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There’s no excuse for atheism!

There's no excuse for atheism

Do you think that Jesus is the one and only son of God?

Do you believe in eternal hell?

I don’t believe these things, but that doesn’t make me an atheist.

And if you don’t believe these things, that doesn’t make you an atheist either.

In fact, my own Spiritual Teacher, Dr. George King – who was about as far from being an atheist as it is possible to be – stated the following:

…there is no such thing as eternal hell and purgatory and damnation. That is the biggest unadulterated rubbish I have ever heard of. There is no such thing as: ‘If you do not believe that this Master is the one and only, or that Master is the one and only, you’re condemned to eternal damnation.’ That is unadulterated trash – and a lie. And a dangerous one. So dangerous that some religionists have their poor deluded congregations crushed in their hands, afraid to move hither or yon. Some of them eventhe more primitive peopleafraid to think for themselves…  (Note 1)

The problem with atheism, though, is that it is not just the perfectly correct rejection of traditional religious nonsense like this, but that it is also the acceptance of a whole new nonsense that is probably even worse…!

That new nonsense is the blind belief that there is no God of any kind.

There is no evidence for this belief at all.

Logical and evidentiary flaws in certain religions are not evidence to support atheism. They are evidence that those religions are flawed. Nothing more, nothing less.

An analogy for this would be: the fact that all the food in the cupboard is rotten does not support the idea that we don’t need to eat. It just means that we should find better food that isn’t rotten.

Similarly, religious hypocrisy – and downright wickedness in certain cases – is not evidence of God not existing, or even necessarily that those religions are wrong. All it means is that the people following the religion have been wrong in their actions.

You may agree with me so far, but still think: “I hear what you’re saying, but I can’t bring myself to believe in something I have no experience of myself.”

Well, I think that is fair enough, but that doesn’t make you an atheist, that makes you an agnostic: someone honest enough, and logical enough, to say – “Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know.”

Personally, I think this is probably where we should all start – even as children. In order to know something, the first thing you have to do is to admit that you don’t know it yet. Like a glass having to be empty before it can be filled.

When I was a child I always had kind of a vague belief in God – but I did not have a knowledge of God. I desperately wanted to know the truth with as much certainty as possible; “maybes” weren’t really good enough.

Let me explain…

My question was not so much “Is there a God?” but more: “What is God?”

In other words: “What is the source of creation, what is the ultimate power of the universe? Is it an old man with a long white beard on a cloud? Is it a non-Christian type of a God? Or is it something more abstract – harder to visualize and define?”

If we define God as the ultimate source and ultimate power behind everything in creation – the question “Does God exist?” becomes absurd. The question should not be “Is it?” but rather “What is it?”

You might say that we know that the ultimate source of creation was the Big Bang: the idea that the universe began as just a single point, and then expanded. But what was that single point? Why did it start expanding?

You might then say that it was some kind of chemical reaction or whatever scientists say it was (I am no expert, as you can see) – but that then raises the question: where did these chemicals come from? Why did they react in that way?

You might say that the reactions were a result of obeying the laws of physics – but why do these laws exist?

In fact, why does anything exist at all?!

* * *

It was one thing to be an atheist in the dark old days when virtually the only religion available to you was the one you were born into. If you could see the absurdity of that religion, what other recourse did you have?

But that is not the case today – at least certainly not in this part of the world. Thousands of religions, philosophies and spiritual ideologies are at our very fingertips just by typing in a few questions on Google.

In fact, we now have virtually the opposite problem to that of a couple of hundred years ago. We now have too much information, and it can seem overwhelming.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is: motive and effort.

These twin-angels in your spiritual quest will fire up the furnace of your intuition, guide the direction of your logic, and even give you whatever evidence you may need – you personally may need – not want, but need – to convince you.

If you really want truth – unconditionally – no matter what that truth may be, and if you are really willing to put the effort in – whatever effort is required – and if you are willing to live and act in the light of that truth when you have found it – then you will find it.

My strong advice in this quest would be: Along the way – never stop asking questions – of those who are meant to know, of yourself, and of God itself – whatever it may be. Do not surrender to the ignorance of blind belief. Do not be cowed into acceptance of false logic. Do not be bullied by conditioning that tries to control you by its condemnation of the true seeker.

How can you know without asking? Ask, ask, and ask again!

* * *

When I was about 16 and was beginning to try out the King Yoga practices taught by The Aetherius Society, I felt that I was getting close to the truth, but I was far from certain.

One evening, in the pitch blackness of my bedroom, when I was meant to be asleep, I stood with my arms raised in prayer, and prayed from the very bottom of my heart – as hard as I could – for truth – as unconditionally as I could conceive of – and promised that I would follow this truth if I found it.

Almost immediately I felt a surge of energy coursing through me like nothing I had ever experienced before. My eyes were closed and I didn’t see anything of any kind, but it felt as if a shaft of light had come from above and was filling my whole being.

I have never felt anything quite like it before or since.

* * *

The journey from the honest admission of ignorance – through a quest that meanders into open-minded belief – gradually reaches something more akin to knowledge. Not a blind belief – not academic information – but a true knowledge, born of intuition, logic and even sense perception.

But the journey is still not over.

The knowledge grows and blossoms into Enlightenment, but even this is not the end.

As the Karmic Lord Mars Sector 6 stated on November 17th, 1977:

“Remember – the journey towards true Spiritual Enlightenment is hard and the road steep – and it lasts forever. But the goal eventually reached, lasts forever and forever!”

