Latest Cosmic activity

The Aetherius Society has been cooperating with the Gods from space since the 1950s in various Cosmic Missions of the utmost global importance.

In each of these Cosmic Missions ordinary terrestrial human beings are privileged to cooperate with advanced extraterrestrial Masters who direct spiritual energy in various different ways to where it is needed to bring about positive change on earth.

Below is a list of some of our most recent activity.

(Note: A prayer hour equates to approximately the amount of spiritual energy invoked in 60 minutes with intense concentration and focus either through prayer or mantra, or a combination of these practices.)

MAY 2020

Operation Space Power II

Covid-19 response

A combined total of 42,000 prayer hours was sent through our Spiritual Energy Radiators in London and Barnsley from May 24th to 30th for aid, relief and support in combating this coronavirus.

This followed the release of 6,000 prayer hours sent through the London Spiritual Energy Radiator on May 1st for help & inspiration for those working for a medical cure for the virus.

Day of Prayer for Humanity  

On May 14th a combined total of 15,000 prayer hours was sent through our five Spiritual Energy Radiators in Los Angeles, London, Michigan, New Zealand and Barnsley in support of an international day of “Prayer for Humanity” to help combat Covid-19 and help bring relief to the global suffering this has caused.

This event was initiated by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity and endorsed by Pope Francis and other Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, as well as numerous interfaith organizations.

Super-typhoon Amphan

A combined total of 21,000 prayer hours was sent through our Spiritual Energy Radiators in Los Angeles, Michigan, New Zealand and Barnsley from May 19th to 20th for this category 4 super-typhoon off the east coast of India and Bangladesh. The storm was the strongest tropical cyclone in the area since cyclone Sidr in 2007 which killed up to 15,000 people. While Amphan caused considerable destruction the death toll to date is less than 100 people.