Cosmic Voice Issue 24


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Cosmic Voice – Issue 24

By Dr. George King

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One of five separate booklets – each one a treasure-trove of wisdom and illuminating information about life on other planets and humanity’s spiritual journey, including Dr. George King’s insights into color therapy. As well as containing numerous Cosmic Transmissions from a variety of extraterrestrial communicators speaking through Dr. King, these journals also provide first-hand accounts of a number of Phases of Operation Starlight – the Mission which took Dr. King around the world acting as a channel for the charging of 18 mountains with spiritual power, making them forever holy. The energies within these mountains are accessible to all who have the pure motive of using these for healing and upliftment.

Each issue is a separate booklet and 33 pages; issues sold separately.

Recommended to those with an interest in spiritual wisdom from extraterrestrial sources and in holy mountains.


From page 11:

Mount Ramshead was Charged at 1.30 p.m. on December 8th in brilliant sunshine by that great Cosmic Master — Mars Sector 6. The flood of Power which came through me into that Rock was so terrific that I could not move for some seconds afterwards.

I received a most interesting communication from Mars Sector 6 after the Charging Operation had been accomplished. This shows that the Energy put into Ramshead was of a highly specialized type like that in Mount Adams in New Hampshire in America (See Cosmic Voice Issue No. 23, pages 6 to 11).

“This is Mars Sector 6 from Satellite No. 3, now in orbit — Jupiter.

This Rock is now Charged with potential Energies which have certain basic characteristics. The potential, when activated by Spiritual practice on this spot, can be radiated to those who are mentally and physically sick. The workers who perform such a Terrestrial service will themselves be magnetised to such an extent as to enable them to render healing to some who need this.

There is much sickness upon Terra. Many need help. Use these Energies and help them.

This action was taken with the Sanction and Authority of Interplanetary Parliament Based upon the Planet — Saturn.

Come — Pray — Heal.”

From page 25:

Mars Sector 6 reporting from Satellite No. 3, now in Magnetisation Orbit Terra during Magnetisation Period No. 2 — Present Phase. Subject: CO-OPERATION WILL SAVE YOU.

Oh Brothers of Earth, co-operation will be that key which will open the door to your Salvation. Co-operation between man and man, organisation and organisation, will be the platform upon which Salvation can be built. In these days you stand at the crossroads of decision. If you choose one path, then suffering is your choice. If you choose the other path, then Service is this choice. Choose well, oh brothers, at this time, for verily do you stand upon the threshold of history.

If you, using the light of pure logic as your guide, do choose the path to Service, then you must bring into being those lines of co-operation which make co-existence a living thing. Such a movement can be demonstrated by the metaphysical groups throughout your Earth. Indeed, such a demonstration as this is the duty of these groups, of these bodies of thinking humans. In order to forge these lines of co-operation, you must be prepared to meet your brother, to sink your petty difference, to sink your ego in the all-consuming fire of Service!

The metaphysical and religious groups upon the Planet Terra have today a greater opportunity than that which has been offered to any such groups in the past. Seize this opportunity and stand fast upon your decisions. If you be worthy of the name of Spiritual groups, then this be your duty, then you can — and indeed should — start the ball rolling towards a common acceptance by your demonstrated action.