Spiritual Push Services - First and Last Hour

What are they?

Eight times a year we hold one-hour services at our centers around the world to mark the beginning and end of holy periods called “Spiritual Pushes.”

What is a Spiritual Push?

There are four periods each year known as “Spiritual Pushes.” Each of these is about a month long. 

During a Spiritual Push an extraterrestrial spacecraft, known as “Satellite Number 3,” comes into orbit of Earth. This spacecraft is under the command of a Cosmic Master known as Mars Sector 6 – who is one of the most advanced Masters in the Solar System.

During these periods, spiritual energy is sent by Satellite Number 3 to anyone working in an unselfish way to help others. This energy helps to raise the consciousness of people on Earth and create positive karma. 

In fact, a Spiritual Push is one of your best opportunities to help transform our world; the energy from Satellite Number 3 makes every selfless act of service 3000 times more potent in terms of its karmic benefit to the world as a whole. It also enhances your own personal spiritual practices.

Can anyone use this spiritual energy?

You do not have to be in any way spiritually advanced to use this energy. Neither does it matter what religion you are, what gender you are, what race you are, what country you live in, how old you are, whether you are a saint or the worst sinner.

To access this energy, all that matters is that you do a good deed for a genuinely unselfish reason.

In fact, you don’t even have to believe in Satellite Number 3 – but it does help if you do.

The more we cultivate an inner awareness of the presence of this great temple of light in orbit of our world, the more we will be able to feel a sense of gratitude for the work being done on our behalf by the Cosmic Masters.

This appreciation will motivate us and enhance our ability to make the best possible use of this unique opportunity to help others.

The First and Last Hour of each Spiritual Push are especially holy times

During the first and last hour of every Spiritual Push, we join together at our centers around the world to tune in to this very special energy and radiate spiritual power outwards, to humanity as a whole, using dynamic prayer and mantra.

This is a way that anyone can cooperate with the Cosmic Masters to help change the world for the better. It is also a unique and powerful spiritual experience. 

If you are unable to get to a center, you can hold your own service at home, using The Twelve Blessings and some of the practices in the book Realize Your Inner Potential. Please contact us if you would like some guidance with this.

When are they?

Each orbit begins and ends at midnight GMT, but we request that all attenders to these services are seated no later than 15 minutes before the First/Last Hour begins. Find your local time below, or using this time zone converter.

The dates and times of the Spiritual Pushes each year are as follows:

Special online Services

We hold a week-long series of online Services to mark the beginning of each Spiritual Push. Find out more about these special online Services

What to expect during the Service


Mystic visualizations

Charge, uplift and inspire yourself and others with these simple, potent practices.

Dynamic Prayer

Send out spiritual energy for peace, and to specific areas of the world in need which have been affected by war, natural catastrophes, etc, using The Twelve Blessings.

Dynamic Prayer
Aetherius Temple Hollywood


Chant sacred sounds to raise your consciousness and send out spiritual energy into the world.

Profound Wisdom

Listen to the teachings of Dr. George King and the Cosmic Masters who spoke through Dr. King while he was in a trance state of meditation known as samadhi.

The Nine Freedoms

Participation is completely free and open to spiritual seekers of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds.

Prayer is one of the most important practices in Aetherius Society teachings; it is a way of invoking and sending out spiritual energy in order to help yourself and others. 

If you are not familiar with the prayers we use during these Services, we have prayer sheets on hand for anyone to use. Alternatively, you may wish to just focus on the experience and allow the energy to flow through you. Either way, if you come with an open heart and mind, it can be a powerful spiritual experience. 

In The Aetherius Society we also use mantras. Mantra is the chanting of sacred sounds.

If you have not been initiated into the mantras or the mudras (hand positions) we use during our Services, we request that you remain silent and just allow the energy to flow through you. The mantra initiation CD/audio download is available here. Once you have listened to the initiation given by Dr. King, you will be able to join in with the chanting of these sacred sounds when you attend.


In this 72-minute recording, Master of Yoga Dr. George King will initiate you into no less than eleven mantras of great power and beauty.

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