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Latest Cosmic activity

The Aetherius Society has been cooperating with the Gods from space since the 1950s in various Cosmic Missions of the utmost global importance.

In each of these Cosmic Missions ordinary terrestrial human beings are privileged to cooperate with advanced extraterrestrial Masters who direct spiritual energy in various different ways to where it is needed to bring about positive change on earth.

Below is a list of some of our most recent activity.

(Note: A prayer hour equates to approximately the amount of spiritual energy invoked in 60 minutes with intense concentration and focus either through prayer or mantra, or a combination of these practices.)


Operation Sunbeam – Phases 883 & 884

The final two Phases of Operation Sunbeam for 2021 were performed in the United States on December 4th and 5th. A combined total of 10,000 prayer hours was manipulated by Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team (the Gotha Masters) through the radionics apparatus designed by our beloved Spiritual Master, His Eminence Sir George King, into the Psychic Center beneath Lake Powell in Utah. The Field Team for these Phases was Brian Keneipp, Steven Medway, Paul Nugent and Ashima Hui-Keneipp, assisted by Engineering Officers Richard Medway, Lesley Young, Michael Scholey and Leo Backes who operated the Spiritual Energy Radiator in Los Angeles prior to each Phase.

All Members of The Aetherius Society are connected to Operation Sunbeam and its world-saving karma. Each devoted Member is an integral part of the Group Soul of The Aetherius Society and, as such, helps this sacred Mission.

Our heartfelt prayers of gratitude are offered to Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team for their essential role in Operation Sunbeam, and to our beloved Master whose unique genius and inspiration brought the Mission into manifestation. During the past year The Aetherius Society has been instrumental in sending 80,000 prayer hours to the Mother Earth as a token repayment of humanity’s debt to our supporting Logos. The brilliance of this Cosmic Mission in 1966 went on to inspire the galaxy – and possibly now, over 50 years later, even other galaxies!

Operation Space Power II

Tornado watch

6,000 prayer hours were released through the Spiritual Energy Radiators in Michigan and Los Angeles on December 15th for protection and devic stabilization in response to severe storms sweeping through the American Midwest.

Covid-19 relief

A combined total of 36,000 prayer hours was released through the Spiritual Energy Radiators in London and Barnsley from December 16th to the 25th for healing and relief from Covid-19.

World healing and aid

An additional 21,000 prayer hours were released through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in London from December 21st to the 27th for world healing and aid.

Super-typhoon Rai

6,000 prayer hours were released through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in New Zealand from December 22nd to 23rd for healing and protection of all lifeforms in the affected areas following super-typhoon Rai that devastated parts of the Philippines.


The Saturn Mission – Phase 107

Phase 107 of The Saturn Mission was successfully performed over the Psychic Center of the Mother Earth at Lake Powell, Utah, from Friday, November 12th to Sunday, November 14th. The Field Team consisted of the Field Commanders Brian Keneipp, Richard Medway and Steven Medway with Paul Nugent, Jude Unegbu and Melissa Hunt-Unegbu from the American Headquarters and Dave Capraro from the Michigan Branch. The Base Commander in Los Angeles was Lesley Young, assisted by Engineering Officers Leo Backes, Michael Scholey and Oscar Leon, together with members of the Special Missions Task Force.

This latest Phase was different to the past three Phases performed at Lake Powell which needed to be altered from the original modus operandi due to Covid-19 restrictions. Instead, with an easing of these restrictions, the Field Team was able to once again rent a houseboat which was moored on a beach at the side of the Psychic Center during the actual Phase. This relieved the Team from having to travel to the Psychic Center and then back to Wahweap Marina for each of the three sub-phases, a journey of approximately three hours in each direction.

However, a different challenge was encountered due to the lowest level of the lake since 1969, thereby exposing new rocks either just above the waterline or else lurking slightly below it. These hazards were charted by Steven Medway and Dave Capraro who undertook a survey of Padre Bay in our support vessel, the Boston Whaler.

