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Atlantis, Lemuria and Maldek – Discovering Our Forgotten History

With Julian Rosser


Contrary to conventional scientific knowledge, mankind has in fact existed for many millions of years.

Before our present so-called civilization, there was the civilization of Atlantis, and before that Lemuria, also known as Mu – both destroyed in nuclear catastrophes.

Prior to that, mankind lived on another planet in this Solar System called Maldek, which was completely destroyed – again by our own nuclear weaponry.

What remains of the planet Maldek is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. But the memory of the murder of this planet is so lost in the mists of time that even the matter of its very existence is questioned.

Information received through the yogic mediumship of Dr. George King provides a glimpse into these ancient civilizations – their technologies and way of life – and shines a light onto the actions that ultimately brought about their downfall.

We now stand on the threshold of an exciting new age of space exploration and ever-increasing advances in technology. Once again we have developed the capability to destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons. The lessons from these past civilizations are more important than ever before!

Presented by

Julian Rosser

Julian Rosser

Julian is a Minister and full time staff team member of The Aetherius Society in London. He has spent over a decade studying the channellings and teachings of Dr. George King and hosted the Mystic FM podcast which explored these.

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King Yoga Experience

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