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With Richard Lawrence

Have you ever had a psychic experience? Do you think you might be psychic? Do you want to know whether psychic powers really exist? The best way to find out is to experience them for yourself.

In the 30th anniversary year of his international bestseller Unlock Your Psychic Powers – published in several languages and still in print – Richard will once again teach the tried and tested methods which have awakened thousands around the world to their psychic potential.

In this workshop you will discover how to:

  • Pick up thoughts through psychic touch
  • Practise psychic vision (clairvoyance)
  • Heal yourself and others
  • Harness the vital life forces through breathing
  • See into your future
  • Channel spiritual power by chanting a sacred mantra

From his decades of personal experience Richard will guide you to tell the difference between your intuition and your imagination.

He will share his insights into recognising genuine channelling (mediumship) from the many claims out there; and he will explain the function of the psychic centres (chakras) and the power of kundalini which is dormant within us all.

You will learn techniques and mystic visualisations which are completely safe providing you follow the guidelines Richard will give you; and they are guaranteed to work if you practise them with sufficient intensity. Above all, he will show you how you can use your psychic powers in service to others.

This is a workshop not to be missed – an opportunity to learn first-hand from a true expert!



Unlock Your Psychic Powers

Richard Lawrence

SPECIAL OFFER £5.00 (usually £9.99)

“Explains clearly every aspect of seeing the future… and how to awaken your own psychic abilities.”Daily Mail




How To Develop Your Clairvoyant Powers

Master of Yoga Dr. George King

CD £9.99 / Download £5.00

A masterclass in psychic development from someone who had mastered psychic powers on the journey to total enlightenment.

Presented by

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

An award-winning author, Richard Lawrence has frequently appeared on TV and radio internationally, and featured in numerous magazines and newspapers. He has been described in Kindred Spirit as one “of the biggest talents in MBS”.


Date and Time

Saturday, October 7, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm BST


£50 (£40 for Members and Friends)

Contact us

020 7736 4187

[email protected]