Receive Spiritual Healing in London at The Aetherius Temple

What is Spiritual Healing?

The method of contact healing used in The Aetherius Society has been named “The King Technique”. The technique involves cleansing the patient’s aura and sending spiritual energy into some of their major chakras and the area of discomfort by visualization and physical contact. Each treatment takes about half an hour.

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Contact Spiritual Healing

Most Wednesdays

Spiritual healers offer treatments using the King Technique devised by Dr. George King, most Wednesdays, by appointment, from 10.45am to 8.45pm. Appointments last about half an hour. There is no charge for treatment, but donations towards the cost of running the Temple are greatly appreciated.

Book your slot (Wednesdays)

Please reach us by phone to book: +44 (0) 20 7736 4187 or reserve online (not confirmed until we make contact). We are located at 36 Kelvedon Road, Fulham, London, SW6 5BW.

Absent Healing

Spiritual energy is invoked by visualization, prayer and mantra by our team of absent healers, and is directed to those in need who request this kind of spiritual healing from The Aetherius Society. This is ideal for people who are not able to come to the Temple for contact spiritual healing, as outlined above. Our absent healing service is free, but donations are most welcome. Please call +44 (0) 20 7736 4187 to register.

Seek medical advice

Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. This means that it is meant to be used in addition to appropriate conventional medical help, not instead of it. Spiritual healers should always advise their patients of this, and should of course never guarantee a cure.


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