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The Primary Initiation of Earth

The Mother Earth

Credit: NASA

In The Aetherius Society July 8th is regarded as the holiest day of the year. On this day in 1964, the Mother Earth – the living Goddess beneath our feet – received her primary initiation, which is the most important initiation she has received since her inception as a planet.

Colossal spiritual energies of an extremely high frequency were radiated by the Gods from space, not to those living on the Earth, but to the Earth as an intelligence. In fact humankind had to be screened off from these energies, because we would not have been able to withstand their tremendous spiritual power.

So that we can continue to live upon her back, the Mother Earth keeps these energies in a state of dormancy, or near dormancy. If she were to take full advantage of the initiation she received – which she has every right to do – conditions on Earth would change such that we could no longer live here. She is holding her evolution up – sacrificing the unimaginable bliss she fully deserves, and suffering greatly as a result – in order to help us to gain experience.

If we were not so spiritually backward, this sacrifice would not be necessary. She will not be allowed, by karmic law, to hold up her progress indefinitely – and the gradual release of her energies has already begun. When, after the coming of the Next Master, those advanced souls who remain on Earth enjoy the wondrous glory of the power she releases, this will be the dawning of a new age in the highest sense of the term. Humankind and planet will live in  harmony with one another – and in full and open cooperation with the Gods from space.

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