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Blessed Are The Thanksgivers

twelve blessings podcasts - blessed are the thanksgivers

The Twelve Blessings are a series of profound spiritual revelations channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Jesus. This podcast is a discussion of the 5th Blessing by Ray Nielsen & Brian Keneipp, both of whom were close followers of Dr. King and have studied and practiced The Twelve Blessings for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Blessing.

…The Thanksgivers are those people who turn great tides of energy and direct these towards their objectives. You might say, “Well, what are these tides of energy doing anyway?” These people know that the “tides of energy” are there. They know how to manipulate them in such a way that they can direct them towards an objective that they want to direct them towards.

…Well the Devic Kingdom are those beings who look after the forces – the so-called forces – of nature. Is it by chance that the sea acts in the way that it does? Is it by chance that the clouds act in the way that they do? Is it by chance that the grass grows? The wheat grows, the trees grow, the animals live? Are all these things just by some strange freak of chance? Are they all run strictly according to cold mathematics like a piece of machinery is run? Not at all. …They are all run strictly according to law, ah yes, but behind it all there is a great guiding Intelligence. And this great guiding Intelligence, as far as we are concerned, is the Devic Kingdom.

Thank God for all things that happen to you – good, bad or indifferent. Send out your power to the Devic Kingdom and you are one of the Thanksgivers. Send out your power to the Thanksgivers and you are helping the Thanksgivers to send their power to the Devic Kingdom and you are altering conditions upon the whole Earth. If mankind had the right thought and action there wouldn’t be any nasty weather conditions; no tornados, no famine in one place and flood in another. Nothing like this at all would happen.

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  1. Pat Timmermans, Purveyor of “Endless Possibilities!” on February 8, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    “Acknowledging the reality of our emotions & the impact of these energies upon everything around us. Now, feel the Empowerment of Thanksgiving & Gratitude leaving us & going out into our World washing over all things & lifting up energies of Light & Love globally in All Humanity & All of The Kingdoms. It is Time to wield our Lances of Pure Love, Peace & Gratitude…✨💖”

  2. Vincent on March 31, 2021 at 4:31 am

    Listening to these podcasts are simply mind boggling to say the least! I can only say that anyone who comes to this platform has been summoned by their Higher-Self. Whether they choose to go deeper and explore, reject outright or partially or remain as they are is a personal choice without any judgement from any “Higher Source “.

    Many thanks to all in the AETHERIUS SOCIETY for bringing this knowledge to humanity. Am exceedingly very grateful.

    • Darren Ball on April 3, 2021 at 11:34 am

      Hi Vincent, it is a joy to be working to share these teachings! Thank you for your heartfelt comments. With Blessings, Darren

  3. Harold Beck Brissey on October 18, 2021 at 9:50 am

    I was sending out psychic prayers of LOVE and sitting in a half-lotus the other day and the Kundalini just started gushing upwards up my spine, then back down and up again and again-It was amazing! like an ecstasy! I could help thrust it up I discovered? It was like extreme tingling sensation all over body radiating from my back-like when a goose runs over your grave,, Psychic prayer and King Yoga is for REAL

    • Darren Ball on October 18, 2021 at 11:31 am

      Wow, Harold, thank you so much for sharing that amazing experience! I have no doubt you will inspire others. I think it also shows that service to others really can be a path to Enlightenment. Best wishes, Darren

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