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Blessed Is The Mighty Sun

twelve blessings podcasts - blessed is the mighty sun

The Twelve Blessings are a series of profound spiritual revelations channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Jesus. This podcast is a discussion of the 8th Blessing by Chrissie Blaze & Brian Keneipp, both of whom were close followers of Dr. King and have studied and practiced The Twelve Blessings for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Blessing.

Why send your power to this? It doesn’t need your power. No, but you need its power. In order to gain its power in a pure sense, you must activate the law of giving to receive. So therefore you give out in order to receive and when you do this your vibrations alter. And if you do it properly your vibrations are altered quite considerably.

…you should do it in order to alter your own vibrations, everyone you come into contact with. Your aura, your power, spread out around you. Your influence spreads out around you and you help them. They may not thank you for it, they may not even realise, but you still help them.

…the Sun is a living entity, just as this Earth is, and it is the greatest living entity in this system.

…It is the Sun which provides the food for you to eat, the water for you to drink because, without the Sun, there couldn’t be these things. Even the gasoline which you burn is solidified sunlight. Even the money that you spend, the paper money or the gold coin, it’s still solidified sunlight. It’s all aspects of the great Sun.

…No man, no matter how great or small, can realise the mightiness of the Sun – never mind the mightiness of God. All he can do is to worship God through a worship of the Sun. That’s why Adamic Man, thousands of years ago on this Earth, used to worship the Sun. …Adamic Man, the great race of beings of great culture, worshipped the Sun because they recognised it was the nearest thing to God in this system and they worshipped God through the Sun. That was the point. …It is a God. In fact it is the God of the Bible!

Image credit: ESA & NASA

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  1. Pat Timmermans, Purveyor of “Endless Possibilities!” on February 8, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    “A Mantra given for The Mighty Sun…”Blessed is the Great Speak of The Noble Sun!…✨💖”

  2. PatTimmermans, Purveyor of “Endless Possibilities!” on February 24, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    “A Gayatri to the Mighty Sun….”You Who are The Source of all Power, whose Rays Illuminate the World, Illuminate also my Heart, So that It too may do Your Work!”…✨💖”

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