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The Sixth Freedom Will Be Ascension

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The Nine Freedoms are a series of revelations regarding mankind’s future spiritual evolution – on Earth and beyond – channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Mars Sector 6. This podcast is a discussion of the Sixth Freedom between two close followers of Dr. King, who have studied The Nine Freedoms for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Freedom.

Ascension is, of course, freedom from rebirth. After the Initiation of Ascension you’ll come back onto this planet, or not, as you choose. It’s brought about by those people who are ready, and such a one has manipulated his karma so that it forms a pattern which proves that he does not need to learn the basic lessons which can be afforded by further birth upon Terra.

In other words, he has learned all there is to be learned on this Earth. Absolutely all there is to be learned and he doesn’t need to come back here at all to learn any other lesson. In fact he has learned even control over matter, complete control over matter. He has learned – especially after the Initiation of Ascension – after this Initiation he has learned to split up the cellular structure of his body, build for himself a new body, consciously…and inhabit this new body. When we get to that stage then we are Ascended Masters and we know, of course, that some Ascended Masters come back again onto this Earth and are now living on this Earth in order to do service, not because they have to or [that] they’re earthbound in any way – they are not. They can go to another planet, and so on, but they are giving service.

When this stage has been reached, the Adept then leaves this planet Terra [Earth] through death into a fuller life. Such a one may then choose whether or not he will remain upon Earth in order to render service, or whether he will go onwards to an introduction into the experience cycle of another planet. I like that phrase very much, “experience cycle of another planet”.

At this stage, those with certain definite abilities volunteer to forego the greater bliss of introduction into the experience cycle of another planet and choose to remain upon Earth.

As I said before, some Masters do choose to remain on Earth. Saint Germain is an outstanding example of an Ascended Master with certain definite abilities and capabilities which at the moment are being used for the benefit of Earth, and he is living here, and has lived here, for hundreds of years. French historians get a very bad headache when they start to study this man because he crops up for 600 years through French history, the same individual, and he might choose, I don’t know whether he will or not, but he might choose to stay here another 600 or a 1000 years, and he’ll still keep cropping up in one way or another, and then historians, in a few years’ time, may not have such a headache because they will have studied The Nine Freedoms by then – or they probably won’t be historians.

So, whichever way it goes, here is a Master who has been through the Initiation of Ascension, and in a hundred years’ time he virtually will not be any older, because the cellular structure he is now employing, although it looks like [an] Earth cellular structure, it isn’t the type of cellular structure that we have for our bodies – it does not age in the same way.

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