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Go forward into light!

Go forward into light


Through service, not sympathy, we will go forward into light!

This post is based on a series of extracts from a profound spiritual message given to us by the Master Aetherius on April 7th, 1960, through the trance mediumship of Master of Yoga Dr George King.

In these extracts we are told that there are no planets which are faced with problems that could not be solved by the inhabitants of those planets.

This means that we too can solve the problems we face on Earth today – if we choose to turn back to the essence of the spiritual teachings we have been given and act in the light of these truths in service to others.

“No Planet is faced with any conditions which are in any way impossible to it. There is not a lifestream upon Terra at this time, no matter what problems face that lifestream, who has one single problem which is not answerable. All the major problems which you face in these days have been answered over and over again throughout the centuries, in different phraseology. There is not one lifestream upon Earth at the moment who has not had direct access to the teachings of either Buddha, Jesus, or Sankaracharya. Not one single individual lifestream!

“Where is your memory? Is it so short that you forget the part that you played, nineteen hundred and sixty of your tiny years ago? Have you involved so much that your memory is as limited as that? Well, whether it be conscious memory or unconscious memory, it is there! You have had opportunity after opportunity. You have not risen to your position.

“Very often, some of you have said, ‘Oh well, if only such and such a Spaceman would land and do this, that and the other!’ May I ask you a question. Would you recognise Him if He did? If you did recognise Him, would you serve Him — completely?

“When the person called Jesus came to this Planet from Venus, the person called Buddha came to this Planet from Venus, did you recognise them as people bringing the Very Torch of Salvation to you? No! You allowed the Great Buddha to beg his bread.

“You murdered the Great Jesus…!

“My friends, this is the Truth. It is not a pleasant Truth. But it is Truth. You have had greater opportunity than any other people in this Solar System. You have had more outside intervention upon this Planet than any other people in this Solar System and you have done less about it than any other people in this Solar System…!”

* * *

“If three hundred people expended sufficient Energy, those three hundred people could light such a Flame in the country of America that all who came within the illumination of this Flame would be changed by it. Three hundred: if—they expended sufficient Energy. We have told you this before.

“May I be permitted, please, to give you people in the country of America a little advice? If you, on the whole, took far less notice of absurd commercials coming over your television and treated other subjects as being more Sacred than you do, greater, deeper awareness would be the result.

“If you did not treat the handful, the handful, of legitimate teachers in your country with such familiarity, treated these with a greater respect, holding a more Sacred approach to the genuine teachings coming from other Planets, greater awareness would be the result.

“But what do you do? You talk glibly about the ‘brothers this’ and the ‘brothers that’. Do you really think, are you deluded so much that you really believe that you are entitled to refer to a Cosmic Being as—Brother? My dear friends, may I remind you that such a reference signifies that you, too, are on a par with such a One. Are you? If you say you are, then may I suggest that you look in the textbook of your language and find out the true meaning of the word—humility.

“If you were to open your Holy Works and treat the matter therein as being Sacred Material, Holy Material, a greater appreciation would dawn upon you. A greater discrimination would come to you….”

“Yet, the fakes can come oft times before you and talk glibly with a silver tongue and what do you do? Lose your discrimination! You lose one of the greatest gifts given to you!”

* * *


“DISCRIMINATE! Treat the Real Teachings as being Sacred Teachings and discrimination will come to you like the dawning of a new day. Then you will be fired with a Spiritual ambition, an ambition which will help you to go forward and help to bring Enlightenment to your brothers—to your brothers upon Earth.

“You people can put conditions right upon your Earth, and then your bodies will become less gross, far more sensitive. Your psychic centres [chakras] will be opened to such an extent that you will have a greater awareness, a deeper Cosmic appreciation, greater Enlightenment, a greater feeling of Oneness. Then you will be able to take your rightful place in the Cosmic Scheme of things.

“Do you want to go backwards or do you want to go forwards?

“It is a lot easier to go backwards. Just continue bursting your bombs and you will go backwards. Continue with your systems of competition and you will go backwards. Continue with your greed, with your hate, with your jealousy and you are sure to go backwards.

“Come forth into Service and you will go forwards!

“Spend all of your spare time in Service to others and you will go forwards!

“Read the numerous Messages which have been given to men of Earth from this Source and you will go forwards!

“Act upon these Messages and you will go forwards!

“Take the Holy New Age book, The Twelve Blessings and practise these things and you will go forwards!

Practise the Presence and you will go forwards!

Breathe deeply the Great Pranic Energies coming from the Sun and let these impregnate deep, deep, down inside of you and you will go forwards, because you will vibrate in a different way.”

* * *


“Service to an enemy is very difficult is it not? Service to an unknown stranger is very difficult, is it not? Service to a friend is easy. It is not counted in the Great Book, you know.

“Mankind upon Terra has brought these present conditions upon himself. These are the Last Days where he must come out of his present state into the LIGHT. He must use his free will.

“Millions of years ago, the race of people now upon Terra chose to use their free will. They chose to give up Freedom by the use of their free will. Meditate upon that. Free will and Freedom are opposite sides of a magnet—opposite poles. In fact, they are poles apart. You chose this. Now, my friends, you are finding the bitterness of your choice.

“But mark you well this: there is sweetness, too, in this choice—not everlasting sweetness—but a great sweetness in this choice, because you can by the use of this hitherto misused free will, accomplish mighty things—if you choose.

“I think I will leave that thought with you—CHOOSE—FOR YOUR OWN BENEFITS.

