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#112 – ET Contactees: Genuine, fake or simply deluded?

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These days there are lots of psychic mediums who claim to be in contact with beings from other worlds – and even other star systems throughout our Galaxy.

But how many are genuine contacts?

How can you tell if they are genuine, fake or simply deluded?

There is no psychic medium or message that you need to take on face value. You can absolutely ask any medium for their credentials in order to make a decision for yourself – and they should answer.

In this week’s episode, Richard and I discuss a set of easy yardsticks you can use to determine whether any particular ET contactee is the real thing.

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  1. London Campbell on September 2, 2023 at 1:55 am

    Fascinating episode! Very interesting to wonder if we at times are able to interact with our perception of reality through higher vibrational energy that results in higher frequency wavelengths which could reach distant civilizations in a wormhole fashion (stretching the space/time continuum). I have no clue about channeling whatsoever. Thanks for the wonderful continued education which can be directly applied to our lives.

    London Campbell ☀️

    • Darren Ball on September 2, 2023 at 3:10 pm

      Great to hear from you, London. Thanks for being a fan of the show!

  2. Zenny Phelps on September 7, 2023 at 6:11 am

    Hi Richard & Darren, very interesting episode, thank you🙏.

    You and I are fully aware of our Beloved Master & Avatar, Dr George King, and his relentless practice of a number of yogic practices & paths, culminating in him fully opening all psychic centres / chakras by allowing the fire of Kundalini to be raised all the way to the Brahma Chakra: the thousand petalled lotus 🪷. He raised this power again and again, to prepare himself and raise the frequency of his vibrational matrix more than sufficient to be able to receive transmissions of the Elevated Cosmic Masters within our own Solar System. I’m stating this because he would not have been able to be a channel for these powerful energies carried and “embodied” by these Cosmic Beings otherwise. Furthermore, he practised not just occasionally on a whim but consistently over 10 years for 7-10 hours a day whilst holding a job, as you said❗️That in my opinion is called practice. Not only that, he then, for the entirity of his life, devoted his life to serving humanity and most importantly, serving our Beloved Mother Earth, who has sacrificed so very much on our humanity’s behalf, and for whom he had a burning love.

    You hear of so many people who “claim” to have not only raised Kundalini but also, WITHOUT the latter skills, receive messages from our own Solar System and beyond, from Galactic Entities. My humble opinion is that, without raising the frequency of their energetic matrix by assiduous & diligent practice of the various techniques available within sacred yogic texts & other traditions, their physical body would not be able to receive nor sustain the higher levels of energetic frequencies vibrated by these Elevated Beings & I feel, their physical body would have been burned to cinders♨️🔥. Yes, imagination is a powerful tool, agreed. However, you need to tap into a higher consciousness to even begin to receive messages of that calibre and frankly, what do we actually know about the nature and extent of “consciousness”. We have no concept of the vastness of this gift granted unto us called “consciousness”.

    What amazes me when people claim to have raised Kundalini is that there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of such in their life, in that, they continue scrabbling around like lost souls, blind, violent, apathetic, and their thinking outpouring that of totally unenlightened humans – of course, not always, for there are exceptions and I don’t want to dismiss everyone & be dogmatic nor bigoted. My question therefore is: “what impact has this claim had of fully opening the chakras / psychic centres culminating in raising the fire of Kundalini (the latter which is semi-dormant & resides at the base of the spine) within their consciousness (& thus the transmutation, transformation & transfiguration of self into Self) & evidentially reflected within their life? And if there’s no evidence of this dramatic change, how can anyone claim to receive messages from Elevated Beings within our Solar System & beyond?”

    I realize there are other paths other than the yogic ones, to reach heightened awareness and sensitise the human channel to such a degree that it may be possible, through this evolved sensitisation, to act as a receiver & get messages from a variety of more evolved entities rather than reception through our simple, though potentially sophisticated, human instrument.

    And then of course there’s the question of “disincarnate entities”, that feed, like psychic vampires, on the reaction / responses generated by the channel of reception: using the accessibility & ingress as a food source to supplement the disincarnate’s entities own desires & goals. Some tradition call these “inorganic beings”. The latter, once encountered, can strike a bargain with the supplicant, if agreed, to create a co-dependent relationship by providing powers / abilities of alternate reality in exchange for this human energy provided by said link.

    I read somewhere: “For extraordinary reality to unfold & be experienced CONSCIOUSNESS must transcend & take the place of the imagination”, not quoting this verbatim… What does this mean? I’m still pondering this and am gaining some small insight but by no means total as there’s always more to learn, knowledge transformed into wisdom and thus selfless action & service, if that’s your particular path…

    On a lighter note, when Richard was relating some of the contacts he had channelled many years ago, he mentioned one “individual” whose name he couldn’t quite remember and said it could have been “Brahma…(something I don’t remember the name exactly) or he said it could have been “Brahamacharya”. I had to giggle as the latter refers to the vow of celibacy taken by the yogis known as Brahmins (?), I believe… I know, no laughing matter, as who would be truly capable of denying themselves the thrill of non-celibacy, no more said😊. Also, I can really feel the lightness and gentle humour, naturally, not expressed in howling laughter, but underlying some of the statements made during these SF episodes.

    So thank you both for bringing illumination, light and love into my life through your words of wisdom.

    May the Great Goddess Earth 🌎 enfold you both in Her healing, loving and protective embrace.

    With bright blessings 🙌 ✨️ 🙏

    Zenny Phelps

    • Darren Ball on September 9, 2023 at 7:17 am

      Hi Zenny, Thank you for sharing these inspired thoughts! What can I say but “you said it!”. 😉
      Regarding your question, my own thought is that it means we must transcend the conscious mind in order to experience a greater degree of reality – of timelessness – in true meditation. The key line in The Nine Freedoms to reflect on is probably this one from the Fourth Freedom: “The next essential step he can then take is the transmutation of mental energies upon the plane of inspiration, called high Intuition… At this stage he is then capable of Meditation.”
      Thanks again for tuning in and supporting the show with such love. Truly appreciated.

  3. Zenny Phelps on September 9, 2023 at 8:07 am

    Hi there Darren, many thanks for your response and you are so welcome😊 As you might have guessed, I relish the opportunity to communicate & exhange thoughts / feelings that uplift, enlighten and are of a healing nature. AND the SF episodes are certainly that & carry an energetic charge emanating through the eloquence of Richard’s & your verbalisation: as you are aware, words have magical power if used with focus & intent – esp those expressed via practical concepts stemming from such Elevated Beings as the Wondrous Cosmic Masters & our Beloved Teacher & Master.
    Many thanks for pointing me to the Nine Freedoms re: the Fourth Freedom. I’ll definitely be re-reading this glorious & magical text🌠💫✴️
    With L.O.V.E. & bright blessings to you & Richard, brave & courageous beings both✨️ 🙏 ✨️ Zenny Phelps

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