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Latest Cosmic activity

The Aetherius Society has been cooperating with the Gods from space since the 1950s in various Cosmic Missions of the utmost global importance.

In each of these Cosmic Missions ordinary terrestrial human beings are privileged to cooperate with advanced extraterrestrial Masters who direct spiritual energy in various different ways to where it is needed to bring about positive change on earth.

Below is a list of some of our most recent activity.

(Note: A prayer hour equates to approximately the amount of spiritual energy invoked in 60 minutes with intense concentration and focus either through prayer or mantra, or a combination of these practices.)

APRIL 2024

The Saturn Mission – Phase 114

Phase 114 of The Saturn Mission was successfully completed from April 2nd to 4th at Lake Powell, Utah, USA.  Unfortunately, as with Phase 113, this Phase experienced another very serious auto accident. This time the accident took place in Page, Arizona while the Team was preparing to leave for the beach. In this incident, Steven Medway’s Ford Explorer was totaled along with two other vehicles. Again, the accident came out of the blue with absolutely no fault of Steven who was driving. Thankfully, neither he nor Dave Capraro who was a passenger were seriously injured other than painful internal bruising, and they were both able to take part in the Mission.

Regrettably, this third accident in succession during a Phase of The Saturn Mission in the United States illustrates the tremendous karmic interference which this Cosmic Mission can attract. It is also noteworthy that like Phase 113, this latest Phase had a significant astrological element with a rare total solar eclipse occurring at the time the Team left the Missions Base in Greenehaven for their return journey.

Overall, the three Sub-Phases went very smoothly although the Team was forced to make last-minute changes and leave a day early for the Psychic Center due to rapidly changing weather conditions. This enabled them to squeeze in the three Sub-Phases between two weather fronts, both of which brought high winds and dangerous conditions at the beginning and end of the travel out to the beach.

The Field Team for this Phase consisted of Brian Keneipp, Richard Medway, Steven Medway, Julian Rosser, and Lisa Rosser who was participating in The Saturn Mission for the first time, all from the American Headquarters; Dave Capraro from the Eastern USA Branch; Draupadi Bhakta from the European Headquarters and Humphrey Sherwood from the Northern UK Branch. The Base Commander at the American Headquarters was Lesley Young. The Field Team and Base Team were backed up by the Special Missions Task Force Members around the world.

Our deepest thanks go to our beloved Spiritual Master, His Eminence Sir George King, for giving us this tremendous opportunity to perform the terrestrial aspect of The Saturn Mission. We also thank Adept Nixies Zero Zero Five and all the Cosmic Agents who allowed us to cooperate with Them in this magnificent Cosmic Mission, designed and controlled by The Lords of Saturn.

Our thanks also go out to all Members for your essential spiritual and material support that spring from hearts and minds committed to God’s Great Cause!

Operation Space Power II

Israel-Gaza conflict

48,000 prayer hours were sent through the Spiritual Energy Radiators in London and Barnsley from April 2nd to April 17th for peace and humanitarian aid in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Middle East

15,000 prayer hours were sent through the Spiritual Energy Radiators in London and Barnsley from April 14th to April 17th for peace and stability in the Middle East.

Taiwan Earthquake

9,000 prayer hours were sent through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in New Zealand from April 3rd to April 4th for emergency relief and protection of all lifeforms in the affected area.

Operation Prayer Power Release

Taiwan Earthquake

300 prayer hours were released from our New Zealand Branch on April 3rd for emergency relief and protection of all lifeforms affected by the Taiwan earthquake.

The First Spiritual Push of 2024

April 18th – May 23rd

At 12 midnight GMT on April 18th, the large spacecraft known as Satellite No. 3 came into orbit of Earth for the first known Spiritual Push of 2024. It will remain in orbit until the same time on May 23rd.

During this period our five Spiritual Energy Radiators are on the air each day sending out a combined total of approximately 30,000 prayer hours of spiritual energy from Satellite No. 3. We are also making weekly discharges of Operation Prayer Power energy