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King Yoga programme at The Aetherius Temple - 2018
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Dr. George King
Master of Yoga and trance medium Dr. George King

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36 Kelvedon Road, Fulham
London SW6 5BW
Tube: Parsons Green
020 7736 4187


From holy mountains to yoga breathing; from life on other planets to pendulum dowsing; from meditation to the power of prayer; from crystals to chanting sacred mantras – we have something for every spiritual seeker in our programme.

Whether you are a total beginner – or have been practising spiritual techniques for decades – you will find the Temple to be an inspiring and welcoming environment with events to calm the mind, empower the soul and free the spirit. We are delighted to be introducing the concept of King Yoga – the path of The Aetherius Society, in our programme.

We very much look forward to meeting you!

Zascha Brésilley

Zascha Brésilley

Temple Programme Administrator,
on behalf of the team

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spiritual healing




psychic powers

King Yoga programme at The Aetherius Temple - 2018
Coming Soon!

Spiritual Healing Workshops - What To Expect

Spiritual healing is not the gift of the few – it is something all of us can learn and develop. Based on the principles of natural universal energy, the King Technique brings balance and harmony through the chakras into the aura, which by the law of nature, has its reflection in the physical body.

The King Technique of contact healing is a simple, easy-to-learn spiritual practice for developing psychic and intuitive abilities and, most importantly, helping others. This highly enjoyable interactive workshop also includes a technique of absent healing and advice on how to enhance your innate spiritual healing powers.

The Magic of Healing by Richard Lawrence is essential prior study and is given FREE of charge to all ‘You too can heal’ workshop participants.

This fantastic book contains the full technique as originally published in 1976 in Dr. King’s revolutionary book You Too Can Heal. 232 pages, softback, £9.99.

magic of healing
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Heal yourself and the world

"It is a fact that a few really dedicated humanitarians, working alone, can do much good for humanity. But bring these together in a common spiritual purpose and they can save the world."

- Dr. George King

Twelve Blessings Services
& Power Circles
(8-9pm most Mondays)

The Twelve Blessings form the core of this service together with sacred mantras to send uplifting and vital spiritual energy to the world. Healing prayers are also sent to those who are suffering from poor health and have requested absent healing.


Operation Prayer Power
(7:45pm most Thursdays and 2:15pm some Sundays)

Using dynamic prayer and mantra we are able to invoke and store prayer energy in a spiritual power battery. This is later released in a concentrated form to help bring about ecological balance and relief from suffering upon our planet. Learn more about Operation Prayer Power.

Divine Lotus
Divine Services
(11am - 12noon most Sundays)


An opportunity to feast on spiritual wisdom. Includes visualisation, mantra, prayer as well as an address either by one of our Bishops, Priests or Ministers or a recording by Dr. George King. A highlight of this Service is the playing of one of the wonderful Twelve Blessings Transmissions delivered by the Master Jesus.

Spiritual Healing
(most Wednesdays, by appointment)

Spiritual healers offer free 30 minute treatments using the King Technique of spiritual healing devised by Dr. George King. You may also wish to receive Absent Spiritual Healing if you cannot come in to our centre.

Books & Audio

"It is wisdom that sets a man free. Nothing else."

- Dr. George King

Realize Your Inner Potential – Through the path of spiritual service – King Yoga

Dr. George King & Richard Lawrence

This is one of the finest books on spiritual development available in the world today.

Discover the lasting peace which can only come from realization

Use ancient yoga breathing to awaken the mystic force of kundalini

Open the door to concentration, contemplation and meditation

Develop your intuitive and psychic abilities

Enhance your healing powers for others and yourself

Learn the secrets of dynamic prayer and mantra yoga

Realize that service is the key to enlightenment in the New Age

Softback; 257 pages.

Purchase online for £9.99 plus P&P, or as an eBook from £4.54. 

Special offer: Book and DVD £12.99.

The Twelve Blessings

Dr. George King

Cosmic wisdom and a simple yet potent spiritual practice to radiate love energy. Channelled through Dr. George King by The Master Jesus.

Hardback; 63 pages.

Purchase online for £14.99 plus P&P, or as an eBook from £4.54. 

The Nine Freedoms

Dr. George King

The meaning of life - revealed by a cosmic intelligence. Explains our journey through spiritual evolution to Ascension - and beyond to cosmic existence.

Hardback; 200 pages.

Purchase online for £19.99 plus P&P, or as an eBook from £4.54.

Contacts With The Gods From Space - Pathway to the new age

Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence

#1 Bestseller in its category on Amazon

“Exceptionally well written, organized and presented…should be considered a “must read” for all UFO enthusiasts and students of Metaphysical Studies.” James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

“Fascinating…this informative and well written book…is a must buy for all enthusiasts” Phenomena Magazine

UFOs, karma and reincarnation, spiritual energy, the Mother Earth, the great change and much more.

