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The Command

Dr. George King outside his apartment in Maida Vale, London, where he received "The Command".

"The Command"

On May 8th, 1954, while in his small flat at 18 Clifton Gardens in Maida Vale, London, Dr King heard the following words, which have become known as “The Command”: "Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament." A few days later, he was visited in the same apartment by a world-renowned yoga Master whom he knew to be alive and active in India at that time. This Master helped Dr. King to understand "The Command" and initiated him into certain spiritual practices. Afterwards, this Master left the same way he had come in, by physically passing through the locked door of the apartment without opening it.

The Master Aetherius speaks at Caxton Hall, London

On January 29th, 1955, The Master Aetherius spoke through the yogic mediumship of Dr. King at a public meeting in London’s Caxton Hall. Aetherius – a Venusian communicator – was able that night to speak to London for the first time. Caxton Hall, an iconic, historical venue in Westminster, London, was where Dr. King gave many significant lectures, and served as a channel for many Transmissions (messages from the Cosmic Masters), from 1955 through the 1970s.

Caxton Hall London

Dr. King serves as a channel for the Cosmic Masters at Caxton Hall, London.

European Headquarters 1950s

Aetherius House on the Fulham Road in the 1950s or 60s. 

A place where history has been – and is being – made

The European Headquarters has been at this location on Fulham Road since July 1958. Dr. George King – a true spiritual Master – lived and worked here for much of his life, and lived here exclusively from July 1958 to June 1959. The property is imbued with his presence. Aetherius House has been a center of spiritual activity and service since its doors first opened in 1958. Staff and Members have worked here, gathered here for social occasions and prayed for people in need – and the world as a whole – from the George King Chapel.

Contacts with the Cosmic Masters

Dr. King received Transmissions from the Cosmic Masters frequently during his time in London. Virtually all of these were physically recorded and exist to this day to be listened to by spiritual seekers around the world. Some of the most famous of these include The Twelve Blessings – given by The Master Jesus.

Transmission in London

Dr. George King receives a Transmission, while in a trance state of meditation known as samadhi. The dark glasses are to protect his eyes from bright light, which could be dangerous in this advanced trance condition. 

Pranayama in London

Dr. George King (right) leads a group in pranayama (yoga breathing) in the 1950s.

Spreading the teachings

Dr. King has given countless lectures and classes in London beginning in the mid 1950s, sometimes to audiences of several hundred and sometimes to small private groups.

"Demand the truth!"

On August 23rd, 1958, Aetherius Society representatives led hundreds of protestors through London to Trafalgar Square.  Moving off from Speakers’ Corner in the early afternoon, men and women from around the country carried their banners through the city, despite the rain, to gather together with hundreds of other like-minded truth-seekers – to demand the truth from the British Government about extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting Earth.

Demand the Truth Trafalgar Square

Dr. George King addresses protestors on August 23rd, 1958, at Trafalgar Square in London. 

Preparing for a Transmission at Aetherius House

Dr. King and his small team of dedicated staff were always ready to spring into action, even in the middle of the night. It’s difficult to appreciate that Dr. King's helpers only had two minutes to wake up and be fully alert to record a Transmission. What’s even more amazing is that Dr. King had only two minutes to enter a trance state of meditation known as samadhi so that the Cosmic Masters could speak through him.

The Cosmic Masters speak through Dr. King on BBC 'Lifeline'

In this fascinating extract from the BBC TV program, ‘Lifeline,’ in 1959, the interviewer asks Dr. King about his contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences, and whether Dr. King would be willing to attempt to receive a Transmission on the air. Dr. King agrees, and the Master Aetherius speaks to Earth.