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Why Evolution Is Speeding Up!

With Paul Nugent and Roberto Chung

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Since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, and especially after a significant cosmic event in the 1960’s, pressures have been building up and the Mother Earth’s vibration continues to rise, making it feel like time is going by faster than ever before. 

We’re being pushed to change faster as well, and reach upwards to embody higher inspirations of true Love, Harmony and Peace in our everyday lives.

Although times may be intense, the spiritual aspirant can harness these pressures to help themselves rise in consciousness quicker than ever before – and help the Earth as well! 

Join us at our next King Yoga event on Saturday, July 16th at 3 pm PDT to learn more about:

  • Why things are speeding up and how this evolution is affecting our society.
  • How did we get here: the destruction of Maldek, Lemuria and Atlantis.
  • The bigger picture: how we’re a part of a larger cosmic evolution.
  • The role of karma & reincarnation in our evolution.
  • How the spiritual aspirant can harness the pressures to rise into higher states of consciousness.

If you’re joining us in person at our temple in Hollywood, we hope you can stay for refreshments afterwards.

Or join via livestream. 

The class will be recorded, but you still have to register to receive the link. Replay is available via the same link you receive upon registration.

BONUS: Free follow-up session (1-hour) in-person & via Zoom. Open to anyone interested.
This is designed to provide one with a safe and open space to further learn with like-minded people through activities including contemplation/study of an extract on a given subject, sharing of experiences, discussion and Q&A. The session will take place on Sunday, July 24 at 3-4pm PDT. For scheduled dates, see our online calendar.


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Testimonials from past events:
M.W.: “Would highly recommend the live stream events. Great presentation style with the bonus of gold nuggets of spiritual/practical information.”
C.M.: “I highly recommend events like this at AS. It is fun, enlightening and it is seasoned with high vibrations from the presenters, a good recipe for anyone looking to improve their own development. Connecting, on an energetic level, with the temple and the presenters brought to me such joy that I didn’t want it to end.”
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Paul Nugent

Paul Nugent

Paul is a Priest in the Aetherius Churches and since 2001 an International Director of The Aetherius Society having joined the Society in England in 1986. He has lectured on a variety of subjects and has appeared on TV and radio. He was a personal assistant to Dr. George King during the latter years of his life. Active in interfaith, Paul is also an Emeriti Board Member of the Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Roberto 1

Roberto Chung

Roberto has a deep interest in spirituality and believes that all forms of yoga are beneficial to the health and mental state of the practitioner. He has been a Member of The Aetherius Society practising King Yoga for a few years. He has benefited greatly from the path of King Yoga – from the wisdom to Spiritual Healing and pranayama, thus is keen to share this path with others.

What is the King Yoga Experience?

The King Yoga Experience is for seekers of all backgrounds who wish to explore – and begin to experience for themselves – the life-changing spiritual path of King Yoga. 

King Yoga is not just a theory – it is a living teaching that can change your life and the world. 

You don’t just believe in King Yoga – you experience King Yoga. This is not a metaphor – it is literally true. Experience, more than any debate or philosophy, will prove to you that King Yoga works. All you need is an open mind and a truth-seeking heart.

Tune in to one of our King Yoga Experience events held around the world and explore the profound spirituality of Dr. George King, the Cosmic Masters and King Yoga.

  • Simple guided practices to raise your consciousness
  • Discover the wisdom of Dr. King and the Cosmic Masters
  • Radiate spiritual energy for global healing
King Yoga Experience
King Yoga Experience

The American Headquarters, Los Angeles

Temple Altar
The American Headquarters

Since 1965, The Aetherius Society has held services, workshops and lectures at our American Headquarters in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The landscaped grounds are an oasis of peace amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors can find a quiet space for contemplation or simply soaking up the special vibrations of the property.

Our founder, yoga Master Dr. George King, lived and worked onsite. This is where he took many of the hundreds of teachings given through him, as a yogic medium, by advanced beings from this Earth and beyond. Today, the spiritual missions he created for the benefit of humanity and the Mother Earth are still being performed regularly from this location.

There is a small metaphysical store offering a selection of books, CDs and other items. Feel free to pop-in and browse or discuss any questions you have with one of our staff. We recommend calling before your visit to confirm a suitable time. We are generally open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, as well as most evenings and weekends.

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