Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga


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Contact Your Higher Self through Yoga

By Dr. George King

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The numerous benefits reported by practitioners of yoga breathing include: increased vitality and alertness; better control of stress; more natural sleep; greater confidence and positive thinking; improved concentration, memory and psychic ability; and most important of all – stronger awareness of the Inner Self which knows the answers to all our problems and our purpose in life. This simple and complete series of ancient yoga breathings put together by Dr. George King for Westerners is a powerful way to speed up your journey to enlightenment.

Booklet; 30 pages.

Recommended to anyone who wants to get the best out of life – physically, mentally, psychically and spiritually – and especially recommended to anyone seeking enlightenment.

Below is a video testimonial of a personal spiritual awakening resulting from the breathing exercises in this book.


From page 9

Every breath we take, every mouthful of liquid or solid we consume, is charged with that vital force known in the East as Prana. In fact, Prana is the sum total of all Cosmic energy. It is the energy which enables you to bend your little finger; it is the energy which, manifesting as gravitation, causes a passing meteor to be drawn into the orbit of a planetary body. Without Prana, there could be no motion of any kind and all Cosmic manifestation would fade into its original state of dark, motionless potential; for Prana is the energy which brings forth the realization of the original possibilities into the numerous phases of activated manifestation which constitute the whole of Cosmic Creation.

Prana is the life of the atom and the vitality of the most elevated inspirations of the Enlightened Saint. All Creation revolves upon an energy axis—Prana. Ten thousand words could be written about Prana without describing it in its entirety, yet one word is sufficient for the thinking man. Prana is LIFE.

Although everything contains Prana, it is in its most accessible form in the air we breathe. Even though it is neither the oxygen nor the nitrogen; it is the energy which vitalises these, for, without Prana, neither the oxygen nor the nitrogen atoms could exist but would still be an inert possibility in the mind of the Creator.

If no mental or material thing can exist without the vitalising factor of Pranic vibration and this vibration charges every molecule of air we breathe, it can easily be seen how important are correct breathing methods.

From pages 16-17

If you knock upon the door of your subconscious mind often enough, it will release its great store of knowledge into your conscious mind; knowledge which will widen the scope of your mental abilities. But even this is not all. The true value of the right affirmation, correctly applied, lies in the fact that it is one more way of bringing to all aspects of mind the knowledge that mind itself is not the actual controller of your evolutionary functions. You can teach your mind that it is only a mental tool which you—the REAL YOU, the Spirit—is using, in order to gain certain experiences. He who has educated his mind in the acceptance of this great Spiritual Truth is indeed a wise man, for such a one can then tap the great storehouse of all power and wisdom, and can bathe his Soul and mind in the True Light of the Spirit. This procedure is called Meditation. The journey to this destination may be hard and long but it is well worth every ounce of effort needed to bring this exalted state into being. Experience of Meditation is the difference between an ignorant man and a wise one.

The following breathing exercises and affirmations have been specially-designed to help those of you who are conscientious students, to build your bridge across the river of materialistic change to the glorious starlit cross of life’s ambition. You will have power put into your hands, through the control of which, you can lead your lower self into the realms of illuminating Meditation and catch a glimpse of your REAL SELF. Then you will know beyond doubt that: I AM DIVINE SPIRIT.