The Aetherius Society

Latest Cosmic activity

The Aetherius Society has been cooperating with the Gods from space since the 1950s in various Cosmic Missions of the utmost global importance.

In each of these Cosmic Missions ordinary terrestrial human beings are privileged to cooperate with advanced extraterrestrial Masters who direct spiritual energy in various different ways to where it is needed to bring about positive change on earth.

Below is a list of some of our most recent activity.

(Note: A prayer hour equates to approximately the amount of spiritual energy invoked in 60 minutes with intense concentration and focus either through prayer or mantra, or a combination of these practices.)


The Winter Release

The 28-day “Winter Release” of Operation Space Power II energy was commenced on January 23rd in honor of our Master and will continue through February 19th. The Winter Release was initiated by the Senior Engineering Officers in 1999. These releases have continued each year with a two-hour run each day, now using all five Spiritual Energy Radiators sending out a combined daily total of 15,000 prayer hours to the world. These releases are dedicated to “World Peace and Freedom”.

Operation Sunbeam

Phase 837 of Operation Sunbeam was successfully performed in Britain on January 8th. 5,000 prayer hours were manipulated by Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team (the Masters from Gotha) through our radionic equipment designed by His Eminence Sir George King, to the Psychic Centre of Earth located at Lake Tanganyika.



Operation Sunbeam – Phases 835 & 836

“Blessed is the Mother Earth.”

On Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd Phases 835 and 836 of Operation Sunbeam were successfully performed in the United States of America. A combined total of 10,000 prayer hours was directed through our radionic apparatus by Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team (the Masters from Gotha), into the Psychic Center of the Mother Earth beneath Lake Powell in Utah. These latest two Phases brought a completion to our Operation Sunbeam schedule for 2018, with a total of 80,000 prayer hours of highly potent Spiritual energy being sent to the Logos of Earth through-out the year.

The team for these most recent Phases comprised Richard Medway, Brian Keneipp, Lesley Young and Oscar Leon, supported by Steven Medway, Paul Nugent, Leo Backes and Michael Scholey who manned the Spiritual Radiator in Los Angeles prior to each Phase.

Operation Sunbeam was brilliantly conceived and designed by His Eminence Sir George King, with the first Phase being performed in September 1966.

At the very basis of ecology, it provides a unique way of repaying some of the debt owed by mankind to the Logos of Earth for providing us with a home in space, and all of the material sustenance that we need to make our evolutionary journey through karmic experience. Its brilliance, as yet beyond the appreciation of the vast majority of humanity, was recognized by the Great Ones both upon and beyond this Earth.

In 1972 the Mission was described by the Protectors of the Ineffable Flame of the Logos of Earth as the most important metaphysical mission being performed by any organization or even country.

In December 1966, three months after Phase One had taken place, we learned from the Master Aetherius that Operation Sunbeam had triggered off a line of thought throughout this Galaxy such that other worlds had begun to prepare a similar repayment to the Logoi of their own planets.

Operation Sunbeam, though simple in concept, evolved over the remaining years of our Master’s lifetime. Initially taking Spiritual energy from two of the 19 Holy Mountains of the world charged in Operation Starlight, and discharging this into a Psychic Center of the Mother Earth off the coast of Southern California, the Mission was gradually extended both in its reach and potency. During the 1970s our Master went on to discover inland lake-based Psychic Centers both in the United States and Great Britain, making the discharge aspect less dangerous to perform.

In 1981 the Adepts completed Operation Space Magic which enabled the Gotha Masters to access energy from four other planets within our solar system: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune, in addition to the 19 Holy Mountains of Earth, thus greatly enhancing the Mission. In 1994, “Plan K” was devised with additional Psychic Centers being made available in the Arctic and Lake Tanganyika, and an increased amount of energy being sent to the Logos of Earth during each Phase. It is under Plan K that The Aetherius Society is entrusted to take Operation Sunbeam into the future.

As Members and Friends of The Aetherius Society we are uniquely honoured to be associated with the organization that is performing Operation Sunbeam on behalf of all humanity. Let us give thanks to our beloved Master, His Eminence Sir George King, and to Adept Nixies Zero Zero Eleven and Team for enabling this Cosmic Mission to be performed in such a potent fashion, and to be continued throughout this coming year and beyond!

Other Cosmic Missions News

Operation Prayer Power

Peace, freedom and aid in Yemen

Approximately 500 hours of Operation Prayer Power energy were released on December 9th from London for peace, freedom and aid in Yemen in the light of the peace talks being held in Sweden to end the dire civil war in Yemen.

Operation Space Power II

Peace, freedom and aid in Yemen

9,000 prayer hours were released from December 3rd to 5th through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in London for peace, freedom and aid in Yemen following an appeal for peace talks from the United Nations to bring an end to the dire civil war.

This was followed by the release of 9,000 prayer hours from December 7th to 9th following the start of these peace talks being held in Sweden. The further release of 6,000 prayer hours was made on December 13th in light of the ongoing talks. These releases were made through the Spiritual Energy Radiator in Barnsley.

Since these releases began, significant headway has been made – beyond all expectations. It was barely thought possible that the two opposing sides would even meet in the same room, but this did indeed happen and a key agreement came into effect on December 18th. Lise Grande, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, described the progress as follows: “For humanitarians, it’s a miracle.”

Some aid is at least getting through, and there is an agreement in principle to release about 16,000 prisoners in January. Despite subsequent clashes in the city of Hodeida, a United Nations-led team monitoring the ceasefire in Yemen remains confident of maintaining the fragile truce.

While these developments are a positive step, we should not underestimate the enormity of the situation in Yemen, with millions still at risk of starvation. The Aetherius Society continues to monitor developments relating to this crisis, and we urge all Members and sympathizers to pray for this troubled region.

Find out more from this video featuring Richard Lawrence being interviewed by Ayub Malik.

Indonesian tsunami

A combined total of 24,000 prayer hours was released from December 23rd to 26th through the Spiritual Energy Radiators in London, Barnsley, Los Angeles, Michigan and New Zealand. The energy was released for aid, relief and devic stabilization for those devastated by a tsunami on the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra and surrounding areas in Indonesia following an eruption of Mount Anak Krakatoa, which has killed over 400 people.

“Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by man for God.”

Dr. George King