Receive Spiritual Healing

Contact Spiritual Healing
Tuesdays, 7:30pm-9:30pm, By Appointment

Since 1955, The Aetherius Society has offered free Spiritual Healing treatments to all who request it. Devised by Dr. George King, the King Technique is a natural healing method based on ancient principles of metaphysical science to bring relief to those who need it. Trained Spiritual Healers in the King Technique offer treatments in our Temple every Tuesday evenings by appointment only. Please allow at least 30 minutes for your appointment and wear comfortable clothing. There is no charge for healing, but donations towards the cost of running the Temple are greatly appreciated. Our address is 6202 Afton Place, Los Angeles.

To make an appointment, fill out the form below or contact the American Headquarters: (323) 465-9652, [email protected]

Absent Healing

Spiritual energy is invoked by visualisation, prayer and mantra by our team of absent healers, and is directed to those in need who request this kind of spiritual healing from The Aetherius Society. This is ideal for people who are not able to come to the Temple for contact spiritual healing, as outlined above. Our absent healing service is free, but donations are most welcome.

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