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Live Stream Area For Members – London


The videos on this page are for current Members of The Aetherius Society only. Attending Services online is for those who cannot attend in person. Attending in person is vastly more powerful due to the Higher Mental Realm link which makes your participation thousands of times more potent and therefore thousands of times more beneficial to the world as a whole – and to your own personal spiritual evolution as well.

1. Live Streamed Services of Thankfulness for Phases of Operation Sunbeam

These Services, which are for Members only, will be live streamed here. Members will be notified of the dates and times of these in advance.

2. Live Streamed Services for July the 8th

Service Number 1
Accra, Ghana: 11:01 pm (July 7th)
London, UK: 12:01 am (July 8th)
Lagos, Nigeria: 12:01 am (July 8th)

Service Number 2
No Service will be broadcast online so please conduct your own Service at home, preferably at 11am, during which you can listen to a recording of Rev. Pete Higginson reading the stupendous Cosmic Transmission which details how the Cosmic Lords performed The Primary Initiation of Earth. This video will be available above from 1am BST on July 8th until one hour before the start of Service number 3 on July 8th.

Service Number 3
Accra, Ghana: 1:15 pm
London, UK: 2:15 pm
Lagos, Nigeria: 2:15 pm

Service Number 4
Accra, Ghana: 2:30 pm
London, UK: 3:30 pm
Lagos, Nigeria: 3:30 pm

Service Number 5
Accra, Ghana: 5:30 pm
London, UK: 6:30 pm
Lagos, Nigeria: 6:30 pm

We suggest you wear smart dress at all these services. Formal dress will be worn by attenders at our Temple in Service Number 5 and you may wish to honour this tradition at home too.

Note: Services 1, 3, 4 and 5 will NOT be available for any replays.

3. Replays of some Services

Members will be able to watch a replay of some Services that have been first live streamed here or on the Aetherius Temple Online Services page. These will be available here from 9:00 am the following day for a period of 24 hours.

Replays will be available for the following Services:

  • Services of Thankfulness for Phases of Operation Sunbeam
  • Services of Thankfulness for Phases of the Saturn Mission
  • Commemoration Services with the exception of those held on July 8th

How to join the live stream area for Members

You’ll need to enter a password to ensure you’re a member of The Aetherius Society. If you do not have the password please email us on [email protected].

  • Enter the password above. (Please note that the password is case-sensitive.)
  • Once you have entered the password, press the blue play button.

Requirements for accessing these Services

To participate in these Services you must be a Full or Associate Member of The Aetherius Society, and have been initiated into the mantras that will be used. This means you need to have:

  1. Realize Your Inner Potential and/or ‘Initiation into Dynamic and Soul Mantra’
  2. ‘The A-U-M’ lecture
  3. The Day The Gods Came – this is because the access password comes from this book

Having trouble with the video?

If you are having trouble with the video, please try the following steps:

  • Try refreshing the browser window. After it has refreshed, wait about 30 seconds and see if the video improves for you.
  • Try switching to/from 4G (Mobile Data) or WiFi. Wait about 1 minute and see if the video improves for you.
  • Try using another device. For example, try a mobile phone or a tablet if you are using your desktop, and vice versa.

Having trouble with the audio?

If you are having trouble with the audio only, please ensure your own device is not muted.

If none of these steps work, please contact us via chat, which is the conversation icon at the bottom right of this screen.