Pilgrimage for the Six Adepts

This year we are going to make history by dedicating our annual pilgrimage on Holdstone Down to The Six Adepts.

Since the demise of Dr. George King we have generally performed Operation Prayer Power at these pilgrimages. But during his lifetime we sometimes held them for other purposes, as we will be doing in this case.

This is the first time we have made these cosmic saviours the major focus of a pilgrimage, but, considering what we owe them, it is high time we did. Rather than directing our energies towards the betterment of humanity, we will send out praise, appreciation, thankfulness and blessing to the Adepts as a karmic manipulation on behalf of our world.

We are inspired by a large monument to the Six Adepts, which Dr. King was informed about. It was built by another planetary race they had saved, to honour them “for their bravery and masterly achievements to help sentient life forms”. In it burns an eternal flame, as indeed there should in our hearts and souls.

This momentous event will take place on the 64th anniversary of the start of Operation Starlight on Saturday, 23rd July, commencing at 12 noon. Pilgrims are advised to arrive at the foot of this holy mountain approximately an hour beforehand.

We will give thanks to the Master Jesus who charged this mountain with his holy power in 1958 as we also remember the words he spoke through Dr. King in 1967 about three of the Adepts:

“In comparison with what They have done for you, my task and the results of what I did were naught, were not even worthy of mention! I, Jesus, whom you murdered and who rose again to prove to you a great Spiritual Truth, have made this declaration before my God!”

What an expression of sublime humility by a master of love whose heart-rending task, we are sure, would not be described as naught by the Six Adepts – even by comparison. Yet it is a stark reminder that we should not only reflect upon the mission of the Six Adepts, but more importantly act in the light of it, as we are doing in some small way through this pilgrimage.

We will be holding six Twelve Blessings services, each one with prayer teams of six, in harmony with mantras chanted by the remaining pilgrims. These services will be dedicated individually to each of the Six Adepts so that we can send them our deepest love and gratitude wherever they may be – and that may not be as distant as we might imagine!

Those of you who were looking forward to performing Operation Prayer Power on Holdstone Down this year will be excited to know that we will be doing so at next year’s pilgrimage, when we mark the 50th anniversary of its worldwide inauguration at this sacred location.

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Of all the nineteen holy mountains charged in Operation Starlight, Carnedd Llywelyn in North Wales holds a special significance for us, and the main reason for this is that it was charged by Adept Number One himself.

In the temples at our Headquarters and certain Branches we have on our altars beautifully constructed Holy Crosses containing stones from all nineteen of these mountains. These were designed by Dr. King who positioned in the centre, where the cross arms intersect, the holy stone from Carnedd Llywelyn.

We have been waiting for the opportunity to hold a pilgrimage dedicated to this extraordinary cosmic avatar who visited our world so recently, and who devised the strategy adopted by the Six Adepts to save the human race. We are delighted that for the first time ever we will be doing so this year, with services at three levels on the mountain so that every pilgrim, whatever their age and health, will be able to participate: at the base, at a suitable location attainable by most pilgrims on its ascent, and at the top.

Our pilgrimage coordinator, Mervyn Smith, will be making all the arrangements for this pilgrimage and will be happy to supply you with start times for each level and essential advice about making this climb, which can be hazardous and demanding. His contact details are in the notes below this letter.

We look forward to seeing all those of you who attend either or both of these very auspicious and unprecedented occasions.

Richard Lawrence

Executive Secretary for Europe


An article by Richard Lawrence entitled 'The Six Adepts – Heroes of our Age' was published in the journal Cosmic Voice in 2015.

Book cover for The King Who Came To EarthMore information about Adept Number One is contained in Dr George King’s biography, The King Who Came To Earth, which was published in 2019.





Realise Your Inner PotentialWe recommend that all pilgrims who do not already have a copy of Realize Your Inner Potential purchase one to study before attending so that they can join in with the mantras chanted.




If you wish to attend these pilgrimages or require further information, please contact Mervyn Smith at [email protected], or call The Aetherius Society on 020 7736 4187.

It is important that all pilgrims inform us which mountain(s) they intend to climb. Be prepared for changes in the weather – wear mountain boots and bring both warm and waterproof clothing. A hat, sunblock, energy bars and water are recommended. You should not attempt a mountain climb that exceeds your level of fitness.

Please note that all pilgrims take part in these pilgrimages at their own risk.

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