On the plus side, the weather was as mild as anyone can remember for this time of year at Lake Powell, with highs in the upper 60s and the nighttime lows in the 40s. More importantly from the Mission point of view, the winds were in the single digits so each discharge could be accomplished without needing to abort or extend the sub-phase. After the completion of the third sub-phase on Sunday, November 14th the Team headed back to the Mission Base at Greenehaven, from where they had set out three days earlier. The following two days were spent winterizing our Mission vessel, Starfire II, together with performing other essential tasks to ensure that everything is prepared for the next Phase and the house closed down for the cold months ahead. The Team was fortunate to have Melissa Hunt-Unegbu joining for the first time. Melissa is a professional chef and single-handedly took care of the catering in excellent fashion. On Wednesday, November 17th the Team headed back to Los Angeles with an overnight stop in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. The following morning Dave Capraro flew back to Detroit, with the rest of the team returning to the American Headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

As always, our eternal gratefulness goes to our beloved Master, His Eminence Sir George King, the Adepts and the Lords of Saturn for allowing us to perform this glorious Mission for World Peace and Devic Stabilization. Who knows how our world would be without such a profound Cosmic and Karmic manipulation!

The Fourth Spiritual Push of 2021

November 4th – December 10th

During this present Spiritual Push our five Spiritual Energy Radiators have been on the air each day for three hours sending out a combined daily total of over 30,000 prayer hours for mankind to use. This spiritual energy is sent by Satellite No. 3 and is a key aspect of the Cosmic Plan for the salvation and enlightenment of humanity in preparation for a New Age upon Earth.

Operation Prayer Power discharges

Discharges to Satellite No. 3

In the American Jurisdiction, a 40-minute discharge is taking place each week from either the American Headquarters, the Michigan Branch or the New Zealand Branch bringing the total to approximately 3,000 prayer hours being discharged to Satellite No. 3 during this present Spiritual Push. In addition, a total of 2,750 prayer hours are being released from the European Headquarters and Barnsley, bringing the overall total to approximately 5,750 prayer hours, a considerable amount of energy!

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

A combined total of approximately 1,545 prayer hours was released to the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth on November 22nd from our Operation Prayer Power reserves in the USA and the UK, in appreciation of the great sacrifices made by these Ascended Masters for mankind throughout the millennia.

This annual release was first made in 1993 by our Master and arranged with Mars Sector 4, Director of Special Operations on Satellite No. 3, and has continued each year on the anniversary of the Incorporation of The Aetherius Society in the USA on this day, 1960. The discharges were performed through our Spiritual Energy Radiators in Los Angeles, London and Barnsley.

Operation Space Power II

Ecological Balance

On November 1st and 2nd a total of 6,000 prayer hours was released through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in Barnsley for ecological balance to coincide with the climate summit in Glasgow, COP26.


Operation Sunbeam

During October three Phases of the mighty Operation Sunbeam were successfully performed by The Aetherius Society, sending a combined total of 15,000 prayer hours to the Logos of Earth as a token repayment of the karmic debt humanity owes to the Mother Earth for sustaining us all through our evolution.

Phase 880 was performed in the UK on October 5th with 5,000 prayer hours being sent to the Psychic Center beneath the Arctic. Phases 881 and 882 were performed in the USA on October 30th and 31st with 5,000 prayer hours being sent per Phase into the Psychic Centers off the coast of Southern California at Dana Point and Goleta Point respectively.

This energy was manipulated by the Cosmic Masters we know as Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team through our Operation Sunbeam equipment, brilliantly designed by His Eminence Sir George King who devised this Cosmic Mission which began in 1966.

We offer our profound gratitude to Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team, and to our beloved Master for enabling us to perform this Mission on behalf of all mankind.

The Fourth Spiritual Push of 2021

On November 4th at 12:00 midnight GMT Satellite No. 3 will return to orbit of Earth for the fourth known Spiritual Push of 2021. It will remain in orbit until the same time on December 10th.

Throughout this time our five Spiritual Energy Radiators will be on the air for three hours each day as well as for the first and last hours of orbit, sending out a total of around 1,000,000 prayer hours of spiritual energy for the upliftment of mankind during this period.

Operation Space Power II

Ecological Balance & Humanitarian Aid

From October 23rd to 25th 9,000 prayer hours were released through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in London for ecological balance and humanitarian aid in response to devastating flooding that has taken place around the world.