The Nine Freedoms – Lectures (CD)


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The Nine Freedoms – Lectures

Lecture series by Dr. George King

The Nine Freedoms is one of the most brilliant series of revelations ever given to humankind; it explains not only what life on Earth is really all about, but also gives a tantalizing glimpse of life beyond the cycle of reincarnation – through Ascension, and on to future lives on other planets, and even to existence as a part of the mighty Sun itself. Each of the Freedoms was given by a cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 through the mediumship of Dr. George King – making Dr. King uniquely qualified to talk about this extraordinarily elevated wisdom, and impart a masterly understanding of its true depth of meaning.

18 CDs in album (also available on Aetherius Cloud)

Also available for purchase: The Nine Freedoms book and The Nine Freedoms transmissions album.