King Yoga Experience London



with Vivien Gibson

Tuesday 13 November, 7 pm
£5/£4 (Members & Friends)
@ The Aetherius Temple (Parsons Green Tube)

King Yoga Experience

The Event

Meditation can change your life.

It is not just a “nice feeling” for the few minutes when you do it – it affects your whole day, every day.

You may think you don’t have time to meditate, but the truth is: you don’t have time not to meditate.

Meditation can enhance your whole attitude to life, and greatly improve your ability to make decisions – saving you hours of time, maybe even years.

In a higher sense, meditation is an intense state of whole being, a world away from just a relaxation technique.

This is known as samadhiknowing the God-Spark within.

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Your Presenter

Vivien Gibson

Vivien Gibson

Vivien is a professional colour therapist and reflexologist with more than three decades’ experience teaching and practising meditation.


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What is The King Yoga Experience?

King Yoga Experience

The King Yoga Experience is a brand-new series of nine evenings of profound spiritual discovery – on the second Tuesday of each month, from April to December.

King Yoga is not just a theory – it is a living teaching that can change your life and the world.

You don’t just believe in King Yoga – you experience King Yoga. This is not a metaphor – it is literally true.

Each of our series of nine King Yoga Experience evenings will consist of experiencing spiritual practices, such as meditation; discovering the truth about key spiritual teachings, such as karma; followed by discussion in groups; and will conclude with an informal social.

Some will include playing audio-recordings of Dr. George King, and even of the great beings who spoke through him, while he was in trance. Others will include video, or readings from unique works of some of the greatest wisdom on Earth.

The purpose of these evenings is to enable those new to King Yoga to actually experience it for themselves – to have an experience of realization, spiritual awakening, or psychic phenomena.

Experience, more than any debate or philosophy, will prove to you that King Yoga works. All you need is an open mind and a truth-seeking heart!

What can I expect at this event?

1. Experience spiritual practices

The spiritual practices taught by Dr. George King are extremely powerful, but also safe and very balanced. They will cause you to experience a rise in consciousness, increased psychic abilities, greater intuitive awareness, and/or more potent spiritual healing powers. If you try these practices, you will discover this for yourself beyond all doubt.

King Yoga Experience

2. The truth about key spiritual teachings

The spiritual teachings given by and through Dr. George King are the most profound, and yet most practical, that you will find. These teachings were given by some of the greatest Masters who have ever contacted mankind upon Earth. You can experience this wisdom for yourself, by examining it in the light of your own knowledge, intuition and experience – with an open mind and a truth-seeking heart.

King Yoga Experience

3. Share your experience and your story

Take the opportunity to discuss the evening's teachings in a group setting and share your own spiritual experiences.

King Yoga Experience

4. Meet others like you

Join us afterward at a social with refreshments to chat with other like-minded Truth-Seekers.

King Yoga Experience

Is King Yoga for me?

Are you looking for spiritual truth, inner peace and a way to really make a difference in the world?

Do you want to develop your intuition? Would you like to really use your innate healing powers?

Do you want proper answers to the fundamental questions about why we are here – do you want to know what life’s really all about?

If the answer is YES, then King Yoga is for you!

As a spiritual seeker, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of claims being made by spiritual teachers. One says one thing – another says the opposite. What can you believe – or trust?

The only way to know is intuition, logic and sense perception.

When you really experience King Yoga for yourself, you will know that it works.

Taught by Master of Yoga Dr. George King (1919 – 1997), King Yoga is a spiritual path free from the outdated dogma of traditional religion – a spiritual path that can bring you real enlightenment, and enable you to change the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

What do you do in King Yoga?

King Yoga is threefold: service to others, spiritual teachings and self-development. This makes it perfectly balanced for karmic evolution.

Dynamic Prayer
Dynamic Prayer

Service to others

Service to others is the greatest yoga of all; the greatest religion; and the greatest thing any of us can do.


Spiritual teachings

The spiritual teachings given by and through Dr. George King are the most profound, and yet most practical, that you will find.

King Yoga Breathing
King Yoga Breathing


The spiritual practices taught by Dr. George King are extremely powerful, but also safe and very balanced.

King Yoga is not about blind faith. It is about the realization of truth.

King Yoga is not about rejecting logic. It is about understanding what the universe really is – and what and who you really are.

King Yoga is not about hoping to God for random miracles. King Yoga is about your ability to make miracles happen.


Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett

King Yoga Programme Coordinator – and a Member of the Board of International Directors of The Aetherius Society at the European Headquarters.

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The Venue

The Aetherius Temple in Fulham, London (map and directions)

The Aetherius Temple is a unique, beautifully-designed place of worship in Fulham, South West London, dedicated to the spiritual ideals of peace, freedom, and enlightenment.

