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Episode 77 long

#77 – New Year’s inspiration for spiritual workers

On behalf of the team at the Spiritual Freedom Show I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! If there is anything that will help us in the year ahead, bravery is surely on that list. Bravery is not just a necessary step…

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Episode 76 long

#76 – What really counts at Christmas

On behalf of the team here at The Spiritual Freedom Show, I’d like to wish all of you celebrating at this time a very happy Christmas! We definitely do have something special in store for you in today’s show – whether you celebrate Christmas or…

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Episode 75 long

#75 – You can love the world without liking it

Just because we are born into a particular religion doesn’t mean we can’t question it or even choose to follow another path instead – one that we believe leads to truth. This week Bonnie Watson shares part of her own spiritual journey – growing up…

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Episode 74 long

#74 – Are you a Sun worshipper?

We depend on our Sun for absolutely everything in our lives. This week, Noémi Bates shares a moment in her life when this truth came home to her more than ever before! Join international bestselling author Richard Lawrence and guests to discover the wisdom of…

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Episode 73 long

#73 – How to recognize a genuine spiritual master

Nowadays there are loads of people claiming to be wise gurus, space contactees, spiritual teachers, enlightened masters, and so on.And they all seem to be saying much the same thing:That we need more peace and love in the world.That’s all well and good but anyone…

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Episode 72b - Long

#72 – When did you last feel joy?

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is said to have made a distinction between two different types of happiness, only one of which can bring you real joy.This week, I share a little bit about the spiritual joy I have found in my life to help…

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Episode 71 long

#71 – Do you feel like there’s something missing?

In the past, yogis usually tried to focus exclusively on their own personal enlightenment – free from the distractions and problems of others.It may have been a good idea hundreds of years ago, but not today.Today, there simply isn’t time to focus on our own inner peace…

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Episode 70 long

#70 – Be brave, be wise

Fear can imprison us in so many aspects of our lives… Perhaps worst of all, fear can prevent us from pursuing our spiritual destiny, if we allow it to do so. It takes bravery to go against the flow of ordinary existence on Earth and…

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Episode 69

#69 – Try this to gain control of your mind

Anyone can learn to gain greater control of their conscious mind – and reap the benefits in their spiritual practice, and in their day-to-day life too. This week, Lisa Rosser shares the personal transformation she experienced using one of the simple practices taught by Master…

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Episode 68

#68 – The most spiritual thing we can do

What is “being spiritual” really all about, anyway? Finding our own inner peace? Or living with greater compassion? This week, Mark Bennett reflects on the most spiritual thing any of us can do. It’s deep. And even if you think you know the answer… …have…

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#67 – What path are you taking?

An advanced soul needs more than short-lived happiness or material fulfilment.They need purpose.This week, Paul Nugent reflects on a crossroads in his own life.What path are you taking?Career ambition? Or a life devoted to spirituality – most of all, service to others? Join international bestselling author…

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SFS Episode 66

#66 – Can we ignore the evidence any longer?

Are we really alone in the universe? Or is the universe in actual fact teeming with intelligent life? And if it is, where are all these aliens? In this week’s podcast, I reflect on intelligent extraterrestrial life. Not just in distant star systems millions of…

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#65 – Don’t go with the flow

Thank you for tuning in to the Spiritual Freedom Show! We’d love your feedback on our new format, which now includes a special guest on the show each week to share some of their own insights and experiences that can inspire you in your journey…

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#64 – Are you part of the ripple effect?

We’ve been changing things up on the Spiritual Freedom Show! Each week we are inviting a special guest onto the show – someone who lives and practices the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms in their everyday life. Tune in for personal insights, reflections and experiences…

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#63 – We are not here to suffer

We’ve been making some exciting changes to the Spiritual Freedom Show! Each week we’ll be inviting a special guest onto the show – someone who lives and practices the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms in their everyday life. Tune in for insights, observations and personal…

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Episode 62 wide

#62 – How to escape the matrix

We’re making some exciting changes to the Spiritual Freedom Show! Each week we’ll be inviting a special guest onto the show – someone who is doing their best to live their life according to the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms. Tune in every Saturday to…

