Cosmic Voice Issue 22


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Cosmic Voice – Issue 22

By Dr. George King

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One of five separate booklets – each one a treasure-trove of wisdom and illuminating information about life on other planets and humanity’s spiritual journey. As well as containing numerous Cosmic Transmissions from a variety of extraterrestrial communicators speaking through Dr. George King, these journals also provide first-hand accounts of a number of Phases of Operation Starlight – the Mission which took Dr. King around the world acting as a channel for the charging of 18 mountains with spiritual power, making them forever holy. The energies within these mountains are accessible to all who have the pure motive of using these for healing and upliftment.

Each issue is a separate booklet and 33 pages; issues sold separately.

Recommended to those with an interest in spiritual wisdom from extraterrestrial sources and in holy mountains.


From page 24:

That these speeches had a marked affect upon some of the audience, there can be no doubt. Mars Sector 6 stressed the vital importance of using the Energies radiated to active workers upon Earth during the coming periods of The Spiritual Push. His speech was a foundation for numerous groups which were later set up in this area and who performed the Service of The Twelve Blessings with constancy and regularity.

It was Aetherius though, Who, in His Speech, made what is surely one of the most significant statements made to the American public throughout its history. He stated quite firmly and clearly:

“Three hundred Spiritually-minded individuals, could, if they worked hard enough during the next Magnetisation period or Spiritual Push upon Terra, light an ever-burning flame, an ever-transmuting flame upon this Earth, so that all those who came within the influence of this burning flame would themselves be changed by it. Three hundred, mark you — three hundred could do this. Those here number more than this.”

The words spoken by this Cosmic Being through myself as a channel on that hot August evening are just as significant today as they were then.

From page 25:

This is Mars Sector 6 reporting from Satellite No. 3, now in orbit — Jupiter. Subject: ‘THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE NEXT MAGNETISATION PERIODS OF TERRA.’

In a short time Satellite No. 3 will be in orbit of Terra. During this time, certain Energies will be radiated in the exact degree that they are used by right-thinking men, who are devoted to service throughout Terra. During this time it is vitally important that groups and individuals forge a co-operative front in order to use this energy for the direct benefit of mankind as a whole.

These Energies are specially prepared so that they are safely usable by Terrestrials. This is an appeal to service: service which will eventually be the means of putting right deteriorating conditions upon Terra. Some of your years ago we told you that waves of disease would spread, that earthquakes would become more frequent, that strange weather conditions would prevail, that air crashes would increase, that mysterious happenings throughout your Earth would be noted by you. These things have indeed happened as we told you they would. We approached Earth leaders either directly or indirectly with this information but they, being small enough to regard their own position before your safety, turned a deaf ear to our advice.

During the Operation known as the next Magnetisation Periods of Terra, you, the right-thinking individual, may do much for your Earth, may do for your Earth what your leaders should have done for you, by using the energies radiated from Satellite No. 3 during this Period. You can all send the wedge of darkness back to that place where it belongs by pouring forth the transmuting Light of White Vibrant Fire upon it. This darkness will then be transmuted as a result of the cancellation of its force, its very potential.

From pages 27-28:

If you go out of your way to send forth your love to a belief in Jesus, He will come to you. If you do the same with Buddha, He will come to you. If you do the same with Krishna and the other great Masters, They too will come to you in one way or another. If you do the same with these energies, which now lie in a state of potential in part of your Earth, so too will this energy be radiated through you outwards to your brothers.

It is absolutely essential, dear friends, that this energy be used! If it is not used, conditions upon your Earth may deteriorate. You can stop this deterioration.

At the moment I speak through Mental Channel No. 1 to the Americas: to American people who have chosen this night to come from their homes to listen, American people who are thirsty for Spiritual leadership, American people who are active, American people who know they can perform great service if they choose.

Dear friends, there are enough Terrestrial people in the place upon Terra to which I speak in physical bodies, never mind the millions in subtle bodies, to light a great torch of Spirituality on this, your Earth, to bear this torch through your Earth, to shine forth as a living pattern so that your less active brothers may follow your example.