Services and Operation Prayer Power in London at The Aetherius Temple

Sunday, 23 December  2018, 11am
Mystical Christmas Carol Service
Featuring renowned musician and keyboard artist, Kevin Kendle, followed by a social and refreshments.
Open to all & free of charge. Donations welcome. Register your place.
The Aetherius Temple, 36 Kelvedon Rd, London SW6 5BW

Join us in celebration of the true meaning and spirit of Christmas! Transcending the man-made barriers of religious dogma.

A time of service to others, togetherness, gratitude, giving and sharing – the spirit of which should be in our hearts throughout  the year.

A wonderful opportunity to learn more about one of the great spiritual beings who came to our world – the Master Jesus – the essence of his teachings and his real mission to Earth.

This service includes beautiful prayers, eastern mantra and other uplifting spiritual practices.


Divine Services

11am – 12noon most Sundays
This service includes beautiful prayers, mantra and an address by one of our Priests, Ministers or Bishops, or a recording of words of wisdom by Dr George King. The highlight of this service is the playing of a recording of one of The Twelve Blessings as channelled by The Master Jesus through Dr King in 1958.

Global Healing through Operation Prayer Power

7.45pm most Thursdays & occasionally 2.15pm Sundays
Using dynamic prayer and mantra we are able to invoke and store prayer energy in a spiritual power battery. This is later released in a concentrated form to bring about ecological balance and relief from suffering upon our planet.

Find out more: Operation Prayer Power

2018 Calendar

January – Thursday 4, 11, 18, 25 at 7.45pm and Sunday 7 at 2.15pm
February – Thursday 1, 8, 15, 22 at 7.45pm and Sunday 4 at 2.15pm
March – Thursday 1, 8, 22, 29 at 7.45pm and Sunday 18 at 2.15pm
April – Thursday 5, 12, 26 at 7.45pm and Sunday 8 at 2.15pm
May – Thursday 3, 10, 17, 31 at 7.45pm and Sunday 13 at 2.15pm
June – Thursday 7, 14, 21, 28 at 7.45pm and Saturday 30 at 2.15pm (Start of Operation Prayer Power Commemoration)
July – Thursday 12, 19 at 7.45pm and Saturday 28 at 12noon (Pilgrimage to Holdstone Down)
August – Thursday 9, 16, 30 at 7.45pm and Sunday 12 at 2.15pm
September – Thursday 6, 13, 20, 27 at 7.45pm and Sunday 16 at 2.15pm
October – Thursday 4, 11, 18 at 7.45pm and Sunday 14 at 2.15pm
November – Thursday 1, 8, 15 at 7.45pm and Sunday 18 at 2.15pm
December – Thursday 6, 13, 20 at 7.45pm and Sunday 2 at 2.15pm

Spiritual Push Services

Eight times a year we hold one-hour services to mark the beginning and end of holy periods called “Spiritual Pushes” – each of which lasts about one month. During these periods advanced compassionate beings from beyond Earth radiate a special kind of spiritual energy to all those involved in selfless service, greatly improving the karma of the world.

See also: Cooperating with the Gods

2018 Dates

Thursday 19 April – 12.45am – First Hour of Spiritual Push Number 1
(Starts at 1am, i.e. one hour after midnight on Wednesday 18 April)

Wednesday 23 May – 11.45pm – Last Hour of Spiritual Push Number 1
(Starts at 12 midnight)

Friday 6 July – 12.45am – First Hour of Spiritual Push Number 2
(Starts at 1am, i.e. one hour after midnight on Thursday 5 July)

Sunday 5 August – 11.45pm – Last Hour of Spiritual Push Number 2
(Starts at 12 midnight)

Tuesday 4 September – 12.45am – First Hour of Spiritual Push Number 3
(Starts at 1am, i.e. one hour after midnight on Monday 3 September)

Tuesday 9 October – 11.45pm – Last Hour of Spiritual Push Number 3
(Starts at 12 midnight)

Sunday 4 November – 11.45pm – First Hour of Spiritual Push Number 4
(Starts at 12 midnight)

Monday 10 December – 10.45pm – Last Hour of Spiritual Push Number 4
(Starts at 11pm)

Commemoration Services

In The Aetherius Society we mark certain important spiritual events with commemoration services, which generally include mystic visualisation, prayers, mantra, readings of words of wisdom – and often the playing of recordings of communications given through Dr. King in a trance state. Some commemorations may also include a video presentation, or an address given by one of our Ministers, Priests or Bishops. These commemoration services are open to everyone (unless otherwise specified). In deference to the importance of these commemorations, we request that you dress smartly and arrive early.

2018 Calendar

Monday 22nd January, 8pm – The Completion of The Alien Mission
Sunday 28th January, 2.15pm – The Birth of His Eminence Sir George King
Saturday 10th February, 2.15pm – In Honour of The Adepts from Gotha
Sunday 25th February, 2.15pm – The Completion of Operation Karmalight
Monday 5th March, 8pm – Operation Space Magic
Thursday 15th March, 8pm – The Birth of The Master Jesus
Sunday 18th March, 11am – The Start of Operation Power Light
Saturday 5th May, 2.15pm – The Command
Sunday 3rd June, 2.15pm – The First Spiritual Push of modern times
Saturday 30th June, 2.15pm – The Start of Operation Prayer Power
Sunday 8th July – The Primary Initiation of Earth (ONLY open to Full & Associate Members)
Saturday 28th July – Operation Prayer Power Pilgrimage to Holdstone Down
Thursday 2nd August – The Formal Start of The Aetherius Society in Europe
Saturday 25th August, 2.15pm – Operation Starlight
Sunday 9th September, 2.15pm – The Start of The Saturn Mission
Sunday 23rd September, 2.15pm – Operation Sunbeam
Friday 26th October, 8pm – The Eviction of The Alien
Sunday 11th November, 11am – The Start of Operation Earth Light
Thursday 29th November, 8pm – The Completion of Operation Bluewater

All above activities (unless otherwise specified) are open to all and free of charge. Donations welcome. It is recommended that newcomers arrive early before the start of activities.

For Commemorations, we request that you dress smartly in deference to their importance.