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Episode 61

#61 – The great test – even for an adept

In 1961, Master of Yoga Dr. George King was giving a lecture on The Nine Freedoms when he said this:“That is why every religion will fail, and that’s a prophecy… It must completely fail, because of that one major thing it’s lacking—it’s missed out. It…

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Episode 60

#60 – Detachment is the essence of Adeptship

In spiritual teachings from around the world we are told to detach from various things on the path to Enlightenment, like materialism, ego, etc. In this week’s episode: In The Nine Freedoms, specifically the Fifth Freedom – Cosmic Consciousness – we are told one of…

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Episode 59

#59 – Ascension is much more difficult than Cosmic Consciousness – an insight by Dr. George King

The next step after Cosmic Consciousness is Ascension.Most people talking about Ascension simply have no idea what they are talking about. Most of all, they vastly underestimate what an incredible realization of your Divine potential it is – and what we need to do to…

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Episode 58

#58 – Can you enter Cosmic Consciousness in this life?

Cosmic Consciousness is a state in which you experience the greatest state of oneness achievable by mortals on Earth – a state in which time is virtually non-existent. It is “the real beginning of Freedom” – and a step we will all take on our journey to…

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Good news about Cosmic Consciousness

#57 – Good news about Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness we can experience on Earth – a state in which you experience your oneness with the Cosmos…! This state is not only possible, it is also our destiny. Mars Sector 6 tells us Cosmic Consciousness“is not some…

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Where there's light there's life

#56 – Where there’s light there’s life

Every atom, every amoeba, every rock, every plant, and every animal throughout the universe is conscious to one degree or another. Even planets and stars – like our Earth and the Sun of our Solar System – are living entities in their own right. The greatest beings in the…

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The Gods of the Gods - Part 2

#55 – The Gods of the Gods – Part 2

The other planets in our Solar System are teeming with intelligent life. Millions of years more spiritually evolved than us, these civilizations live on higher planes of existence that our science cannot yet detect. No planetary civilization in this system is more advanced than the…

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The Gods of the Gods

#54 – The Gods of the Gods – Part 1

On Saturn and other planets in our Solar System there are civilizations millions of years more advanced than ours that live on higher levels of physical existence. This existence is something our science cannot yet detect but one day it will.The Beings on Saturn are,…

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#53 – We will achieve Ascension – Part 4

An Ascended Master is someone with colossal physical, mental, psychic and spiritual powers we cannot begin to imagine… and yet they are real people, from Earth!They are no longer limited to the cycle of reincarnation on Earth – they are free from the wheel of…

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#52 – We will achieve Ascension – Part 3

Master of Yoga Dr. George King said:“The measure of greatness is the degree in which the man can evolve everything he comes into contact with.”Mars Sector 6 describes the people approaching Ascension as “a virtual flame in the darkness…. A flame all transmuting, all vibrant, all living,…

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#51 – We will achieve Ascension – Part 2

Ascension is a goal we will all achieve.It is up to us how long we take to get there.In this four-part series, Richard explores the Sixth Freedom given to us by Mars Sector 6 – Ascension.In this week’s episode: Imagine if God were no longer just an idea…

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#50 – We will achieve Ascension – Part 1

Ascension is the destiny of all of us on Earth.But there are no shortcuts to this goal. Ascension is not something anyone can teach you in a weekend course, or that you can pay for.Ascension is freedom from the wheel of rebirth; the point at which…

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Enlightenment is simplicity

#49 – Enlightenment is simplicity

This week is about three words which say it all…!Enlightenment is simplicity.In this week’s episode: Tune in and follow along with a guided contemplation led by Richard using this timeless aphorism given to us by Mars Sector 6. ***Join international bestselling author Richard Lawrence to discover the wisdom…

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All spiritual experience leads to Ascension

#48 – All spiritual experience leads to Ascension

Ascension is mastery over all experience on Earth.Reaching Ascension is the pinnacle of human achievement. It takes many lives of conscious, sustained effort – and yet it is the destiny of every single one of us.The key is experience. Experience gives us the opportunity to learn…

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