Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Temple and Grounds

Aetherius Temple Hollywood

Attenders chant mantra together at a Service in The Temple at The American Headquarters. 

More than 50 years

Weekly Services have been held in our Temple since 1966. They include visualization practices, ancient mantras, prayers to send out energy to the world, and spiritual teachings. You will find it a unique blend of Cosmic wisdom, spiritual service and reflective practice.

We hope you will join us.

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Masters from different traditions

We revere Masters from different traditions, recognizing that they each came to Earth to teach us the great Spiritual Laws. This includes the Master Jesus, the Lord Babaji and the Lord Buddha.

LA Temple

In The Aetherius Society we revere the Master Jesus, the Lord Babaji and the Lord Buddha among other great Spiritual Masters. 

LA Temple

The universe is a living being. Everything is alive – and interconnected; conscious to one degree or another.

Living, conscious, cosmic beings

We also recognize that the Mother Earth, the Sun and the Galaxy are living, conscious Beings, infinitely more evolved than mankind.

The Adepts' altar

An altar dedicated to The Six Adepts – advanced Interplanetary Intelligences who came to Earth in the past century to protect and assist humanity.

Adepts' Altar

The Adepts' Altar in The Aetherius Temple in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Temple Altar

The main altar in the Hollywood Temple of The Aetherius Society.

The main altar

The Holy Cross on the main altar contains a stone from each of the nineteen Holy Mountains of the world charged in Operation Starlight, with the Holy Symbol of The Aetherius Society above the cross and on the altar cloth below. This symbol, which was revealed to Dr. George King while in a deep state of meditation lasting several days, means God manifesting Itself through wisdom.

Temple Grounds

Many Temples around the world are renowned for their beautiful gardens. In fact, maintaining a garden is a long-established tradition of spiritual life. We are blessed to have these beautiful grounds which provide a peaceful oasis right in the heart of Hollywood.

Originally, each of the four individual properties had their own small front garden and driveway. In 2015 a professional landscaper transformed them into one extensive garden with several special features including two fountains – one dedicated to Six Interplanetary Masters known as the Six Adepts – and a Peace Pole that was consecrated during an Interfaith ceremony in 2016.

Social events are held in the garden throughout the year, and visitors can also enjoy some quiet time for contemplation and spiritual upliftment in our busy world.

Garden Hollywood

Members, Friends and Sympathisers gather in the Garden at the American Headquarters. 

Adepts' Fountain

The Adepts' Fountain in the Temple grounds. Watch a video of the fountain at night. 

Peace Pole Los Angeles

Ruth from Israel and Hadia from Syria with the Peace Pole in the Temple grounds. The Peace Pole was dedicated in a special Interfaith ceremony in 2016. 

Hollywood Garden

Strolling through the new Temple grounds which were opened in 2015 – a peaceful oasis in the heart of Hollywood. 


Perspectives of our garden.

What is God event

Attendees gather together after a King Yoga Experience event on the plaza outside the Temple at the American Headquarters.