“Might I remind you of this fact: the condition upon your Earth is not an impossible one. Even in the midst of darkness, there is still great Light. Thousands of your numbers are working throughout the world to bring great Light. They are working against tremendous odds and they are succeeding! Do not sit back though and allow these ones to go on alone. It is your help they need, not your sympathy. If you are worthy of the name, human, you will give them this help in every conceivable way and if enough of you do so, you will do great things! You will prove beyond all shadow of all doubt that you are ready to take the next step onwards into the Great Light which is soon due to come to Terra.

“You will prove it to the Lords of Karma, for They are the Beings who know you. You cannot lie to These. You cannot cheat These. Be as insidious as you may, you cannot fool These. They know. You can prove though, by your thought and action to These, that you be ready for this great Cosmic Initiation which is due to come unto the Planet you now occupy. It cannot, even with all the Divine intervention be kept in abeyance much longer.

“When it comes, the involved ones will be sorted, a little roughly possibly, from those who are obviously ready…” [See End Note 1]

* * *

Go Forward Into Light


“Draw down the great Powers unto yourselves. Vibrate with this tremendous Power and Energy and go forwards giving service instead of sympathy. Living your belief instead of just talking about it. Co-operating instead of competing. Then you will not only help yourselves, but help hundreds, aye, maybe even thousands of your Terrestrial brothers.

“Mark ye well, oh men of Terra, what has been said. Act upon it, if you be great enough, wise enough, to do so. When you do this, you will become wise in your greatness!

“Before I vacate Transmission Orbit, I will give you all, the benefit of my Invocation.

“I Invoke the Powers from the Masters of the Sun and Saturn, this very moment.

“May these Powers fall upon the heads of all Terrestrials who are ready to receive them, this very moment, so that they may know that—God dwells silently within them all.

“Thank you very much for your attention and your cooperation and may God Bless you all.

“Good night.”

From a series of Transmissions entitled ‘The Initiation of Earth’ in You Are Responsible!, given by The Master Aetherius.

End Note 1: This Cosmic Initiation, now referred to as the Primary Initiation of Earth, took place on July 8th, 1964. Thanks to the brilliance and compassion of the Cosmic Masters, the changes that should have immediately resulted from this initiation have been slowed down. This is to give us more time to become spiritually advanced enough to survive the highly elevated vibrations that the Mother Earth will radiate in the New Age.  

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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  1. Mollie Eilean Entwisle on December 7, 2018 at 5:33 am

    This is an amazing transmission from the great Master Aetherius, as pertinent now as it was then. I was reading it this am. in the early hours, in the book “You Are Responsible”. If we all pray and act determinedly enough, we CAN solve the problems we have wrought upon our beautiful Planet. Pray for inspiration and act responsibly, and pray for all world leaders of any ilk that they are guided by their Higher Selves to act for the greater good. Have a wonderful day!

  2. JANE HOLUBIK on December 7, 2018 at 2:45 pm


  3. Marian Schroedl on December 9, 2018 at 8:11 am

    The book, “You Are Responsible” is one of my 2 favorite books brought through to us from The Master Jesus by the Master Dr. George King. My other favorite is “The Nine Freedoms”.

    While the words may come across like bullets at times, I have found that when I feel like leaving the Aetherius Society and when I speak very plainly from my heart to the higher Masters they truly are with us and return love and laughter as needed to help us through our challenges.

  4. Pat Timmermans, Purveyor of Endless Possibilities...✨💖 on December 10, 2018 at 3:40 am

    “Pure Divine Love is the Cosmic Fuel Of On-Going Creation. Moving ahead in Absolute Sovereignty as a Child of God, invoking, in humility, Divine Guidance in order to be of Loving Service to All. Forever intending The Highest Good of All, we see The Spark Of God in All humanity & Eternally send forth Blessings even to those of us in limitation, weakness & ignorance! Never truly knowing yet always going forward Wielding our Lances Of Pure Love, Unity & Peace. Going back to Seeing through The Eye of OneNess…✨💖”

  5. An'Nisa on December 11, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    After a Cosmic Master speaks I have no further comments, except amen or so be it! Even these simple expressions seem to lack appropriate humility and modesty. Certainly I am not worthy to receive these Truths let alone make a comment. One thing I can do for sure is practice The Twelve Blessings.

  6. peter daley on March 31, 2020 at 4:10 am

    Congratulations on the website, and the way it has developed. I like to look at it to remind me I belong in isolation.

    Personally, I would have played down any reference to Religion considering its history and failures in its teaching.

  7. gratzite on January 15, 2021 at 5:13 pm

    My WordPress BLOG FOR 2021

    That which is The Force of Love continues to amaze me as represented in the sacrifices of those incredible beings who have gone before so many millions of years ago.
    We are seeing an example of this in our planet Earth, the Spirit of which has devoted Time in the geological epochs for us to have experience.
    At certain times Cosmic Masters have descended to take on physicality teaching and suffering to help and to teach. Their presence allows us to see, and use the power of Love.
    Only those who have read The Twelve Blessings know of those thousands who have left their Planetary Bliss are present today, to ensure we do not slip back into the control endured for so long, now planned for a more extreme form based on the new technology.

    • Darren Ball on January 21, 2021 at 11:52 am

      Thank you, Gratzite. We should always remember those people from other planets who, even today, continue to help us realize our Divine Heritage. Many thanks for your post. Blessings, Darren

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