Los Angeles, CA, USA

Historic Photos and Video

Arriving on the American Banker

Dr. King set sail for New York on the American Banker from London in June, 1959. 

Coming to the USA

Dr. George King first arrived in Los Angeles in July 1959 for a UFO Convention at the Statler Hotel. He had lectured his way across the country at various flying saucer groups after sailing to New York from London aboard the American Banker.

Dr. King meets Monique and Irene Noppe

At the convention he met twin sisters Monique and Irene Noppe, originally from Belgium. They recognized Dr. King as the Spiritual Master they had been seeking, and offered their help in establishing a group of The Aetherius Society in Los Angeles.

Monique and Erain Noppe

Dr. King with Monique (left) and Irene (right) Noppe at the KCOP Studio in Los Angeles. 

Interview on the Tom Duggan Show

Dr. George King channels a Cosmic Master live in the studio on July 19th, 1960. 

Interview on The Tom Duggan Show

Dr. King was a guest on the Tom Duggan television show at least twice. On the first occasion a Cosmic Transmission was played, and in a second show, Dr. King entered a samadhic trance to channel a Cosmic Master live on the air – as he had done on the BBC's 'Lifeline' programme in May, 1959. The lights were dimmed (per Dr. King’s earlier request) and the Transmission proceeded. Only one photo was taken, out of respect for the sacredness of the occasion. No flash was used at all. Even the mere clicking of the shutter may have caused Dr. King some danger or injury. This was agreed between Dr. King and his associates beforehand.

Moving into 6202 Afton Place

On November 22, 1960, The Aetherius Society was incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 spiritual, scientific and educational organization. Various rental properties in the Hollywood area were utilized until the purchase of the present location in June 1965. This property initially comprised the main Temple building with two bungalows for accommodation and workshops, all of which were in need of considerable repair. An adjoining bungalow was purchased a few years later, known as the Annex.

American Headquarters

The Aetherius Society Headquarters at 6202 Afton Place in the 1960s or 70s.

Transmission Room Los Angeles

Dr. George King in the purpose-built Transmission Room at the Los Angeles Headquarters. 

The Transmission Room

Some of the most important Transmissions given by the Cosmic Masters were recorded in a sound-proofed room on the property. Dr. King also gave scores of lectures and addresses on a variety of metaphysical topics, as well as writing numerous books and articles.

Radionic Apparatus

Much of the essential radionics apparatus used in the Cosmic Missions was built on the premises.

Radionic apparatus

Dr. King works intensely on radionic apparatus he designed in the Temple in Los Angeles.

Space contact in Santa Barbara

In the latter years of his life, Dr. King spent most of his time in Santa Barbara. In this video, you will hear a narration of a contact that Dr. King received early on in 1964, and you will see him striding across the sands of Santa Barbara Bay in California, where this extraordinary experience took place. Dr. King received a beautiful and powerful message urging all people to prepare themselves to be of service to our world.

A Master from Gotha visits the Temple

In February 1966 a Master from the planetary system of Gotha visited Dr. King. A Transmission about this visit was delivered by a Gotha Master on October 15th, 1966, entitled 'Gotha Speaks To Earth.' Listen to an extract from his unique message to Earth.

Hollywood Temple

This photo was taken in the 60s, around the time when the Master  from Gotha physically visited the Temple in Los Angeles (February 13th, 1966).