Quotes on PRAYER

There you have a Master [The Master Jesus] who comes to those who slay him, who prays for those who work against him. Such, my dear friends, is the measure of spirituality.

The Master Aetherius
Cosmic Voice; Issue 8

This night, there are those who plot and scheme, there are those – even in this part of the world, who, listening to the more basic part of their lower selves, do plan for war. These people need the combined power of your most earnest prayers.

The Master Jesus
Cosmic Voice; Issue 14

Dear brothers, the world needs all of you. People tonight are suffering, but your prayers from a heart filled with faith, can help them in their suffering. Let them not suffer, dear friends. Help them. Guide these ones who need you – lead them as you would lead a little child. You would not pass by a child who fell by the roadside. Nay! You would pick it up, and carry it into safety. This you would do, I know you would – for within each heart here burns the Flame of Love, the FLAME OF GREAT GOD!

The Master Jesus
Cosmic Voice; Volume 1

…if you cannot do anything else, then you can send out prayers. You can send out your Power. You can keep on working for the benefit of your World as a whole. If you cannot take an active part in public affairs, then make yourselves so good and powerful, in the right way, that wherever you go, your love will radiate all around you, like a beautiful perfume coming from a flower…

The Master Aetherius
Wisdom of the Planets

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