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The Ninth Freedom Will Be Solar Existence

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The Nine Freedoms are a series of revelations regarding mankind’s future spiritual evolution – on Earth and beyond – channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Mars Sector 6. This podcast is a discussion of the Ninth Freedom between two close followers of Dr. King, who have studied The Nine Freedoms for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Freedom.

After a successful term of office as one of the Perfects of Saturn, the Cosmic Adept then moves to even a higher plane of existence.

But before this time it travels to the Central Sun of this galaxy for advanced initiations into the “secrets of variable dimension” – whatever that might mean. I don’t know – unless it can transmute one dimension into another and recreate dimensions and inhabit them at will.

After this initiation the Cosmic Adept then divorces itself completely and retires into meditation for a period which, in terrestrial years, would be 90,000 years [and] spend[s] 90,000 years in cosmic meditation!

I’ve a little feeling, too, that this cosmic meditation is something even deeper than our samadhic and nirvana states of meditation.

It then comes out of this deep…samadhic condition of galactic consciousness. This must be way above cosmic consciousness, as we call it on Earth. Galactic consciousness would be consciousness with the whole galaxy…

[It then] practises the seven aspects of…the white magic of continuance.

After this successful practice it again divorces itself from all other intelligences and it goeth again into galactic consciousness for a period of 500,000…terrestrial years.

So it goes into this deep meditative state, galactic consciousness, comes out and practises some kind of magic, some kind of magic of transmutation, and then goes back into galactic consciousness again for even further experience.

But, for this time, for a period equivalent to 500,000 of our terrestrial years…

After this stage it then returns again to the Central Sun…for even another initiation.

This doesn’t mean our Sun. This means the great Central Sun of the galaxy, for even another initiation into the “three aspects of creative magic”.

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