Wisdom of the Planets


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Wisdom of the Planets

By Dr. George King

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The title of this book describes it perfectly – it is a unique collection of beautiful wisdom from numerous advanced beings from other planets, as given through the mediumship of Dr. George King.

Booklet; 38 pages.

Recommended to everyone interested in spirituality and extraterrestrial intelligences.


From page 1 (Dr George King)

There can be no doubt that the Transmissions contained in WISDOM OF THE PLANETS are fountains of Wisdom which are given to us in these dark days, so that we may drink of the lasting waters of this Cosmic Truth.

These are not theories but teachings which are just as intensely practical as they are active. Readers will soon discover this for themselves by putting into practice the teachings given herein.

As sentence after sentence is read and contemplated upon, the discriminating readers will find the answers to questions which have seemed to be baffling in the past.

It was the provision of this essential service to mankind that prompted the Publishers to make available again to new Members and the public alike, these ageless living Truths.

From page 9 (Mars Sector 6)

“The potential is lying dormant within you, oh men of Terra, Realise it. Bring it into active manifestation upon your Earth and then indeed will you LET IN THE LIGHT.

“Within your hearts, oh brothers, doth burn a flame of the Divine Creator Itself. Realise it. Go inwards until you see it, until you feel it, until it becomes your every thought and action, and then you will LET IN THE LIGHT. Within the soul of each of you there is a Divine Spark, which Itself is the result of direct illumination from the Spirit which dwells silently within you all. Go into this Divine Spark, meditate upon it. Let the mighty rays vibrate through you every day, every hour, every second, every micro-second and then you will LET IN THE LIGHT TO YOUR EARTH—to all those around you.

“You have been conditioned. All of you have been specially prepared, by the few who would turn you outside of yourselves—the few foolhardy, dark manipulators, behind the scenes of your World. You have been specially prepared in order to become but clay in the hands of a few scheming plotters.

Break Away. Break Away. Break Away.

“LET IN THE LIGHT”—then the plotters will themselves run fast. For the Light, when it shines upon them, sets fire to their schemes.