Softback; 173 pages.

Purchase online for £9.99 plus P&P, or as an eBook from £4.54. 

Prayer Energy - Rediscover the power of prayer to bring about change

Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett

A prayer technique using visualisation for spiritual results. Contains inspiring prayers from various faiths.

Hardcover; 160 pages.

Purchase online for £12.99 plus P&P.

Every order of this title from the online shop above includes a FREE copy of Dr. George King’s A Book of Sacred Prayers (normally £3.99).

Lectures by Dr. George King and Cosmic Transmissions

Concentration, contemplation, meditation

Concentration is the key to success in everything - especially developing our intuition and psychic abilities. Ultimately it leads to the mystic state of oneness known as meditation.

1h 16m
CD £9.99, Download £5

How to develop your clairvoyant powers

Developing psychic abilities is an essential step to enlightenment and can be extremely useful in spiritual service to others.

1h 5m
CD £9.99, Download £5

The secret of personal prayer

Prayer is a power which can transform our lives for the better! Dr. King reveals a simple formula for spiritual success in personal prayer - to empower us to be the people we were destined to become.

CD £5.99, Download £3

How to be really successful

Spiritual success is simple - but not always obvious. This is a life-changing approach to success to inspire us to re-prioritise and re-focus.

1h 13m
CD £9.99, Download £5

Initiation into dynamic and soul mantra

Mantra is a sacred yogic practice for invoking spiritual energy through sound. This unique initiation CD reveals 11 mantras which can change your life and be used in spiritual service to others.

1h 13m
CD £20

From freewill to freedom

Two cosmic intelligences speaking through Dr. King explain that in the long term selfish use of our free will can only limit us, whereas selfless service is the key to true lasting freedom.

CD £15.99

The Twelve Blessings transmissions
(CD Album)

Actual recordings of the Master Jesus speaking through Dr. King while he was in a positive trance state. Deeply inspiring with powerful spiritual vibrations in every single sacred utterance.

6h 17m
14CDs £100

The Twelve Blessings lectures (CD album)

Dr. King explains the wisdom revealed in The Twelve Blessings. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in service to others, the true nature of the cosmos, the Master Jesus and the meaning of life.

8h 33m
8CDs £50

Rise – peace meditations with music

Richard Lawrence and Kevin Kendle

Discover a world of peace, inspiration and spiritual energy to revitalise every aspect of your life. Experience the soothing and uplifting words written and spoken by world-renowned meditation expert Richard Lawrence together with music composed and played by highly acclaimed composer and keyboard artist Kevin Kendle.

Whether you need to be energised or motivated, or simply want to relax – these meditations will introduce a new paradigm of inner harmony into your heart, mind, and whole being.

Learn more at peacemeditations.comGet the album on CD (£8.99) or download (£5.50).

"What a man visualises – so he becomes"

- Dr. George King

Zascha Brésilley

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36 Kelvedon Road, Fulham
London SW6 5BW
Tube: Parsons Green
020 7736 4187

We look forward to seeing you!

About The Aetherius Temple

The Aetherius Temple is a unique, beautifully-designed place of worship and learning in South West London dedicated to the spiritual ideals of peace, freedom and enlightenment. Lovingly renovated over a period of several years, the vast majority of the work has been carried out by spiritual devotees, many of whom have donated hundreds of hours of time completely free of charge – motivated purely by the desire to be of selfless service to others. This has ensured that not only is the craftsmanship of the highest standard, but also that the subtle vibrations of the building itself are conducive to enhancing spiritual awareness.

36 Kelvedon Road was purchased in 1998 by The Aetherius Society, the European Headquarters of which is just round the corner on Fulham Road. In 1999 the upstairs opened as the Inner Potential Centre, which quickly became popular in the local area, and well known throughout the South East as a haven of tranquillity amid the bustle of modern city life. Since the opening of the Temple in January 2013, The Aetherius Society’s lectures and workshops have taken place on the ground floor, rather than upstairs in what was the Centre. The Temple also serves as the venue for free spiritual healing, Divine Services, Spiritual Push Services, commemorations of holy events, and Operation Prayer Power.

The Aetherius Society was founded in 1955 by Dr. George King (1919-1997) – a master of yoga and spiritual pioneer who dedicated his life to spreading, and acting upon, new age and eastern spirituality from a cosmic perspective. A medium, healer and visionary, he was a channel for intelligences from beyond Earth for over forty years – the essence of his teaching always being the importance of selfless service to others. The spirit of this philosophy lives on in The Aetherius Temple – so that spiritual seekers from all backgrounds and faiths can take advantage of his practical modern approach to the ancient wisdom that can change our lives – and the world – forever.

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spiritual healing




psychic powers