Cosmic Voice – Volume No. 4

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Amazing insights into the early life of the Master Jesus, the truth about flying saucers visiting Earth, and what Dr. King describes as “one of the most important revelations in the annals of all mysticism.” Also includes an appeal to women to help stop atomic experimentation; reports of a protest march in London demanding the truth about flying saucers; an account of a physical contact with an extraterrestrial from the higher planes of Venus; further dire warnings about atomic weapons testing; and revelations about a nuclear accident that was not made public until almost 20 years later.

This volume of Cosmic Voice also includes a Transmission by The Master Aetherius describing the “Silence Group”, in which he makes a global appeal for spiritual action.

The Transmissions included in this volume were given by Cosmic Masters from the higher planes of Mars and Venus.

Comprises issue nos. 15-18 of Cosmic Voice published by The Aetherius Society in 1958.


Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in extraterrestrial life and a yearning for spiritual truth. This compilation of early issues of The Aetherius Society’s journal Cosmic Voice contains the words of wisdom of a number of intelligences from other worlds speaking through Dr. George King.