Los Angeles, CA, USA

The George King Center

The King Yoga Experience

People mix and mingle with good food and refreshments after one of our King Yoga Experience events.

A place for meetings and social events throughout the year

The George King Center is housed in one of the bungalows on the property. For many years it was the Dining Room for Dr. King and his close staff. Following Dr. King's passing in 1997 it has been used as a community room where meetings and social events are held.

A place for study and reflection

A lending library of books and CDs is maintained in the center where students can study the Cosmic Teachings and other metaphysical topics.

George King Chapel

A keen student browses the lending library of metaphysical books and audio in the George King Center. 

Dr King in GKC

Dr. King playing the maracas during a New Year’s Eve performance of his band, The Supersonics.

Dr. King and The Supersonics!

For many years, Dr. King and his band, “The Supersonics,” performed over the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as at parties known as “Club Discotheque” to which people often came in costume!

A beautifully renovated garden area for our community

Social events in the center continue to this day, now enhanced by the beautiful garden area outside.

Garden in LA

A peaceful walk through the Temple grounds.