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#110 – “I channeled Dante, Tolstoy and Sir Francis Bacon” (Part 2)

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In 2013/14 Richard channeled a series of messages from three of the greatest names in world literature: Dante Alighieri, Leo Tolstoy and Sir Francis Bacon.

Even more fascinating – each message was based on one of the Nine Freedoms.

Tune in for part two of my discussion with Richard about each message and its author, as well as a treasure trove of insight into mediumship, channeling and psychic powers from someone who has been practising for over 40 years!

Read the full text of ‘The Lion and the Lamb‘ – Leo Tolstoy

Read the full text of ‘An Ode to Service‘ – Sir Francis Bacon


Join international bestselling author Richard Lawrence to discover the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms. Richard has appeared on hundreds of radio shows around the world and is the author of 11 books including Contacts With The Gods From Space and Realize Your Inner Potential, both of which he co-authored with Master of Yoga Dr. George King – his spiritual master.

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  1. Chris on August 19, 2023 at 6:33 am

    Amazing! Thank you so much Darren and Richard for your advanced insights, ideas, and abilities! We are privileged to receive so much channelled information from so many varied sources. All we have to do is appreciate it, thank for it, contemplate on it, and enact it, in order to help the Holy Mother Earth and all sacred life.

    The First Freedom is Bravery, behind which is Love. Without Love, we would not accept or act upon Truth.

    Poem channelled 23/7/23


    Limited by language
    Limited by fear
    Limited by governments
    Limited by beer

    Limited by junk food
    Vaccines, 5G
    Chemtrails and fluoride
    Purity’s the key

    Purity of heart
    Of mind and soul
    Life on Earth
    Takes its toll

    TV and meat
    Energies deplete

    TV quagmire
    Taste bud desire

    Toxic thoughts
    Like juggernauts

    I am Divine Spirit
    Without any limit

    Forgotten who we are
    The heart shut down
    Atlantis, Lemuria
    Sink and drown

    Hope Faith
    Good intention

    Spiritual renaissance
    In zero time
    On one level
    We are Divine

    Yin and yang
    We’re black and white
    Thé eternal
    Inner fight

    Fast the body
    Meditate the mind
    Vibrate the soul
    Karma rewind

    Nature is pure
    Balancing and healing
    She is the cure

    Healing the Earth
    Repaying our debt
    The urge of the soul
    The spiritual reset

    The battle is on
    A spiritual war
    A karmic clear-out
    Follow the tsar

    Mental revolution.
    Be the solution

    The soul’s on fire!
    Mind on full power!
    The heart, pure love!
    Truth’s finest hour

    Our weapons are
    Truth, Love, Light
    Dragons and Unicorns
    With all their might

    The outcome is certain
    IF we unite
    Don’t rest in the day
    Or even the night

    Unity, not division
    Under ANY condition!

    There’s so much at stake!
    New Age or fate!

    Mother Earth and Masters
    Animals and trees
    Man aligned with evil
    Brought them to their knees

    The guilt and fear
    A million times worse
    Than governments and beer

    Remember your power
    And who you are
    A Spiritual Warrior
    Jedi from afar

    Unity, not division
    Under ANY condition!

    We’re music and crystal
    Colour, scent, Light
    A Knight of Magic
    Now, let’s Fight!

    We’re playing chess
    With experts of old
    Use Satyagraha
    Break out of your mould!

    Their weapons are vast
    Learn from the past

    We’re larger by number
    By Love, Power, Light
    In unity we
    Will win the fight!

    Bravery is Freedom
    Fear we release
    Blessed are they
    Who work for peace
    – – –
    Satyagraha – Truth Force – Coined by Gandhi
    – – –
    “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power”
    Nikola Tesla – 1856 – 1943 – Venusian, vegetarian, inventor of radio, water powered car, AC

    • Darren Ball on August 19, 2023 at 2:20 pm

      Bravery, Love and Service are the key! Thanks, Chris.

  2. Elizabeth Trimble on August 20, 2023 at 11:47 am

    Quite extraordinary and endlessly fascinating. Thank you for sharing these experiences Richard – the result of years of hard work and dedication which now enrich us all who are privileged to listen. Bless you.

    • Darren Ball on August 21, 2023 at 12:06 pm

      Thank you, Elizabeth. It is a joy to be able to benefit from these genuine contacts made with the Higher Realms. We are certainly not alone in our cause for truth and enlightenment on Earth!

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