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By Aetherius Society / August 18, 2015 /

Meditation is essential for positive personal and global transformation. At its most basic level it provides essential relaxation, clarity and detachment – at its highest point it is enlightenment itself, giving the practitioner an unprecedented realization of the oneness of all life – and even of oneness with the Divine Source itself.

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The Third Freedom – Service (with Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze)

By Aetherius Society / December 17, 2013 /

Nothing is as important as helping others. This is what all religion should focus on above all else. Enlightenment is impossible without selfless service to those in need. Whatever your religion, or belief system, service is the thing that really matters more than anything – in terms of karmic evolution back to the Divine Source.

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The Twelve Blessings – The Mother Earth, The Mighty Sun, The Supreme Lords of Karma

By Aetherius Society / May 21, 2013 /

The Mother Earth and the Sun are in fact living entities – great beings vastly wiser and more ancient than we can even imagine. We are completely dependent upon them for our sustenance, and, more importantly, our spiritual evolution. Even greater than them, are the Supreme Lords of Karma who create balance for everything in…

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