Lovingly renovated over a period of several years, the vast majority of the work was carried out by King Yogis, many of whom donated hundreds of hours of time completely free of charge – motivated purely by the desire to be of selfless service to others. This has helped to ensure that the subtle vibrations of the building itself are conducive to enhancing spiritual awareness.

As well as being the venue for the King Yoga Experience, workshops and seminars, the Temple also serves as the venue for free spiritual healing, Divine services, commemorations of holy events, and Operation Prayer Power. These are some of the most sacred practices taking place anywhere on Earth – imbuing the Temple with an energy of profound inspiration.

The Aetherius Temple

The King Yoga Experience
April through December 2018


with Richard Lawrence

Tuesday 10 April | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

The relationship between Master and disciple is one of the most important relationships any of us can experience. You do not have to meet that Master to have this experience, but you do have to follow their teachings – and let them into your heart.


with Alyson Lawrence

Tuesday 8 May | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

You can develop your intuition and make it a real part of your life – and make your life better in virtually every way. This is not just for the chosen few; you can do it too!


with Zascha Brésilley

Tuesday 12 June | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

The Mother Earth is a living Goddess – unfathomably compassionate and self- sacrificing. This is not a metaphor – it is literally true. 


with Mark Bennett

Tuesday 10 July | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

You really can discover your life purpose. And you can also discover how that purpose relates to God’s purpose for the whole of creation. There is nothing more empowering or liberating – than your own personal knowledge of God.


with Noémi Bates 

Tuesday 14 August | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

God is the Divine Essence within all things. God is love in the highest possible sense and is within you. You too can experience this love – this self-knowledge, which is the path to your own enlightenment!


with Ayub Malik

Tuesday 11 September | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

Discover the truth about what life is like on other planets – civilizations literally millions of years more advanced than us.


with Mervyn Smith

Tuesday 9 October | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

Spiritual energy is a real power which all of us can access, experience and use. It is not just an idea, it is something that really exists. You can invoke this power and experience it for yourself.


with Vivien Gibson

Tuesday 13 November | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

In a higher sense, meditation is an intense state of whole being, a world away from just a relaxation technique. This is known as samadhi – knowing the God within.


with Mark Bennett

Tuesday 11 December | 7 pm

£5/£4 (Members & Friends)

Karma is the Divine natural law that action and reaction are opposite and equal. It is not there to punish, but to teach. Everything that happens, happens for a reason – and the reason is karma.


with Noémi Bates

Sunday 15 April | 2-5 pm

£25/£20 (Members & Friends)

Mantras consist of ancient sounds which have unique qualities and can be used for different purposes. They will raise your consciousness and help you to be more effective in your spiritual life and work.


with Mark Bennett

Saturday 2 June | 2-5 pm

£25/£20 (Members & Friends)

In this practical and inspiring workshop, you will be introduced to a powerful system of spiritual breathing exercises based on ancient practices carefully put together by a master of yoga – Dr. George King.



with Zascha Brésilley 

Sunday 22 July | 2 - 5 pm

£25/£20 (Members & Friends)

Discover the beauty, exhilaration and magic of successful prayer – which can help bring about peace, fulfilment, joy and enlightenment for yourself and others.


with Alyson Lawrence & Mervyn Smith 

Saturday 20 October | 10 am - 5 pm

£40/£32 (Members & Friends)

Crystals have both fascinated and mystified us for centuries – only the initiated few having an understanding of their vast spiritual potential.


with Valerie Perry & Jamie Bates

Sunday 4 November | 2 - 5 pm

£25/£20 (Members & Friends)

Intuition is one of the most important innate abilities any of us can develop – and pendulum dowsing is a fun and easy-to-learn way to start.


with Vivien Gibson

Sunday 25 November | 2 - 5 pm

£25/£20 (Members & Friends)

In this illuminating workshop you will discover the ancient art of psychometry – how to obtain information from an object by touching it and tuning in to it.

Spiritual Healing Workshops

Wondering what to expect? Watch this video!


with Bryan Craig & Zascha Brésilley 

Saturday 16 June | 9am - 6 pm

£60/£48 (Members & Friends)

Spiritual healing is not the gift of the few – it is something all of us can learn and develop.


with Jamie Bates & Ayub Malik

Saturday 29 September | 9 am - 6 pm

£60/£48 (Members & Friends)

Spiritual healing is not the gift of the few – it is something all of us can learn and develop.



with Alyson Lawrence & Mervyn Smith 

Sunday 2 September | 2.30 pm

£10/£8 (Members & Friends)

Discover the world of the spiritual science of the future in this fascinating seminar which looks at the application of radionics in the Cosmic Missions of The Aetherius Society. These Missions are the highest aspect of the path of King Yoga.

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