You Are Responsible


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You Are Responsible!

By Dr. George King

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Published in 1961, this classic first-edition hardback contains the true story of Dr. George King’s visits, in a projected state, to other planets, and also describes in detail Dr. King’s first ever contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence. In addition there are numerous profound spiritual teachings and revelations given by beings from other worlds, and the book concludes with a series of predictions of flying saucer sightings – all of which were confirmed in newspapers of the time.

Hardback; 173 pages.

Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in life on other planets and the spiritual message of cosmic beings to Earth.


From pages 12-13 (Doctor George King)

The thousands of reports of Flying Saucer sightings which have poured in from every corner of the Earth, during the past few years, constitute the most intriguing mystery of this twentieth century. To the thoughtful man, these thousands of authenticated reports, when studied with open minded care, form what must obviously be the blueprint of an enormous task. The enormity of this task, carried out by hitherto unknown powers, must suggest a necessity which assumes such world-wide implications that we dare not do anything except throw all our efforts towards a better understanding of this vitally important problem. The future of life on Earth, as we know and enjoy it, depends upon that understanding.

How many of us are often prompted by our innermost soul to go forth and explore? How few are willing to undertake the self-sacrifice which this entails?

The Great Teachers of all religions, in all ages, have had to suffer in their unselfish bid to bring true light into the dark ignorance of mankind. These Glorious Few have heeded the inner voice and have gone forward bravely to build signposts to show the way.

Within this book is a message—an essential message—one which is far too important to be kept a secret or revealed only to a chosen few, but must be offered to all. For a way is pointed out for us here—a way we can all tread irrespective of our religion, class or creed. It should be made known that this way is suggested as the only safe one in our age of atomic chaos, by Beings whose vast intelligence and experience put Them thousands of years ahead of the ordinary man. These are the kind of people who are now sending thousands of Space Craft through hundreds of millions of miles of Interplanetary Space in order to turn the tide of humanity away from the great cataclysm it is so surely making for itself.

Let us now be wise before this event: for to be wise after it is to be too late.

From pages 72-73 (The Master Aetherius)

“If you will only let us, we can help you in your meteorological difficulties,
thereby cutting down the death rate caused by aircraft crashing when they fly through certain clouds which contain currents of air sometimes travelling at over one hundred miles per hour.

“We can help you by teaching you how you can irrigate and cultivate your deserts, so that they can again become as fertile as they were when the Great Pyramids were built. We can teach you how to grow such crops as to make famine appear like one of the atrocities of the dark ages. In fact, if you will let us, we can advise you how to make things so different, that within fifty years, the earlier half of the century will seem like part of the dark ages. We cannot trespass upon those grounds which are closed to us. The choice is yours—you can receive us with open arms and we will help you to the best of our ability—or you can reject us.

“We trust that certain of your political factors will not be overcome by their own pseudo-importance and so reject the hand of friendship that is now being offered.

“We can help you in your primitive educational system, so that every one of your pupils is given that experience demanded by his Karma.

“We can help you in your hospitals, so that your system of medicine will be able to say that cancer, tuberculosis and venereal diseases are things of the past. If you want us to help you, stretch out your hands to us.

“We can help you in your geological surveys, so that earthquakes, such as the recent ones in the small islands of Greece, could never happen again. This is worth taking into consideration, because we have discovered vast movements of land masses at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, which will bring about dangerous conditions in the near future.

“We can give you an agricultural system twenty five thousand times better than your present one if you take down your notice—‘thou shalt not trespass’.

“Now, I hope that I have given you some little idea of why we are surveying your Planet. To us, you are a people in desperate need of advice. We are willing to give you this advice, if you will let us: if you want it—if you will use it in the right way.

From pages 146-147 (Mars Sector 6)

“Terrestrial man faces many problems in the interim period. He faces the possibility of war brought about by the scheming few, who have successfully trapped the unthinking majority by their insidious conditioning campaign.

“He faces disease which is now prevalent upon the Planet.

“He faces the direct result of another’s greed, another’s lust for power, another’s wrongful control.

“He faces the direct results of those thermo-nuclear weapons he has already exploded.

“He faces the prospect of freak weather conditions caused mainly by the gross disruption of finely balanced Terrestrial magnetic conditions.

“He faces mutation in future generations brought about by cellular disease
caused by the mutated acceleration of cellular division.

“These things do men face this night.

“These things can all be put right by man if he decides, this night, to throw
his God-given Energies into the channels of construction, away from the channels of destruction.

“SERVICE and CO-OPERATION are the keynotes which will enable mankind to put right these conditions. Indeed, mankind upon Terra has the greatest opportunities ever offered to any other lifestreams in the whole Solar System at any time since its inception; for man upon Terra has fallen so low that the climb back could be far more glorious than any yet accomplished since the inception of this Solar System.

“If mankind used his skill correctly, he could cure all disease upon Terra by a close study of that science you call Yoga; by a close study of that science you call chromotherapy; by adherence to that science you call homeopathy. These things would cure disease.

“Mankind could, if he used his skill correctly, bring about total Terrestrial disarmament and employ the present wasted Energies in constructive channels so that fertilization of his rich Earth would dispel starvation from the surface of Terra forever.

“If mankind choose to use the Practice of the Presence given by The Great Aetherius, he could—if he used sufficient Energy—then help to ward off the harmful effects brought about by killer dust such as strontium 90, strontium 89 and radio-active iodine.

“If mankind used his skill in constructive ways, he could gradually dispel ignorance by a close study and complete revision of present educational systems and standards.

“If mankind used his skills correctly, he could, with the sword of Truth, slay the dragons, hate, greed and lust!