Operation Space Power


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Operation Space Power

By Dr. George King

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On May 28th, 1955, an announcement was made by the Cosmic Masters, through the unique yogic abilities of the author, George King, D.Sc., Th.D., that there was an interplanetary satellite in orbit of this earth for a specified number of days each year. During this orbit and in the years to come, millions of units of powerful, uplifting and healing spiritual energies would be sent to all levels of life on the planet Earth for the benefit of all life streams who wished to use this holy power.

At the suggestion of the interplanetary Cosmic Masters, the author designed and helped to build a spiritual energy radiator so that, on command, we could activate this apparatus to supplement the spiritual energy already given to mankind by Satellite No. 3.

On November 18th, 1959, this cooperation started in earnest! Operation Space Power is an amazing report, in details as accurate as we can make them, of our cooperation with this wonderful satellite for the past 28 years.

You have never read a book like Operation Space Power—and you probably never will again! Operation Space Power holds the key to the New Age, which must be built on a firm spiritual footing, and it is the duty of all terrestrials, for their own sake, to use this powerful, magnetic, inspiring spiritual energy to help build this glorious New Age.

Operation Space Power is a Cosmic Mission designed by Dr. King in which Spiritual energies radiated by Satellite No. 3, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, are transmitted through Aetherius Society equipment and sent out to the world. However, not all of this energy is absorbed and used by humanity. The unused amount is then taken out of circulation and stored outside the Earth on “Central Control”. This is the story of how Dr. George King was allowed to access these stored energies and re-radiate them to the world in times of crisis, regardless of whether or not Satellite No 3 is in orbit.

Book; 79 pages.