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Ascension & Interplanetary Existence (Special Sunday Service – Live streamed)

What to expect

Our next Special Sunday Service in the series “From Freewill to Freedom” will be held on Sunday, September 27th at 11am PDT. [2pm EDT, 7pm BST, 6am NZST on Monday.]

The focus will be “Ascension & Interplanetary Existence“.

Over the last few weeks we have been teaching about the first steps on the evolutionary ladder starting with Bravery, Love, and Selfless Service, until Kundalini can reach our higher chakras which is when we reach Enlightenment and Cosmic Consciousness.

But, here’s where it gets interesting! Never before on planet Earth have our steps AFTER ascension been laid out so plainly. The Buddhists talk about other realms called Lokas, but the teaching from the Karmic Lord, Mars Sector 6 go even deeper. In our next Special Sunday Service on September 27th, we will cover the process of Ascension, and where we go when we are ready to leave Earth and gain further experience on other planets.⠀⠀⠀
The ladder does not stop in “heaven”. We are a part of God and will continue evolving until we are one with the mighty God-head again. Spoiler alert, it does not end with interplanetary existence either, there is more! Join us and explore the teachings given to us by the great Cosmic Masters through the unique mediumship of Master of Yoga, Dr. George King.

We hope you can join us! 🙏

▶️ Livestream/replay link: https://youtu.be/boLcmtDyu7I

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Presented by

Rt. Rev. Brian Keneipp

Brian Keneipp worked closely with Master of Yoga Dr George King for over 20 years.

Not only was he one of Dr King’s closest disciples, he was also one of Dr King’s few personal aides in the latter years of his life.

Brian is the Executive Director and Bishop of The Aetherius Society in America. He has lectured on many metaphysical subjects and taught classes on advanced Spiritual practices worldwide, including in America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Brian is also an author and regular media guest. He is the co-author of Dr. King’s biography The King Who Came to Earth. Brian’s first book Operation Earth Light: A Glimpse into the World of The Ascended Masters is about the Cosmic Mission Operation Earth Light and includes some of Brian’s extraordinary experiences while working with Dr. King.


Rev. Paul NugentPaul Nugent

Paul Nugent is a Priest and since 2001 an International Director of The Aetherius Society having joined the Society in England in 1986. He was a personal assistant to Dr. George King during the latter years of his life. Active in interfaith, Paul is also an Emeriti Board Member of the Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Date and Time

Los Angeles, USA: Sunday, September 27, 11:00 am
Detroit, USA: Sunday, September 27, 2:00 pm
Accra, Ghana: Sunday, September 27, 6:00 pm
London, UK: Sunday, September 27, 7:00 pm
Lagos, Nigeria: Sunday, September 27, 7:00 pm
Auckland, New Zealand: Monday, September 28, 7:00 am

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