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The Seventh Freedom Will Be Inter-Planetary Existence

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The Nine Freedoms are a series of revelations regarding mankind’s future spiritual evolution – on Earth and beyond – channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Mars Sector 6. This podcast is a discussion of the Seventh Freedom between two close followers of Dr. King, who have studied The Nine Freedoms for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Freedom.

Interplanetary man is no longer bound to the clay of Terra [Earth] or the clay of any other planet. He is free to serve throughout the galaxy, even outside of the galaxy!

A huge freedom immediately he has, and he has a hundred million worlds in which he can serve, and he will serve in that one where he can serve best. This is the great thing…this really is the first real freedom. Up to now we’ve been playing like the small microscopic terrestrials we are. Now we’re beginning to realise tremendous freedom – a whole galaxy in which to go forward into!

It’s staggering, really staggering!

A great and deep appreciation and realisation of the totality of Divine Existence lives within such a one. Well, of course, because he must always remind himself, whoever made that, seeing vast galaxies spread out before him, whoever made that is so great is to be beyond my mere comprehension and, yet, I am linked with that Divine, that one single creative Divine Source.

He must have this realisation…before anything else that he thinks. Must be. Has to be.

Even with a small thing, a small raise of kundalini where the first time you become aware of the power of the Christ Centre, which is something hardly worthy of mention, in the light of information like this week you have been given. But even a thing like that makes you realise the greatness of the Divine Source. It’s the metaphysician who realises the greatness of God, not the orthodox man. He hasn’t even begun to know what the word G-O-D means in any way. The metaphysician begins to appreciate it as he delves deeper he appreciates more. This is obvious.

He does not pay lip service to anything existent or nonexistent, but begins to be a Knower, begins to realise the ‘why’ of existence.

Some time ago, Aetherius says, “If you ask ‘how’, you will know how, but if you ask ‘why’ you will know how and why. The scientist asks ‘how’. The philosopher asks ‘why’. By asking why, you can learn the science and the reason behind it. This is the great move. The Earth in the Aquarian Age will stop asking how. The how of a thing is simple. It’s the why that isn’t.

In the Aquarian Age man will ask why, and the how will come automatically to him. The why won’t, he’ll have to strive for it, but eventually he will find it and, when he does, cosmic consciousness is his. It’s simple. The greatest truths are always the simplest.

Already he knows the how, and so with his travel comes broadness. No longer is he even limited to a base physical structure, for he discovers that by excitation of the internal molecular working, he can form this base structure into a finer matter which he can propel throughout full space. Full space. Not space. Big difference.

Now, it is possible for a person on Earth to leave the physical body and project to another part of Earth. Many of you have done this in the sleep state. In fact all of you have done it in the sleep state, without any exception. But some of you have been conscious of where you’ve been in your travels. You might have gone out on some mission, some service, some teaching, some learning even.

But here’s something different. This isn’t just projection in an astral state, which some of us can do – this is something different. This is dematerialisation and projection and re-materialisation again, which is something far, far greater, and that’s what interplanetary man does. He dematerialises his body or, in other words, he doesn’t destroy it, he transmutes it to a higher system of vibrational dimension; projects it from Point A to Point B and re-materialises it again by slowing the internal excitation of the electrons…up – consciously.

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  1. Robin Renor on November 20, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Indescribably wonderful!

  2. Debra Littleboy on January 14, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    I have just finished listening to this pod cast immediately after reading the 7th Freedom in the the Nine Freedoms book. I found it very very helpful thankyou. However I have a recurring question on the 3 Magics White Grey and Black. I can fully understand withdrawing Black and Grey thoughts back into my solar plexis but White good loving thoughts as well? Is that not a but like being and ‘indian giver’??? Sending love but when absorbing it back to preserve my energy/power? Could someone please enlighten me. Blessings and thanks xxxx

    • Mark on January 15, 2016 at 12:19 pm

      Thank you for this excellent question. When sending out white light, for example when doing The Twelve Blessings, it should not be drawn back into the solar plexus. This is a conscious sacrifice of energy for the benefit of others, and therefore, certainly in the case of The Twelve Blessings, even more positive energy will go back to the practitioner by the law of Karma. Certain other practices used in white magic do involve taking the energy back into yourself, for example as Dr. King explains in ‘The Mars Story’ in his outstanding book You Are Responsible!, he “absorbed the thought form back into [his] psychic bodies” after he had finished using it as a “forward scout” (p.47-48).

  3. Paul Smith on May 1, 2018 at 6:17 am

    There are several transmission which state something to this effect: ”This is Mars Sector 6, reporting from Satellite No.3 now divorcing orbit – Jupiter. Destination – Secret.”

    In the above example taken from August 28th, 1960, I always wondered if this secret destination related to the ‘stopping place’ referred to by the same Cosmic Master in The Nine Freedoms? I suspect it is, but cannot be categorical based on the available information.

  4. Dustin on October 18, 2018 at 9:32 am


    Thank You…💓♾

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