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Aetherius Temple Online Services

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Aetherius Temple Online Service Schedule

We are now offering a regular schedule of video Services live streamed online from The Aetherius Temple in London.

We are holding the following Services every week until further notice:

  • Twelve Blessings Service – Monday evenings at 8pm British time (1 hour)
  • Divine Service – Sunday mornings at 11am British time (1 hour)

Additionally, the following Services will also be live streamed in this way until further notice:

  • First and Last Hour Services for each Spiritual Push – dates/times as per our Ecclesiastical Calendar (view online calendar)
  • Commemorations – dates/times as per our Ecclesiastical Calendar (view online calendar)

Please note: our existing online Services are continuing as normal, with some additional emergency Services.

How to join Aetherius Temple Online Services

The password is the first word in the Index (at the back of the book) of the book Realize Your Inner Potential by Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence. You also need to have ‘The A-U-M’ lecture and/or The Nine Freedoms book by Dr. George King. This is to ensure you have received the relevant initiations, notably the mantras and corresponding hand sign, also known as a mudra.

Enter the password above. (Please note that the password is case-sensitive.)

Once you have entered the password and clicked submit, please press the blue play button.

You will not be able to view a recording of a Service after it has finished; Services will be broadcast live only.

Having trouble with the video?

If you are having trouble with the video, please try the following steps:

  • Try refreshing the browser window. After it has refreshed, wait about 30 seconds and see if the video improves for you.
  • Try switching to/from 4G (Mobile Data) or WiFi. Wait about 1 minute and see if the video improves for you.
  • Try using another device. For example, try a mobile phone or a tablet if you are using your desktop, and vice versa.

Having trouble with the audio?

If you are having trouble with the audio only, please ensure your own device is not muted.

If none of these steps work, please contact us via chat, which is the conversation icon at the bottom right of this screen.

We strongly encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and join us at as many of these Services as you can.

We know, from the great teachings we have been given by and through our Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, that the power of prayer can work miracles. In this crisis period let us unite together as a band of lightworkers in this new online mode – we really can make a difference!