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Whether you are interested in learning more about spiritual healing, or would like to receive spiritual healing, we welcome you to our healing sanctuary at the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society in Hollywood, CA.

Our healing sanctuary has been offering spiritual healing to the public for over 40 years, both in person and remotely, and is one of the main Aims and Objects of The Aetherius Society. Over the years we have administered healing to thousands of people from all walks of life, beliefs and backgrounds, bringing relief to all kinds of “dis-eases” and suffering, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, etc.

We believe it is everyone’s birthright to enjoy greater health, vitality, balance and harmony. For, ultimately, through greater health we can achieve greater enlightenment and be of greater service to others.

In the words of Mars Sector 6 in The Nine Freedoms, “If you would enjoy better health, you would serve.”

You can read more about the spiritual healing we offer below. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone if you have any questions.

In service,

Melissa Hunt-Unegbu

Healing Administrator

Healing Administrator

Melissa Hunt-Unegbu

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Healing Sanctuary

 6202 Afton Place, Los Angeles, CA, 90028


Most Tuesdays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

NB: Treatments are by appointment only. 

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Spiritual Healing

Contact Healing

The method of spiritual healing we use is a simple, effective and balanced method based on ancient principles of metaphysical science to bring relief to all those who request it. Simply put, the healer acts as a channel for conveying healing energy, also known as the Universal Life Force or Prana, into the patient’s aura and chakras.

All of our healers have been professionally trained in this healing technique, which was devised by Dr. George King.

There is no charge for our healing treatments although you are welcome to make a voluntary donation. This is kindly accepted and goes towards the upkeep of our healing sanctuary.

Absent healing

With absent healing, Spiritual energy is invoked by visualization, prayer and mantra by our team of healers, and is directed to those in need who request this kind of spiritual healing from The Aetherius Society. This is ideal for people who are not able to come to our sanctuary for contact Spiritual healing.

There is no charge for our absent healing treatments. All donations are kindly accepted.

Absent Healing

How to request spiritual healing

Seek medical advice

While this treatment can be highly effective, we cannot guarantee results. Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. This means that it is meant to be used in addition to appropriate conventional medical help, not instead of it, and patients are advised to seek the appropriate medical help. Spiritual healers should always advise those they give healing to of this, and should of course never guarantee a cure.

What to expect during your spiritual healing session

Spiritual Healing

The healer will administer spiritual healing by placing their hands directly on your physical body, over the main chakras, or else a few inches away from your body if you are not comfortable with physical contact.

You will be seated on a wooden stool and asked to close your eyes for the duration of the treatment. Each treatment lasts about 20-25 minutes.

Spiritual Healing

Does spiritual healing work?

It is important to remember that all conditions can be treated by spiritual healing – but not all people. 

Some people are more receptive than others to this treatment, due to a number of factors such as karma and mental outlook. 

As such the results of healing can vary a great deal. If the patient has faith in the technique and the healer, this will of course aid the healing process, but is not necessary; this is not faith healing as practiced in some religions – it is based instead on spiritual energy. This being the case, it is possible for a skeptic to receive spiritual healing and benefit from it.

Spiritual healing can help people in many different ways – sometimes unexpected. It may completely cure someone – or may not, but may instead help them to deal with the condition they have and to become more positive. 

It is extremely rare for someone to receive spiritual healing and then report no improvement afterwards whatsoever, and indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better, often where other treatments have failed. Miraculous instantaneous cures are rare – but not unknown.

What are other people saying?

The King technique of spiritual healing is the real deal. I had the pleasure of visiting The Aetherius Society Headquarters in Hollywood on three occasions to receive spiritual healing.

I received tremendous healing from the hands of The Aetherius Society healers. I literally felt the tension in my body melt away at the touch of the healer’s hands. It was incredible! My symptoms have dramatically improved and I am confident that with a few more sessions I will completely heal. In fact, I am so impressed by the effectiveness of the King technique that I plan to learn it so that I also can give healing. I highly recommend the King technique to anyone interested in spiritual healing.

–  Andrew, Los Angeles

My favorite part about Spiritual Healing is that it's so darn simple, but so effective. As a person that's received healing, I've walked away from a session feeling 30 - 50% better than how I did when I first sat in the chair, and that's only with the human touch of a healer, no chemicals, no probing, nothing else.

–  Natalie, Los Angeles

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all who rallied in the last couple of days to send me healing. Another remarkable outcome! Wednesday evening I presented to hospital with pleural effusion of the left side, as a result of the operation I had had 4 weeks ago (very common side effect).

However, there was significant fluid there such that the plan was to use a long syringe and remove the fluid on Friday. Well you can imagine the aghast looks on the registrars' faces when they visited me Friday morning.

I was showered, dressed and breathing 100% better. They had a mobile ultrasound machine which could clearly show that the fluid build up had reduced significantly. This created a bit of a spectacle with more medical team members turning up around me as the comparisons between the Wednesday X-ray and this one were being made.

The head registrar said, “Well I don’t know what we’ve done, but clearly there is no need for an invasive procedure”. Naturally, I said "thank you", with a feeling of relief, but really couldn’t quite tell the throng of people present that it was probably the spiritual energy I’d been receiving over the last 12 hours that had done the trick! 

– Norny, Auckland

The results of spiritual techniques as promoted on this website vary and cannot always be guaranteed. Recipients of spiritual healing of any kind (sometimes simply referred to as “healing”) – be it absent healing or contact healing or any other form of healing – should where necessary consult an appropriate qualified medical practitioner. The healing offered by The Aetherius Society is complementary healing and is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment. Results of healing vary and cannot always be guaranteed. Attenders at Aetherius Society events attend and take part at their own risk.