Operation Earth Light


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Operation Earth Light – A Glimpse into the World of the Ascended Masters

By Brian Keneipp

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This book takes you behind the scenes into the world of The Ascended Masters – a world of living planets, space travel, and advanced sciences. In this world, Operation Earth Light is a master key that will unlock the door to the New Age. Brian Keneipp reveals truths never before published, based upon transcripts of communications between the late Dr. George King and Ascended Masters.

Brian Keneipp, Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society in America, spent over twenty years working with Dr. King on vital Missions for mankind in cooperation with the Masters. He is an International Director of The Aetherius Society and co-editor of Cosmic Voice (one of the Society’s journals), and he has lectured internationally. With a background in science and corporate management, he retains a balanced, common sense approach to the mysterious world of metaphysics.

Softback; 151 pages.

Recommended to anyone with a serious interest in metaphysics.


From pages 1-2

This is the story of Operation Earth Light, a mission designed to release specific frequencies of spiritual energy from the living Mother Earth out to humanity. This energy is being released gently and strategically in order to prepare mankind for the higher vibrations of a dawning New Age.

Our civilization has evolved to a critical moment in its history. From Mayan mathematicians to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, many prophets have predicted that great changes will occur at this time.

Many hope that the coming changes will bring in a New Age of peace and enlightenment, others fear a time of catastrophic upheaval. Even for the optimistic the trend of current events does not bode well. Materialism and greed are on the rise, while morality and compassion appear in steep decline. It is easy to imagine the predictions of doom, yet much harder to see how an enlightened New Age can manifest.

However, there are many factors unseen by mankind. Operation Earth Light is one such vital factor. Operation Earth Light was designed by Western Master of yoga, Dr. George King, in order to help guide our civilization into a New Age of peace and enlightenment and to counteract the many forces now working towards a catastrophic future.

The way Operation Earth Light came into being is an amazing story that, until now, has been known only to a handful of Dr. King’s closest disciples. I was privileged to see it develop because of my role as a disciple of Dr. King who worked tirelessly to guide the operation.

The focus of this book documents the official transfer of Operation Earth Light to the Ascended Masters in 1990. These evolved spiritual Masters have been actively guiding the evolution of mankind for thousands of years. Our knowledge of this transfer is presented in the form of recorded communications from several advanced Masters.

From page 2

In the first part of the book I reveal some of the hidden knowledge of the Ascended Masters. This is necessary in order to understand the far reaching ramifications of Operation Earth Light and to reveal its complexities and subtleties.

As the story of Operation Earth Light unfolds within these pages, the magnificent world of the Ascended Masters is revealed—a world of living planets, space travel and advanced sciences. You will meet spiritually evolved Masters of great power and advancement, yet who are very real and compassionate. You will learn how you can help bring in the New Age, for the time of sitting and watching is over and the time for action is upon us.

This book was written in order to convey a sense of hope and inspiration by revealing some of the great works now being performed by advanced Masters for the benefit of all mankind and to introduce a new and powerful way everyone can help uplift our world—the path of Karmic Healing.

Prepare yourself for a journey into the world of the Holy Ones and their concept of the Universe in which we live.

From pages 63-64

A few days later, Dr. King left for Santa Barbara in order to take the next step of contacting the Lord Babaji directly and offering the mission to the Great White Brotherhood.

Mental Transmission #2
Wednesday, August 15th, 1990—10:10 a.m. PDT
Santa Barbara, California
With the Lord Babaji, Adept Nixies Zero Zero Nine, Adept Nixies Zero Zero Five, and the Master Aetherius.

Dr. King: This is Dr. King, Wednesday, August 15th, 1990, opening up communication with the Master Aetherius. The time now is approximately 10:10 a.m. PDT, Santa Barbara.

Yes Master Aetherius, thank you very much.

Master Aetherius, as requested by you in a transmission on August 11th, 1990 in Los Angeles, you gave instructions that I should contact you before opening up negotiations with the Great White Brotherhood through the Master Babaji regarding the drawings of the proposed Operation Earth Light apparatus.
I am about to open up those negotiations.

The Master Aetherius: Very well, open up the negotiations with Babaji. I have already taken the liberty of filling him in with some of the details, and he is very interested indeed. I will monitor your talk to him.

Dr. King: Thank you very much. I will try and contact him. The Master Aetherius: He will be immediately available.

The Master Aetherius had notified the Lord Babaji that Dr. King wished to communicate with him, and, respecting the frail health of Dr. King as well as the importance of the communication, the Lord Babaji was standing by.

Dr. King: Thank you, Master Aetherius.
This is Dr. King opening up communication with the Master Babaji on the point that the Master Aetherius has already spoken to you about.
Yes Master Babaji, thank you very much for your very prompt reply.

I take it you are familiar with the mental communication between myself and the Master Aetherius on August 11th, 1990 from Los Angeles?

The Lord Babaji: Yes I am.

Dr. King: Do you want me to scan that communication?

The Lord Babaji: Unnecessary.

Dr. King: What is your opinion of this move?

The Lord Babaji: We would be most delighted and honored to take over the full responsibilities of what you call Operation Earth Light. That is a good name for it and we will keep that name.

Dr. King: Thank you very much, Master Babaji.

The Lord Babaji: Further, it is not necessary for you to contact the Protectors of the Flame. I will do that and they will agree with this move—it is your invention in the first place.

The Lord Babaji was very eager to accept Operation Earth Light and he was also very sure that the Protectors of the Flame would agree with this. The importance of the statement, “it is your invention in the first place” is worth considering. The more advanced Beings always follow correct protocol, for it is an important aspect of karma. Dr. King had designed the equipment for Operation Earth Light and had a basic modus operandi worked out for its performance, which had been approved by the Protectors of the Flame in 1979. The next move had to be Dr. King’s. Offering the mission to the Great White Brotherhood was not changing its modus operandi, but was actually ensuring that it would indeed be performed.

Dr. King: Thank you very much, Master Babaji.