Cosmic Voice – Volume No. 1


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Cosmic Voice – Volume No. 1

By Dr. George King

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Containing the words of wisdom of a number of intelligences from other worlds speaking through Dr. George King, this compilation of early issues of The Aetherius Society’s journal Cosmic Voice explores fascinating subjects including: life on the moon, virgin birth, how to raise children, the dangers of radioactivity, extraterrestrial spacecraft, UFO sightings and more. Also includes spiritual techniques relating to protection, eating, breathing and cleansing the aura.

Softback; 91 pages.

Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in extraterrestrial life and a yearning for spiritual truth.


From pages 10-11 (The Master Aetherius)

“Such exercises as these will help you towards meditation—then you can bathe in the Light of the Divine Flame within. This Flame will give you full knowledge of Flying Saucers, Venus, Saturn, the Sun, the Milky Way—and ALL other things. There is no other way.

“We are using between 20,000 and 30,000 Mother Ships, and between 180,000 and 280,000 remote controlled vessels, in an effort to pour into your Earth a great flood of magnetic energy of which you are in urgent need. This procedure would not be necessary if your scientists had not been allowed to play like children with weapons of which they know little. The explosions of atom and hydrogen bombs have caused a dangerous increase in the density of the ionosphere layer surrounding Terra, and this has tuned down the Cosmic and other energies which should reach Earth. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS THING.

“Please, please, my dear friends, none of you must leave here tonight thinking that if anything goes wrong on Terra, we Venusians will automatically put it right. By Law, we are not permitted to do this. We can only intervene when we have gained permission from the Highest of the Highest Authority. You were born into this existence in order to gain certain experiences. We can but show you the way— you must travel along that road. Turn to God—NOW and meditate. Only thus can you gain the correct—and finest—experiences.

“It has caused me great suffering to keep plugging away at you all, as I have done during these meetings, but I can see the urgency of the matter and the terrible dangers of all atomic experimentation.

“I have now brought a message of HOPE.

“Spread this message, all of you, into the thought belt surrounding Terra. Tell it to everyone you know, everyone you meet.

“The benefit will be great indeed.

“It is the duty of every Initiate, who is worthy of the title, to help to push this
Wedge of Light into the darkness of your man-imposed ignorance, to prepare the way for the Coming of another Great Avatar, so that He may have the whole world as His platform.

“Thank you all. Goodnight.”

From page 30 (Dr George King)

Those of you who have attended the lectures given by the Master Aetherius, have heard of the propagation of life on the more advanced Planets—brought about through a conception which can be termed ‘immaculate’ as far as actual physical contact is concerned. He has told you that on Mars and Venus, the contact necessary in order to cause the lifestream to be born on those Planets is a correct, harmonious and sustained thought by male and female. To quote His actual words: “Physical contact between male and female for the propagation of life is not in any way necessary on the more advanced Planets. On Terra, contact is deemed necessary, but only because she is a young Planet, and her people on the whole are insufficiently evolved to be able to use the higher methods.” He has also told you: “The immaculate conception which brought about the birth of Jesus on Terra was a direct result of the metaphysical manipulations of the great Cosmic Masters, Who descended to your Earth in a shining vessel, called by your Bible—‘The Star of Bethlehem’.”