The Holy Mountains of the World


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The Holy Mountains of the World – Charged in Operation Starlight

Edited by The Rev. Charles Abrahamson

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For aeons, mountains have been regarded as places of spiritual significance – whether because of their proximity to the heavens, their natural beauty, or simply their awe-inspiring magnitude. The refuge of hermits, ascetics, yogis and mystics of all kinds – and places of pilgrimage for the faithful seeking spiritual calm away from their turbulent city lives. What is seldom appreciated, however, is that there are certain holy mountains around the world which actually contain tangible sacred power – which can be harnessed and sent out through prayer, mantra and other holy rituals. This book is an introduction to 19 such gems in the body of Earth – places which Ascended Masters and beings from beyond Earth have imbued with spiritual energy, which anyone with pure motive can access and radiate to those in need – without in any way depleting the total amount of energy in the mountain!

Charles Abrahamson worked closely with Dr. George King for decades and was on two phases of Operation Starlight (1958-1961) – during which the mountains Mount Tallac and Castle Peak in the USA were charged with spiritual energy by Cosmic Masters with Dr. King as their channel.

Softback; 129 pages.

Recommended to those interested in visiting holy places and radiating spiritual power.


From pages 78-79

About Mount Baldy, Southern California, U.S.A.; August 9th, 1959:

“The Power in the first mountain charged as a Cosmic Age Power Centre in the Americas has properties peculiar to its cosmic position. By that, I mean the energies which can be contacted by the performance of ‘The Twelve Blessings’ upon Mount Baldy are those energies which should be used for general radiation purposes, so that all the life streams upon Terra who are ready for these particular Energies may avail themselves of the energies as the teams of pilgrims radiate them.

“The energies of Mount Baldy help the pilgrims to have a deeper cosmic appreciation.”

On Mount Tallac, Northern California, U.S.A.; October 21st, 1959:

“This place is now Holy for it is charged with MY POWER. And when, through change, this mountain falleth, every rock shall be as a living jewel radiating MY LOVE to they who, with pure heart do serve the Great Cause, that of bringing into being the unification of all mankind in spiritual enlightenment.

“Take up thy staff and go forth and speak of this. Bid the pilgrims to come hither, so that they may radiate to all, the Light now in this glistening jewel in the Body of She Whose sacrifice gave unto man the opportunity to realize his Divinity.”

About Mount Tallac; October 22nd, 1959:

“The energies now potential within the second mountain (in the Americas) help the pilgrims to realize the vital part which they play in the preparation of Terra for a Spiritual Renaissance.”

On Mount Adams, New Hampshire, U.S.A.; March 15th, 1960:

“This mountain is now charged with energies which, when activated correctly, will manifest in that balance necessary to heal those terrestrials whose karmic pattern allows such intervention.

“If you would serve your brothers, come ye to the summit, activate this potential and radiate these energies to all who need such help.”