Visit to the Logos of Earth


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Visit to the Logos of Earth – A true contact with the Lords of the Flame

By Dr. George King

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The Earth is a living being – a great Goddess who hides her true light under the bushel of a material form so that we can live here. The myth of a fiery hell existing beneath the surface of the Earth could not be more wrong. In actual fact, within the Earth is the very life force of a great cosmic Goddess, protected by ancient yet ageless Masters. This unique, beautifully-written book describes two visits made by Dr. George King in a projected state to the center of the Earth, and is packed with inspirational spiritual revelations the like of which you will not find anywhere else.

Softback; 125 pages.

Recommended to the more advanced seeker who is already familiar with Dr. George King’s space contacts.


From the back cover


VISIT TO THE LOGOS OF EARTH is a true story which describes, in graphic detail, the supernormal experiences of the author, George King, D.Sc., Th.D., who made two visits deep into the centre of Earth, near the living Heart of the Planet.

He was met, on both of these occasions, by The Three Ancient Lords Of The Flame, Who have accepted the responsibility as Protectors of the Life Force of this Planet. These Beings, ancient and wise beyond description, are the most highly- evolved Masters living on Earth—to this present day and have been throughout history.

The author also describes the amazing scene, during his second visit, when he was allowed the supreme honour of standing before the astounding Ineffable Flame Of The Logos, which is the Life Force of the Goddess—Terra.

VISIT TO THE LOGOS OF EARTH contains descriptions which are published, for the first time, and would not have been put into print, by the author, had he not received permission and sanction to do so from The Ancient Lords Of The Flame.

For all times, this puts a Blessing on the authenticity of the unique revelations given in this book.

VISIT TO THE LOGOS OF EARTH also contains, as well as other vital information, a Transmission from Cosmic Sources regarding the Initiation of the Solar System. This must rank as one of the most hopeful and inspiring statements ever made to the populace of Earth.

From pages 64-66 (Dr George King)

Suddenly Three Figures appeared in front of me.

I did not see Them enter—They just appeared…!

These were The Protectors Of The Ineffable Flame Of The Logos Of The
Planet Earth!

I had known, from previous experience, that these Three Mighty Beings were either Interplanetary or Intergalactic in origin; that They were providing an essential Service to Earth and mankind which crawled its way through habitation upon the surface. Nevertheless, probably for my sake, They appeared in what seemed to be similar bodies to an earthman—in shape, that is—but there the similarity ended. At a mental request from One of Them, I slipped my right hand underneath an almost concealed lever on the side of my neckband, pulled and turned it slightly and without any more effort, the helmet came loose and I took it from my head. In a projected state one can live for certain lengths of time without breathing gas through one’s nostrils or mouth, providing one can absorb similar life-giving energy through the psychic centres in one’s body. However, if there is gas, such as an oxygen-nitrogen mixture present and that gas is impregnated with certain other energies, such as those found on the surface of Earth, it makes existence, even in an auric structure, a lot more straightforward. I was amazed by the fact that there was an atmosphere down here and an atmosphere which seemed to be charged with life- supporting energies more pronounced than the atmosphere at the seaside during a summer’s morning on the surface!

The Three Beings in front of me had similar facial characteristics. Each of Them was dressed in a bright magenta-coloured robe. Oddly enough, I did not become immediately aware of this until I stared hard at Them. It seemed that the robe itself was capable of picking up characteristics from the Life Form it covered, for the harder I looked at this garment, the brighter it became. They wore no other adornments which I was aware of at that time. Each of Them seemed to be about seven feet tall, with long silver hair which fell down to Their shoulders. They were clean shaven. The eyes of all of Them seemed to be the same shape, very slightly slanted, not as much as an oriental on Earth, but nevertheless, the slant was there. Their eyes appeared to me, to be brown in colour. Immediately I thought of this, Their eyes changed colour to a bright blue for a second and then back to brown again. I had learned a lesson—not to make definite conclusions regarding these Beings, except one obvious one, that was the fact that They could undoubtedly form a body of any shape They wished, whenever They wished, depending on prevailing conditions, and, I felt strongly, a taste of compassion and good manners on Their part.

From pages 103-104 (Dr George King)

“You will now activate all systems within your protective clothing,” came the instruction.

I had been taught previously how to do this and followed The Lord’s instruction without any hesitation. The temperature in the suit immediately changed and started to drop quickly. I felt the air change as it was impregnated with an above-normal negative ion charge. Although, as stated previously, it is possible to exist for a time without breathing when in a projected state, however, if breathing is possible, it makes existence less complicated as one does not have to concentrate on the intake of Universal Life Forces through certain psychic centres in the subtle body. This suit was specially equipped for life support in environments which would be considered alien to a terrestrial life form. Very shortly I was to offer a Prayer of thanks to the brilliant science which had been expended in order to make such a garment.

After obeying instructions, I looked at The Three Lords Who, by the way, were still dressed in Their simple, shining magenta robes with no protection whatsoever over Their heads. One of Them, Whom I took to be the Leader, moved His arm through the air in a half circle and the screen must have been instantly taken down for it was then I became aware of the “tumultuous sound.” It was as though a stormy sea was crashing on hard unyielding rocks with a deep rumble which seemed to ebb and flow like mighty waves. And yet, at the same time, the sound held a definite rhythmic quality which I find difficult to describe.

But what really amazed me was the Light.

An intense, almost blinding Light came from atop the structure a few hundred yards ahead of us. The screen must have had the ability, not only to deaden the sound, but also to filter out certain frequencies of this Light. I felt One of The Lords tap my helmet twice and a darkened visor, which I had not activated, slipped down in front of my face. After that, the Light, although tremendously intense, was more bearable.

“A small aspect of The Planetary Logos Of Terra.”

The words floated into my somewhat dazed mind as One of The Lords, with a gesture of His hand, invited me to go forward.