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Advanced civilizations in our Solar System

With Noémi Bates

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We live in a conscious universe where life occurs in many forms and on different energy planes – going through experience in a journey called life.

But we don’t have to look far to find life outside of Earth – albeit currently undetected by terrestrial science because of its high frequency of vibration. Our neighbouring planets have provided a home to advanced races for millennia, whose spiritual and scientific prowess is countless centuries ahead of ours.

However, these peaceful beings don’t just bathe themselves in high spiritual energies and enjoy the blissful states they can attain, but are very much concerned with helping less evolved races throughout the galaxy, including us on Earth.

  • Discover the true spiritual nature of beings on planets such as Mars and Venus.
  • Hear a recorded communication given by a being from another world, as received through the yogic mediumship of Dr. George King.
  • Find out how we can build “heaven on Earth”, if we follow the precepts of the all-encompassing Law of Karma.

There will also be a free 1-hour, interactive Zoom with Noémi at a later date for anyone who would like to explore this topic further in a more relaxed and informal setting.

Presented by

Noémi Bates

Noémi Bates

Noémi is an inspirational speaker who has been captivated by the existence and the way of life of advanced civilizations in our Solar System for decades. She is a devout follower of Yoga Master Dr. George King, who acted as a channel for cosmic intelligences for over 40 years, and she is a full-time staff team member of The Aetherius Society in London.

What is the King Yoga Experience?

The King Yoga Experience is for seekers of all backgrounds who wish to explore – and begin to experience for themselves – the life-changing spiritual path of King Yoga. 

King Yoga is not just a theory – it is a living teaching that can change your life and the world. 

You don’t just believe in King Yoga – you experience King Yoga. This is not a metaphor – it is literally true. Experience, more than any debate or philosophy, will prove to you that King Yoga works. All you need is an open mind and a truth-seeking heart.

Tune in to one of our King Yoga Experience events held around the world and explore the profound spirituality of Dr. George King, the Cosmic Masters and King Yoga.

  • Simple guided practices to raise your consciousness
  • Discover the wisdom of Dr. King and the Cosmic Masters
  • Radiate spiritual energy for global healing
King Yoga Experience
King Yoga Experience

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