More quotes from Dr. King

Logic is the essence of life!

Verbal quote to an Aetherius Society Staff Member, in the presence of other Members of Staff

Universal preparation for peace cannot be demonstrated by universal preparation for war.

Cosmic Voice; Volume 13

All action is magic.

Karma and Reincarnation

Practice makes theory – work.

The Practices of Aetherius

There is no science without religion, and there is no religion without science.

Operation Space Power

The most holy, the most sacred, the most God-like being you have ever physically touched, is the ground beneath your feet.

Visit to the Logos of Earth

When you really study the nature of all things, you can see that all life is one.

‘Karma and Reincarnation’

One can love the world without liking it.

The Nine Freedoms

Two wrongs cannot make a right, but one right can, and will, if backed by determination and courage, transmute two wrongs.

Cosmic Voice; Issue 22

Co-operation, not competition, is the key word which will open the door to this New Age.

Cosmic Voice; Issue 24

No one has, neither can they ever be successful in any spiritual work, without a good memory. The better memory you have the more surely will you enjoy success.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1965, Issue 8


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