The Aetherius Society Newsletter, Volume 17, Issues 1, 2, 3 & 4; January–February 1978  


Note 1: This extract is taken from a lecture entitled ‘Karma and Reincarnation’ given in Amersham, England, on June 19th, 1973. Among many other things, Dr. George King explains in this lecture the premise of karma as a more logical alternative to the false notion of eternal hell.



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About the author
Mark BennettMark Bennett is the co-author of two books, both of which he wrote with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, namely Prayer Energy and Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, which was voted “best book on spirituality 2007” by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. He is the youngest International Director of The Aetherius Society, whose teachings he chose as his spiritual path at an early age.

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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  1. Vincent Adika on August 3, 2022 at 4:32 am

    Yeah, at one time I considered myself an atheist, and this was simply how the Christian doctrines of God, the concepts surrounding the worship of God, so forth and so on was inculcated into me during my formative years by family and schooling.

    I became agnostic for a while till the realisation dawned on me, in a very personalised way that humanity through most mainstream religions have humanised God. I then lost interest in all mainstream religions including the recent ones.
    Yes, indeed we start our evolution from somewhere, the religions play their parts, but to my way of thinking currently, we don’t have stay stuck in any particular belief system if and when our Spirit / Soul is urging us to evolve on a personal level.
    How do we know that, the knowing comes through several modalities, synchronicities, manifestations, revelations in meditations, etc.

    This was how Martin Luther of Wittenburg challenged the Papal authority, Muhammad founded Islam, Buddha, Buddhism, Jesus Christianity, and Master George King, the AETHERIUS society.

    Of course others have claimed such knowledge and failed to raise humanity’s consciousness, nevertheless, the “Omnipotent Source ” ( my personal limited definition of God) allows all these expressions of the human evolution without judgement. We can have our observations without judgements.
    My personal belief in reincarnation puts me at odds with all the Abrahamic faiths, a few of the non Abrahamic ones but not the AETHERIUS SOCIETY.

    The only reason, I do not want to join or become a member of the AETHERIUS SOCIETY is simply because I will feel the restriction of following and any dissenting views will be frown upon, if it’s not openly said.

    The reality of Master George King’s revelatory messages resonates very deeply within me, and that’s enough for me. The AETHERIUS SOCIETY is far ahead of any SPIRITUAL society on our planet Earth at this current time with regards to SPIRITUAL Enlightenment but I do believe that as decades go by, if our mainstream scientists, technicians, religions, news media, etc begin to demonstrate truth, integrity, true service, humanity’s consciousness will take on exponential leap into Enlightenment. The Omnipotent Source can use any modality, without reservations in guidance of humanity, be it personal or collective. Blessings.

    • Greg V. on August 6, 2022 at 12:28 am

      Although the Society does not urge and try to convince people to join like other spiritual organizations do, your logic doesn’t quite add up imo, no offense. You are just as free to seek and learn outside of the Teachings (I’ve often been encouraged, actually) and ask probing questions and even challenge (in a respectful manner of course) the Teachings of the Society and anything that doesn’t make sense to you. Being a Member doesn’t restrict you in any way whatsoever from this. In fact the opposite, because of the additional spiritual benefits (way more than I ever expected, in my personal experience) and additional protection in life by joining. Also remember, there are extremely evolved Beings that are part of this organization in the Higher Realms and beyond, so just being a part of that incredibly evolved group soul is inevitably going to have a positive impact on your ability to grow and above all, your ability to SERVE GOD! It’s not just a membership and a card with rules. There’s some serious metaphysical and karmic chess moves being made on your behalf AND on behalf of the group souls you belong to (species, gender, race, etc) when you join. You are manipulating your + world karma. So yah, its way more deep than that. And even if you don’t believe that aspect, when all is said and done what matters most is to follow intuition, not fear. Fear-based decision making ultimately never ends well, and your mentality seems to come from a place of fear, doubt and overall ego-nature, things we all must work daily to transmute. Get more in touch with your intuition. Consider getting a pendulum (the Society sells precision-crafted ones that are suprisingly affordable) and learn how to use it, then make your decision.

      We must always remember the First Freedom in all our thoughts and actions: BRAVERY.

  2. Pradeep sharma on August 3, 2022 at 9:01 am

    Tks for your insight.
    I agree with this blog but my only deliema is the soceity seemd to converge on Christianity.
    But from my prodpective mr king was a yogi and would not have 7delve in one religion but in humanity and respect for all as we are one

  3. London Campbell on August 3, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    We have entered into a New World. It’s difficult, different and at times, extremely exciting. Most people (myself included) are still hanging on at times to the notions of old traditions and the old ways, when we are all Strangers In A Strange Land. Reading the Holy Bible is comforting to me and now once more, part of my daily routine (yay). I still though, realize that as our knowledge of our Universe grows, the complexity of our Universe also grows. We are and have always been Complete. We are just struggling to grasp the enormity of what that means. There are an infinite number of paths and journeys in our exploration and we are exploring simultaneously. We are interconnected and that’s a lot to take in. We are and always have been, a Part of God. God is Good.

  4. Rita R Wilson on August 3, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    A wonderful article Rev Mark!
    Rita R Wilson

  5. Jack Stafford on August 13, 2022 at 1:11 am

    Fantastic article! Please keep them coming

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