  • Know nothing about spiritual healing at all, but are curious to explore your own healing ability.
  • Are an experienced healer and want to add to your healing knowledge and experience.
  • Would like to learn from an organisation that has trained thousands of spiritual healers in small groups with lots of personal guidance for more than 40 years.
  • Want a safe and balanced workshop that helps you understand the importance of protecting your energies effectively and how to powerfully enhance your spiritual healing power.
  • Would like to develop your psychic and intuitive abilities while learning how to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

Dr. King giving healing

“I used to give healing to an average of 20-30 people a night – which isn’t many but it’s doing some good anyway – and many things developed in me, clairvoyance, psychometry…

…by giving spiritual healing, this is an all-round method of development – karmically, spiritually, in every conceivable way.”



Spiritual healing is something we can all learn and develop.

Watch the following short video to discover more including how to test your healing ability and a truly remarkable result experienced by a You Too Can Heal workshop participant.

Find a You Too Can Heal workshop by contacting a center near you.

We also offer bespoke You Too Can Heal workshops to one or two people – contact a center to make an enquiry.

The revolutionary book

Based on the principles of ch’i, ki, or prana – flowing though the chakras, the King Technique of contact spiritual healing is a simple, easy-to-learn spiritual practice taught in just one day.

Find out more from the You Too Can Heal book!



Why attend the You Too Can Heal workshop?

  1. This workshop is devised by a genuine Master of Yoga and exceptional spiritual healer and teacher who achieved many healing successes.
  2. Plenty of time and space is allocated for questions, practice and feedback so you will leave the workshop feeling confident as a spiritual healer.
  3. Course size limited to ten students, with a minimum of two instructors, to ensure that every student receives personal attention.
  4. You will receive a free copy of either You Too Can Heal or The Magic of Healing.


What will I learn on the You Too Can Heal workshop?

  1. Preparation
  • The equipment needed to become an effective spiritual healer.
  • The importance of physical cleanliness and psychic cleansing.
  • Healer preparation – why it is essential, and how to get into an optimal mental and spiritual state before healing others.
  1. Approaching the patient
  • Patient introduction – best practice to create the ideal healing space to maximise benefit to patient.
  • Correct seating of patient to ensure best healing results.
  1. Seven passes
  • Healing hands used to stimulate the nervous system of patient and charge it with healing power. Also to pull away and transmute adverse conditions from the patient’s aura.
  1. Charging the psychic centres and local healing
  • Correct placements of healing hands and powerful visualisations, to charge up psychic centres to bring balance and harmony which will be reflected in the mind, body and emotions.
  • How to address specific areas that require attention.
  1. Fourteen passes and smoothing the aura
  • Healing hands used to throw off the reflection of the patient’s health condition in the aura.
  • Putting a final charge into the aura of the patient and smoothing out any “ruffles” or “excess pools” of energy.
  1. Cleansing and completing the spiritual healing ritual
  • Importance of effective physical and energetic cleansing after the patient has left e.g. washing hands, cleansing the used equipment, etc.
  • Gratitude, prayer, sealing mudra, creative visualisation using the Practice of the Presence and the lesson of detachment.
  1. Taking your spiritual healing practice forward
  • How to strengthen your healing power through yoga deep breathing, prayer, mantras, affirmations, etc.
  • Spiritual healing over a distance.
  • Develop faith in your healing ability and love for all things.

Find a You Too Can Heal workshop by contacting a center near you.

We also offer bespoke You Too Can Heal workshops to one or two people – contact a center to make an enquiry.


The results of spiritual techniques as promoted on this website vary and cannot always be guaranteed. Recipients of spiritual healing of any kind (sometimes simply referred to as “healing”) – be it absent healing or contact healing or any other form of healing – should where necessary consult an appropriate qualified medical practitioner. The healing offered by The Aetherius Society is complementary healing and is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment. Results of healing vary and cannot always be guaranteed. Attenders at Aetherius Society events attend and take part at their own risk.

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